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Archives: April 25, 2013

Natinals swept by Cardinals, fall below .500 for first time since 2011

FIS to close Milwaukee facility, hundreds to lose jobs

Chris Hayes - the Drones and why people hate America

How Discontent with US Media (ironically) Helps to Fuel Authoritarianism

WV City bans pit bulls, current owners must register or dog will be removed

Friday 4/26 is last day for public comment on GE salmon

Toon: The Start of Something

So, does this make me a Lounge denizen?

Minaret destroyed at 12th-century Syrian mosque on World Heritage list

My face palm smiley is missing...

Kentucky Derby banning cameras with detachable lenses.

The Whitewash Begins...

FL House bans bongs- exempts "briar, meerschaum, clay or corn cob" pipes

Look out Belgrade Montana

HEY--> Yesterday, a 12-word Tweet caused the stock market to briefly lose $134 BILLION dollars

In Hamas TV show, Gaza children sing praises of suicide bombing

We just found Morel mushrooms

"Who Is Defending Austerity Now?"

Lawmaker Unemployment Hearing Attended By Only a Single Member of Congress At Opening

German 'algae experiment' powers green houses

WikiLeaks wins case against Visa contractor pay '$204k per month if blockade not lifted'

Anyone know a way to pervert...

Iceland bank heads appear in court

When you see a homeless person or a person using food staps with a nice phone, don't judge!

Report: Parents of Boston bomb suspects to fly from Russia to U.S.

Bring Back Ed Schultz!

The Historical Carbon Intensity of World Energy

The World According To Reagan

The second time in my 1793 posts...........

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Church Night! And God Created Woman

OK! Time to review the Boston Bombing story.

Picture~~~President Obama Hosts White House Dinner For All Twenty Women Senators

Cowboys Stadium lands first national title game of playoff era, spot in six-bowl semi rotation

Mississippi men's feud looms over ricin probe

"Four Signs Neoliberalism is (Almost) Dead"

How the 40-Year 'Long Recession' Led to the Great Recession

"Bangladesh building collapse kills at least 123, injures more than 1,000"

Ed Schultz

15 dead, 200 injured in Texas ... has there been an arrest?

Anyone From Arkansas Interested In Organizing a 'Draft Wesley Clark' Campaign to Replace Mark Pryor?

How do you begin to de-program a cult follower?

Kittoooons explain Congress for us.

So. They got to Rachel.

The Most Reliable Windows PC Is A Mac.

At least he liked his dog. >>

Multiple Scientific Studies Confirm: Extreme Conservatism Linked To Racism And Low I.Q.

We need Blue Dogs to win back the House of Representatives


On a hot summer night...

Glenn Beck: Conspiracy Nut! (Parody)

Have you ever thought about a Hall of Fame for threads that get many recs?

After Boston, Rubio Entertains The Idea Of Not Granting Visas To Muslim Students

Mentally Deficient Immigrant Detainees Get Counsel.

Wall Street Journal Review:Dead Island Riptide: As Fun As a Real Zombie Apocalypse

I'm getting MIR notifications

Dumbass Republican Pro Gun Fool on Piers Morgan

Can somone please explain to me, what in the world is happening here?

"If you go chasing rabbits"

"Officials: Marathon Bombs Triggered By Remote"

Voter ID bill passes NC House along party lines

TCM Schedule for Thursday, April 25, 2013 -- What's On Tonight -- Amazing Races

You know what Conspiracy Theorists have in common with Creationists?

General Electric halts financing to gun shops

Lockheed Martin Poised to Win Orders for Up to 71 F-35s

Sheriff Post Ten Commandments in County jail


Crisis for Europe as trust hits record low

First Lady Michelle Obama Pays Tribute To Midshipmen

Turn on Lawrence right fugging now

Do you know a Vet down on his or her luck?

Barge on Alabama's Mobile River explodes

Breaking - massive explosion in Mobile Alabama - natural gas barge

Martin O'Malley in 2016?

Venezuela wrestles over truth of bombing claims

I'm watching "Battle in Seattle" on Truee (I'm so proud of ORGANIZED LABOR!)

Could Boehner's speakership be history? His daughter is set to marry a black man.

IRS paid billions of dollars in improper refunds, report says

Venezuela's parliament launches probe into Capriles

Elizabeth Warren on Boston.

G.W. Bush Wants Brother Jeb to Run for President

Argentine Congress aims to 'democratize' courts

St. Pete woman allegedly calls 911 to get drug money back

U.S. drug czar talks tough on marijuana.

Meet the Man Who Was Deported From Saudi Arabia for Being Too Handsome

Seen This Pic?

Hot Water From Fukushima is Entering Pacific Ocean

"Paul Ryan's Personal Video Diary"

Do you know more about science and technology than the average American?

Jude Law writes to WTO against seal trade

Let us be clear about MMJ raids and people saying Obama is raiding MMJ businesses.

Lawmakers, aides may get Obamacare exemption

If you see about about 28 DUers, wandering aimlessly in the DU corridors, with blank stares,

John Stewart is on fire re Boston, the RW and the constitution.

2PM Cowboys Stadium gets 1st playoff championship game

Jon Stewart showing how Fox Newsers Hannity, Eric Bolling, Kilmeade, Beckel and others hate America

"Let's just hope Muslims don't want to form a well regulated militia."

A fancy deep-blue diamond sets a world record at Bonhams while children starve to death

Officials: Suspect described plot before Miranda

Pilot Flying J sales exec gave to Haslam campaign

Mormon bishop uses samurai sword to stop attack

Barry Sanders wins Madden cover vote

Scientist Says Pollution From China Is Killing a Japanese Island’s Trees

What are you noshing on tonight? I'm having a mango salad with cashews and romaine.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio featured on 'Locked Up Abroad'

PSY to donate $450,000 to charity.

Public employee union (gasp!) talked with Milwaukee County about getting same pay raise as non-union

Stewart Trashes Fox News For Throwing Out The Constitution: The Law Is ‘No Match For Freedom Math’

House Majority Leader’s (Cantor) Quest to Soften G.O.P.’s Image Hits a Wall Within

Water Restrictions In Area C Threaten To Displace Villages

Israel Demolishes East Jerusalem Buildings

"they're trying to make it sound like a racial thing"


I Just Sent This Email To Walmart Corporate Headquarters

An Anti-Gay Scoutmaster Gets A Hard Life Lesson From A Straight Eagle Scout And A Gay News Anchor

Nelson may challenge Scott in Florida

Just stumbled on this group

I Just Sent This Email To Walmart Corporate Headquarters

Loony Tunes

I want a BMW.

An Anti-Gay Scoutmaster Gets A Hard Life Lesson From A Straight Eagle Scout And A Gay News Anchor

Often, the mantle of "skepticism" allows one to feel that the world is all knowable.

New Arrested Develepment posters coming to a city near you.

Amber Alert for 6 yr. old Marysville, WA boy, possibly en route to California

U.K. to learn if it has entered "triple-dip" recession

Today would have been Ella Fitzgerald's 96th birthday

Chronicle of a lie foretold: or, how I failed to stop Spain’s rightwing press from intervening in...

Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen

Trailer to War On Whistle Blowers DVD

If the Obama daughters get a tattoo...

Bush 43: 'History will ultimately judge ... I'm a content man'

Study Ties Autism Risk to Creases in Placenta

Neil deGrasse Tyson--what an awesome bod!!!

The True Cost of Inaction on Gun Control

Unable to keep his pet, one of the world's most famous "Beliebers", Justin abandons him to zoo

Greg Palast | Did Chavez’ Pick Steal the Election in Venezuela?

South Korea issues Kaesong ultimatum

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday April 25th

Funniest Pictures Mocking George Bush

Baby sold on Facebook

Just a big kid!

Shale mining under Great Barrier Reef 'likely to be banned'

Spain unemployment hits record high

Resolution Against the Confiscation of Customer Bank Accounts by “Systemically Important” Banks

Tsarnev stopped talking after Miranda

Wolf Killed 45 Children

Texas A&M fraternity pledges ticketed for chalking up University of Texas campus

April 25: National Zucchini Bread Day

Just one sugary drink raises risk of type 2 diabetes, study finds.

Brown pushing bill to keep taxpayers from bailing out banks

The Strange Billionaire Brothers Behind America's Predator Drones -- And Their Very Strange Past

Depressive Thinking Can Be Contagious

Denied a Liver Transplant for Using Medical Marijuana, and Dying for It --

Governor Cuomo Goes After the Working Families Party

Teenager wins 17-year-old's custody ruling

Worst President in America History Is Trying to Spin His Nightmare Legacy

Bangladesh Garment Factory Owners Warned to Evacuate Before Collapse That Left Almost 200 Dead

Angry Mexico teachers storm political party offices

Drug that could reverse depression symptoms draws interest of NFL Alumni Association

If B61 nuclear bombs' strategic purpose is unclear, why spend more on them?

Robert Reich: Everything You Need to Know About How Chained CPI Will Screw Over Seniors

There Are Still 29 US States Where You Can Be Fired For Being Gay

"Bring on the transporter beam"

Sloth and Cat love!

"Who Are the Chechens?"

Tamerlan Tsarnaev trip to Russia – 2012

Dart, Alom and Mahmood jailed for preparing for acts of terrorism

Lawmakers float renewable energy finance bill

Ella would have been 96 today

Republican senators demand hearings on Boston Marathon

Bulletproof whiteboards?

Restoring an old family photo from New Iberia, Louisiana (dial-up warning!) :-D

Bill Clinton Four Tweets Into New Twitter Account

'Terrorism' and the Perpetual Emotion War Machine

It hasn't just been cold, it's been record-setting cold

This kitty has had a long day

So many problems ...

When It Comes to Killing in the Name of Religion and Nationhood, Christians Hold the Modern Record

Do you really think they give a fuck about Americans?

Yo, Congress!

Herndon's Professors Almost Didn't Let Him Start The Paper That Shook The World Austerity Movement

Pentagon’s budget cuts could slow F-35 program, Congress told

House and Senate Progressives Request Sit-Down With President Over Chained CPI

Military says Guantánamo hunger strike grows again

Suspect last seen ... heavily armed ... not wanted

Too easy for your critics, Mr. President: "Some of you think I’m a sap"

Accusations against Hamas

Alfred Hoffman Jr., Republican fundraiser, former RNC finance chair:

The Rent Is Too Damn High Party

fascinating article by Juan Cole

Little Ricky's "Key to the Miracle Economy"

Opa-locka (FL) field was once the site of secret CIA base

Wanda Sykes Twitter Account Will Brighten Your Day

Troubled slaughter: Big Ag fights to keep out prying eyes

The Monmouth County SPCA is asking for the public's help to find the person responsible for setting

Drones Over The Homeland: Mission Creep, Lack of Accountability, Boosterism, and More Coming

History in crayons, the George W. Bush memorial library

"Mystery" horse impregnates five mares on Bourbon farm

U.S gives big, secret push to internet surveillance

The George W. Bush Library will feature a "Decision Points Theater"

Feds spend at least $890,000 on fees for empty accounts

Terrorist Attacks During The Bush Administration:

NSIDC Recovers Mass Of Video Imaging Of Sea Ice At Both Poles, Circa 1964

Pakistan health workers targeted over Bin Laden death

A big blow for Big Coal in Wisconsin

OFA Starts Climate Push Today By Targeting Climate Neanderthals, But Keystone Overshadowing Efforts

Could you imagine if they had a VP Richard Cheney library?

College in Canada? Last night Brian Williams was talking about some Americans going to college

What Tax-Exempt Hospitals Owe Their Communities

Stars Align On New Mexican Drought; 2011-12 Driest 2-Year Period On Record

Waitresses Stuck at $2.13 Hourly Minimum for 22 Years

Psychopaths are not neurally equipped to have concern for others

TransCanada "Lashes Out" At EPA Suggestion That Alberta, US Work Together To Cut Emissions

Ocean Currents reference map

New Home for Kittehs!

Former President George W. Bush has a message for Republican Party: "You will exist in the future."

Leveson report: Newspapers reject press royal charter

Rhode Island Senate passes equal marriage bill

GOP Quits Public Policy

The Economic Argument Is Over — Paul Krugman Has Won

Nation Starting To Realize New Era Of American Innovation Not Gonna Happen

Ever notice the noun "minions" is only used when you don't like somebody?

Wealthy Thrive and Poorest Dive as Surge in US Inequality Continues

Pew Poll - 10 Things That Americans Care About More Than The Environment

Never know what you'll find.

Those with sociology or anthropology backgrounds: would you say that urban legends are the

Will Republicans change the filibuster rule if they win the Senate?

Mark Sanford has gone over the line:

Wall Street Journal. Vital Signs Chart: Fewer Mass Layoffs

I'll go see "The Great Gatsby" but I expect to be underwhelmed.

Not a Single Republican Shows Up For Hearing on Long-Term Unemployment

The Bush Library is HUGE. What could possibly be in there?

Attention: dog and outdoor cat owners...

Measles vaccination plan in England targets 1m children

Americans Suffer While Finance Tax Waits for Congress’ Attention

Iraq army prepares to move into gunmen-held town

F-35 Plans Attack Civilians

Vote sanity

Amy Goodman: Terror in the West, Texas, Night

who would have thought an American president could take our nation to war based on proven lies......

People Have No Right To Water-It Should Be A Market Based Commodity - Per Nestle CEO

Will Bush act as "uncurious" as he did at Clinton's opening of his library?

2 Monkeys were paid unequally. See what happens next.

Troubled slaughter: Big Ag fights to keep out prying eyes

A Constitution With Exceptions? A Strange Story from the GWN

Sequester stops Philly cops from arresting pot smokers (video)

Authoritarianism Has Quietly Enveloped Every Part of American Life - We Must Fight Back

Musical Chairs - The Brutal Truth Is That Businesses Will Not Create Enough Jobs

Four Reasons to Worry About the Potential Koch Takeover of Tribune Co. Newspapers

Deadly force, and the police

Apple's tax dodge

Don't throw out that rock-hard piece of Parmigiano-Reggiano in your frig.

Ubuntu 13.04 is out

(unarmed) Bar Harbor store owner recounts subduing gun-wielding robber

How the Honor Roll Cheats Students and Divides Schools{no mincing of words, here}

Pilot Flying J mess could hurt Bill Haslam's political ambitions

Tedious love: Prof decries modern music's lack of passion

A little "renascence" to close out National Poetry Month

One Soda A Day Raises Diabetes Risk :ABC News

What Does It Mean To Be An “American” Corporation?

"Boston Magazine" cover in tribute to the Boston Marathon:

Mercy!'' Barack said. "Dreadful apparition, why do you trouble me?''

Barbara Bush: Jeb shouldn’t run for president

Obama: George W. Bush 'Loves This Country And Loves Its People'

Feds Find Cache of Fireworks Dumped in Boston Suburb

My star membership has expired?

Children Routinely Injured or Killed by Guns, U.S. Study Shows; Access to Loaded, Unlocked Firearms

Wikileaks in Iceland court victory over payments blockade

Prank on North Carolina Junior QB Bryn Renner.

How Even A Terrorist Can Buy Explosive Powders Without A Background Check

FEMA-like recovery funds to Boston victims?

Secret Tape: Top GOP Consultant Luntz Calls Limbaugh "Problematic"

I find it remarkable that sisters Olivai De Havilland and Joan Fontaine

As firearm ownership rises, Florida gun murders increase

How do I "mark a forum?" I notice the sort option for threads give me that option. I have looked

We need to END republicanism, not partner with them

2 fuel (Compressed Natural Gas) barges on Alabama's Mobile River explode; 3 people hurt

From Housing to Health Care, 7 Co-ops That Are Changing Our Economy

Israel says it shoots down Hezbollah drone

The Bush lovefest on MSNBC

Maddow site on Terrorist Watch List and guns

Biggest SINGLE Thing Conspiracy Theorists Don't Understand

TVA mum on Watts Bar Nuclear Plant shooting details

Toles- Ho hum, unlivable

Sufisim: A Counterpoint to Islamism

60 years since the publication of the decoding of DNA - live stream of Crick Memorial Meeting

'The private sector is superior'. Time to move on from this old dogma

Sequester isn't just affecting travellers on airlines

Thursday Toon Roundup 1 - Shrub

New grass could help tackle flooding, say scientists

You’re On A Terrorist Watch List? Sure, You Can Buy A Gun

Richard Dawkins named world's top thinker in poll

Samsung admits its phones may contain tin from area mined by children

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- Guns

Israel shoots down drone from Lebanon: Israeli military

Nancy Pelosi to come to Little Rock May 2nd.

Guantanamo prison hunger strike notches up to 94

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- Republicans

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- Bombers and killings

Thursday TOON Roundup 5- The Rest

WATCH: Mark Sanford debates a cardboard cutout of Nancy Pelosi

House GOP kills Cantor's health-care scheme

Today is the birthday of the great jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald

Donna Brazile loses her goddamn mind.

How much did that cute little dress bought at Target cost? 187 lives

France: Anti-gay MP accidentally votes in favour of equal marriage

Woodpeckers and other photos from Tennessee River

last thursday i wrote my republican senators voicing my concern over their no votes on BG checks

GE Capital to stop financing gun purchases

74 NPT States issue humanitarian appeal for abolition

Bush's "Lie-bury"

Whisky By Product Powers New Scottish Biofuel Plant

Protesters Gather Outside Bush Library Ceremony

I Wonder If The Bush Library Will Have Any Books

So exciting to have a library dedicating to a real genuine war criminal!!

Jobless claims show unexpected improvement

Careful what you wish for

GOP makeover is impaired by delusional thinking

Ramsey Clark testifies on behalf of the Transform Now Plowshares

Glenn Beck: Just too batshit insane, even for Fox

not exactly pets, but thought y'all would like the pic anyway

To be fair, George W Bush signed into law the National Do Not Call Registry.

After running on LGBT marriage bans, Bush now says he’s not ‘weighing in’

Sherrod Brown Statement Following Senate Committee Hearing On Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiations

Pic Of The Moment: George W. Bush Presidential Library To Be Dedicated Today

Creepy morning television

World Thinkers 2013

If you were at the bush library opening what would your protest sign say?

Maddow slams right-wing mainstreaming of crackpots like Alex Jones

Claims For Jobless Benefits Near 5-Year Low

Consumer Comfort in U.S. Held Last Week Close to Five-Year High

Capriles issues 24 hour ultimatum over "stolen" votes

13 Reasons To Be Glad Bush Is No Longer President

Gold Rout for Central Banks Buying Most Since 1964: Commodities

back in therapy

Barbara Bush On Jeb Running For President: 'We've Had Enough Bushes'

New Twinkie Maker Shuns Union Labor (gosh, who woulda thought?)

Advice please...How do I copy and burn a DVD to a second disc? Additional info...

Politico’s Wholly Sexist Narrative Of The ‘Woman In Power’ At The New York Times

Survivor Caramoan - Episode 11 Discussion Thread - NO SPOILERS PLEASE

Pressure Mounts On Obama To Investigate Torture

Today in Peace and Justice history on April 25, 2004

The US, selflessly concerned about democracy in Venezuela...

Today in Peace and Justice history on April 25, 2004

I'm all for installing an active water boarding exhibit in that atrocious library…

Liberty Counsel

University health center attacked by a madurista mob during post-election turmoil in Venezuela

Senate Retirements Could Be Crucial In Upcoming Battle For Political Control On Capitol Hill

You know who I feel worst for today?

Torture Fest today is depressing. The celebration of lies and the subversion of our rights.

Iranian-Sponsored Narco-Terrorism in Venezuela (soooo predictable that it's right on cue)

An open letter to Innocean and Hyundai (warning , upsetting)

Syrian opposition-Assad used chemical weapons. British expert-Impossible to prove from outside Syria

Anyone think W will bother to show up at the opening of President Obama's library in a few years?

Lunar Eclipses

iPhone 6 - Cat Owners Edition

When Shrub is done accepting today`s accolades, he ought to head to Walter Reed and apologize.

Did you hear that The Codpiece is going to be one of the artifacts in the GWB Library???

What If We Never Run Out of Oil?

How Goldman Sachs Closes Libraries, Attacks Seniors and You

"There is nothing to celebrate today-"

Richest Man Slim Cited for Profiting From Phones for Poor

I just have to say this: Thank you Fox News.

I love this pic.

In Reality - How Many People Will Really Go And Visit W's Lie-bury?......

First French firms fined over unequal pay

Swedish cops find drugs on Justin Bieber tour bus

Is anyone actually watching the dedication?

50 Reasons You Despised George W. Bush's Presidency

U.S. has evidence chemical weapons have been used in Syria, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says.

So where did my bank go ... most likely the same place as your bank

(Sweden) School sets up 'gender-neutral' dressing room

Americans Online Seen Paying States Seeking $23 Billion

Norwegian air mulls Irish registries to cut costs (wants to hire cheaper Asian workers)

Ray Canterbury On School Lunches: West Virginia Republican Proposes Making Kids Work For Food

Boxer, DeFazio Introduce Bill to Require Labeling of Genetically Engineered Foods

First Bush Library Quietly Celebrates Eleventh Anniversary

Magdalene site to be converted to domestic violence refuge

Awe inspirining story. University athlete ends career to donate life-saving bone marrow.

Many coal sludge impoundments have weak walls, federal study says

House Rep. Peter DeFazio (OR) rips Keystone XL pipeline, corrupt oil markets

House Immigration Rewrite to Be Long Process: Goodlatte

Lawmakers, aides may get "Obamacare" exemption

How much work goes into a really good photo?

Pilger - Dance On Thatcher's Grave, But Remember There Has Been A Coup In Britain

Boxing (4-27)

Just saw a video of President Obama sitting next to Barbara Bush.

Papantonio: Big Pharma Colludes With High Court

Eric Schmidt: Money is the only reason Julian Assange redacted WikiLeaks files

Shut Up or Get Out: PA City Punishes Domestic Violence Victims Who Call the Police

H7N9 outbreak in China. The facts on the ground and only the facts.

'You Deserve Rape' sign causes controversy on UA campus

Monuments to Egos

Mile-High Flirting: Encouraged by Virgin America!

San Onofre insider says NRC should not allow nuclear restart

John Makin, Conservative Scholar, Argues Against More Deficit Reduction

2008 G8 Summit flashback: GW Bush given the cold shoulder by fellow leaders.

So ... what happens if they can't prove Dzhokhar actually killed anyone?

Hey MSNBC. Don't you have some news to report? nt

Guitar Center Workers Launch Union Effort Under Bain Ownership, Citing Pay Rate Drop

George W. Bush Presidental Library and Museum

No, Congress isn’t trying to exempt itself from Obamacare

BBC: Switzerland to limit immigration from all EU states

Bipartisan negotiations ongoing to exempt Congress/aides from Obamacare

Dethrone the Tea Party's Queen of Crazy

New budget memos contradict Gov. Walker’s promises

Canadian Official Commits Rhetorical Hara-Kiri; Admits Rail No Subsititue for Pipeline

Professional Idiot, Er, Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Takes Daughter To Sex Tape Negotiations

2013 NFL Draft Thread

"Boston ER Doctor Finds Marathon Memories Hard To Shake "

Jerusalem Women of the Wall win ruling against arrests

British Driver Who Threw Away £30 Ticket Is Fined £850 (USD $1,298.36) … for LITTERING

Full Moon Rises with Lunar Eclipse & Saturn Today:

Musharraf Arrested Over Bhutto Murder Case

DuPage Election Board May Finally Replace Republican Crony Attorney

The hidden Afghanistan: British soldier's photo odyssey

Anybody Notice That CNN Keeps The "Breaking News" Text On Almost 24/7 Now?....

Graham: 'Ultimate Blame' For Boston Attacks On Administration

Tweet from God

Canadian Theif Walks Out Of Liquor Store With Bottle Of Scotch Worth $26K

Mom to Jeb: ‘We’ve Had Enough Bushes’ in White House

'Red Line' Crossed On Syria, Senators Say

Darryl Issa (R-CA) Lambastes Fisker Loan, Conveniently Forgetting his Own Sperm-Shaped EV Loser

A Child’s Letter to a Homeless Shelter and The Residents' Response

MSNBC: 2 instances of chemical weapons use in Syria

Bush crying? Winking at Condi?

Speculation on a Brother-Sister Act for Avengers 2

"human life and dignity are drearily cheap on the open market"

Defending Rio Blanco: Three Weeks of the Lenca Community Roadblock (Honduras)

I am so disappointed in not hearing one iota on this new documentary from DU members

Woman seeks help from police to get cash back from drug dealer

I don’t want to have to compromise my morals in order to make a living

Tweet from Ronald Jackson

Warning graphic images. Will induce hunger. 31 amazing things to make in muffins tins.

A Child’s Letter to a Homeless Shelter and The Residents' Response

Officials: Boston suspects discussed second attack in Times Square

DuPage County IL Election Board May Finally Replace Republican Crony Attorney

“I mean, Mitt Romney? WTF?”

"Breaking - Appeals Court asks State Supreme Court to take up appeal of Act 10." p.24

what has Bush been doing to prepare for the last month?

Something new that some here may find of interest...

Jo Johnson's appointment: Is it nepotism

Text of White House letter on Syria sent to Sens. John McCain, Carl Levin

Edit Challenge. Let's see how you handle this image. Nothing was done other

Aww, shucks, Bush dedicated his library to us--

Next Wednesday, May 1st, is the Tenth Anniversary of 'Mission Accomplished.'

Welcome to our two new cohosts!

ALEC evades Progress Iowa Requests

Mom Convicted of Beating Heroin Dealer

We Dare You To Look At This And Tell Us Chained CPI Isn't A Social Security Cut...

"The George W. Bush Institute"

ACORN Saboteur's Friend Wins One in Court

Is anyone with any kind of power a moderate conservative to straight-up right winger?

I am really angry seeing stories here and alsewhere blaming cheap clothing for sweatshop disasters.

Cop May Be Liable in Plot to Set Up DUI Arrests

WH Petition:Allow the Drug Czar to support the legalization of marijuana.

Robertson: Planned Parenthood Inspired Adolf Hitler, Behind 'Genocide' of Black Community

No More Landmines!

Greenwald: The same motive for anti-US 'terrorism' is cited over and over

Pot-Smoking Teen Drivers Say Weed Aids or Isn’t Hindrance

'Red Line' crossed on Syria, Senators say

"#ViolenceAgainstWomenIsWrong was a trending topic on Twitter for most of the day"

when MRA meet Fems

You. Deserve. Rape.

A gigantic parasite: Forget the touchy feely posturing. Google's tiny tax bill shows how greedy and

Is There a Bomb in That Burger? The Pentagon Wants to Know.

Guitar Center Workers Launch Union Effort Under Bain Ownership

The God With Three Heads (more thoughts on the religion of progress)

Poor Mental Health Is a ‘Signature Scar’ of Afghanistan and Iraq Wars

Russian FM Lavrov Urges Caution Over Syria Chemical Weapons Reports To Avoid The “Iraqi Scenario”

How Labor’s Story is Distorted in High School History Textbooks

Where is the shame?

S.Korean PM Against Redeploying US Tactical Nuclear Weapons

Depressed? Overworked? Lousy Job? Here's the Little Pill for you:

How FBI Entrapment Is Inventing 'Terrorists' - and Letting Bad Guys Off the Hook

George W. Bush will be happy when this day's over ...

Bipartisan nuclear waste proposal

printer for Ubuntu Mint

When Racial Profiling Is A National Policy

Climate Deniers in Congress

Biden Strong

Hahn slaying suspect reportedly made false cancer claim - update and new info on the Hahn murder

Colorado court: No protection for workers using marijuana … Feds to blame

Background Checks from Tom the Dancing Bug

Best Dad Ever Illustrates His Kids’ Lunch Bags Every Day Since 2008

Student uses hand sanitizer to set classmate on fire

Is there a national online registry where people can safely request to be represented by a union? or

Scripps Site: Atmospheric CO2 Broke 400 ppm On Mauna Loa On April 20th, April 22nd

Grocery Store Turns Burglary Footage Into a Hilarious Commercial

Venezuelan Attorney General: Opposition Violence After Elections Left 9 Deaths and 78 Injured

All this hoopla over Dubya's library has me realizing one thing and one thing only:

Carl Ballantine, wonderful comedian

Boston Hospitals And Insurers Will Help Ease The Bombing Victims’ Medical Costs

Jon Stewart is a national treasure

South Carolina politics...Mark Sanford, you just gotta love him!

California sugary drink tax proposal clears first hurdle

Rep. proposes liquor tax holidays in RI

Featured exhibits at the Dubya presidential library

New research challenges two prevailing theories on how Maya civilization began

My mom is having bypass surgery tomorrow -- prayers/vibes greatly appreciated!

This is the official WTF? thread .

Sunday Assembly claims UK’s first atheist congregation evicted from church by moralistic Christians

What shortage of sci-tech workers?

Researchers pinpoint how trees play role in smog production

I had to use a mirror this morning to look at something I haven't seen in years!

Photoshopped picture IS worth 1000 words...

Graphic: You Will Not Believe What It Cost The NRA To Make Sure Background Checks Got Killed

Renewables expected to account for 69-74% of new power capacity thru 2030

U.S. seeks to convene 4-way Mideast summit in June

Justice Dept. Appeals Recess Case to Supreme Court.

A new day for the 'war on drugs'

Our new Puppy - Meet Miggy!

CIA had Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev's name added to terror database before attack

FYI: When the "news" you're reading is a press-release

Meet Miggy - our New Puppy


Bush weeps while talking about Hurricane Katrina and dead soldiers

Boston Bombing Suspects’ Father Swears Off Revenge

Are we bombarded by too many ads, nowadays?

A new day for the 'war on drugs'

Man investigated in poisoned letters missing

No, Congress isn’t trying to exempt itself from Obamacare

List of the retailers that source clothes from the Bangladeshi factories where over 200 workers died

Workers pinned in Bangladesh rubble cry for rescue

Cake or Death

Energy Nominee Blocked Over Cuts at S.C. Nuclear-Waste Plant

Internet sales tax embraced by no-tax Republicans

Catholic Church pitches religion to young New Yorkers with new ad proclaiming Jesus was the 'Origina

Claiming to be able to cure cancer with magic water

Game of Thrones - recap of last episode, if it were on Facebook

Twinkies are coming back

Higher fares help Southwest Airlines' profit

Religion and politics 101: A Q&A with Rev. Steven Baines


Thousands of uncertified parts installed in TVA nuclear plants

Two people who were missing from the Bush Library Bash...Al Gore and Ralph Nader

Free Syrian Army Leader: Mossad Has “Many, Many” Security Personnel Operating in Syria

Radical Theology: The New “White” Religion?

Annnd a 3rd party conservative has entered the Sanford v Colbert-Busch race:

Reid Proposes Plan to Replace Sequester Cuts with Money from Afghanistan, Iraq Wars

McCaskill Puts Hold On Air Force Officer’s Promotion Over Overturned Conviction

WP op-ed Why John Kerry could be a better Secretary of State than HRC

NASA rovers accidentally draw penis on Mars - picture

Potentially Creepy Airline Perk of the Day: Flirty Drinks

McDonnell mum on chef’s claims

Ed Schultz Will ‘Get Back To Work’ On MSNBC Next Month

Too timid and too passive?

Europe needs genetically engineered crops, scientists say

Why we wave signs on street corners.

ENDA introduced with bipartisan backing

Google agrees to change search display in Europe

Regulatory gap inhibits inquiry into West explosion

ANNOUNCEMENT: "Food Revolution 2013 Summit" broadcasting free worldwide April 27- May 5, 2013.

Chastened banks cuts tens of thousands of jobs

Texas Fertilizer Plant Fell Through Regulatory Cracks

West, Texas explosion: Who knew what?

Pirate Bay Finds Safe Haven in Iceland, Switches to .IS Domain

Why didn't 2,400 tons of ammonium nitrate at West plant raise concerns?

Ron Paul Endorses Paul Broun For Senate

Note to the Republicans

Is the Boston Attack a Ripple Effect of the Conflict in the North Caucasus?

Memorial For Victims Of West, Texas Explosion (WATCH LIVE)

United's 1Q loss narrows as fuel costs drop

Zero gravity cats

Business is booming in Texas!

As Your Attorney, I Advise You That Miranda Is Bullshit

Accused Bombers Plotted Attack in NYC, Officials Say

Cuban Buddhists Acknowledge Gov''t Support and Religious Freedom

He didn't!


New Fertilizer Plants Springing Up to Take Advantage of Cheap Natural Gas

Dogs vs. Cats -- ROAD TRIP!!!

DUDE... ... ... ... ... ... mouthwash

How to order your steak when dining out:

This year, allergy season is s-o-o-o-o-o-o bad... HOW BAD IS IT?!?!?!?

MiddleFingerMom can remember the EXACT moment he realized just WHY he was here on Earth.

MiddleFingerMom has heard about this Leda chick. Chick-a-bow-bow, Baby!!!

Uhm... caption this?

One question about the Bush43 library ...

Now Cut That Out...


The Peanut Pool

Obama to re-invade Iraq

This is so funny - a gay rights group bought a house across from Westboro Baptist

Anonymous Just Took Down NAMBLA’s Homepage to Protest Pedophilia Pride Day

Oh, Chimpy, it's been so long ("nostalgia" thread)

Spring in Wisconsin!

UKIP candidate claims Jews murdered each other in the Holocaust in masterplan to create Israel

Giffords’ gun control ads attack Kelly Ayotte and Mitch McConnell

Senators predict another vote on gun-control legislation

Four female prison guards impregnated by same inmate

Labor rights lawyer: ‘Political winds blowing the right way’ to pass ENDA

How Medicaid & Obamacare Hurt the Poor - and How to Fix Them

Even if chemical weapons are used in Syria, the US should not intervene.

'You Deserve Rape' sign causes controversy on UA campus

ACLU: CISPA Is Dead (For Now)

Venezuela detains American accused of fomenting violence

La la la la - La la la la - La la la la - La la la la

Newfound hormone holds hope for diabetes treatment

The 'Best' of George W. Bush

Please tell me the gift shop has Hot Pretzels

Can I have my own forum?

PD:Ohio manufacturers group wants energy-efficiency mandates left intact 4-24-2013

The SyFy Channel is showing "Sin City" tonight (11:00 PM here in Tucson).

This one is for Hirax fans

Police believe Tsarnaev brothers killed officer for his gun

Canada tried to deport terror suspect Raed Jaser

Hold my beer!

Feds blasts Florida’s unemployment compensation system for denying civil rights

Beau Biden announces new gun-control legislation.


Unbelievable! NPR just reported that the Bush Library has a special

Strike and You're Out: The Supreme Court's Destruction of the Right to Strike

The Ed Show will premiere on Saturday, May 11th at 5pm ET

Pictures of plane wrecks that *everyone* aboard survived from.

State cuts off money to UNO charter schools over insider deals

Cons never let a good crisis go to waste PART II, online surveillance bill to be resurrected?

Rachel Maddow Exposes Alex Jone's Conspiracy Nut Fuckery.

Israeli Army Says It Will Halt Its Use Of White Phosphorous Shells


"Intelligence?" Yeah, right...

Democrat calls on Boehner to retract Libya report

Concealed carry in restaurants, school safety bills OK'd by Louisiana House

Another caption opportunity!

Parents Say Boston Bombing Suspects Are Innocent

Times Company Reports a Drop in Income

They should have made room for Al Gore to say a few words today in Dallas.

US Accused of Skirting Responsibilities for Egregious Philippine Reef Disaster

Debt Ceiling Deadline Pushed Back as Growth Lifts U.S.

Woman raped twice at Occupy London protest camp, court hears

Margaret Thatcher's funeral cost an estimated £3.6m – No 10

Over 2,600 'Human Guinea Pigs' May Have Died From Pharmaceutical Trials in India

Three jailed for discussing possible terror attack

Sunil Tripathi Body Found: Missing Brown University Student Identified, Confirmed Dead

Cancer Doctors Raise Pressure On Pharma Industry To Cut Drug Prices

Unemployment soars to record highs in France and Spain after austerity measures (Krugman was right)

Any Ag geeks here? Why ammonium nitrate and not ammonium sulfate?

House Panel Says It Will Offer Series of Immigration Bills

Stephen Colbert - Gay marriage is also legal in Canada...

Culture war in Israel targets ultra-Orthodox Jews

Legal Issues Surround Boston Suspect's Questioning

Elizabeth Colbert Busch to appear on South Carolina ballot twice

FBI Warns People To Be Wary Of Marathon Bombing-Related Online Fraud

Freepers discussing West Fertilizer explosion

U.S. sells nearly 20 percent of remaining GM shares

Legendary POS Ted Nugent: Michigan Tourism ads should show dead animals


Slate's Matthew Yglesias on conditions that led to Bangladesh factory collapse: "That's OK!"

Boston victims face huge bills; donations pour in

The "You Deserve Rape" guy is a total fucking asshole

Papantonio: Anti-intellectualism Is Destroying Democracy In America

WOW! I took a swim today!!

It's feeding time at the eagles nest....

How the 40 year 'Long Recession' lead to the Great Recession - the Nation

Did you see this tribute? Like Billy the Kid used to say, "I'll make you famous."

Worst dinner party of the year starts in one hour. My house.

Roundup, An Herbicide, Could Be Linked To Parkinson's, Cancer And Other Health Issues, Study Shows

If you are interested in entering the May photo group contest

If you want to enter a photo in the May photo group contest

Great group photo taken today at the dedication of the Bush Presidential Library

U.S. Senate honors Husker spring game star (7 year old Make A Wish) Jack Hoffman

Rev Al's guests just tore W a new one

(LMAO) A massive penis discovered on the surface of Mars!


Dianne Feinstein on Syria: “‘Red lines’ have been crossed”

Architecture as metaphor

CNBC Programming Alert

US Believes Syria Used Chemical Weapons But Says Facts Needed

Shouldn't Eric Holder be impeached?

Barbara Bush is right - By Joan Walsh

Another pic to caption from today's dedication:

George R.R. Martin, a Jets Fan, Not Happy About Revis Trade

Erik Paulsen (R-Minn.) was AWOL at the Long Term Unemployment Hearning.

Ohio AG: Search Warrants Executed (at High School) in (Steubenville) Rape Case

Take the science quiz!

I don't believe the New York story

Funniest Pictures Ridiculing George Bush

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 26 April 2013

Here's an idea.

Gunman kills three in 'random' shooting

Putin Calls US ‘Imperial’ Over Magnitsky Act

Well, we've wondered how it would go . . .

Bob Brozman, Extraordinary Musician, has died at the age of 59

Krugman on the current Republican Economic Dystopia - The Jobless Trap

Charles Dickens Revisited ...In the Time of PBO...THE POOR, DISENFRANCHISED, & Maggie Thatcher!

Ruby Doris Smith-Robinson, first woman elected executive secretary of the SNCC.

Guestworkers to get "nearly half of all IT job openings for which a college degree is required . . "

OK, then you explain it

Never forget: The Bush Administration failed to prevent the September 11 terrorist attacks

Fun With Trombones!

Your move...

" Obama defends GOP outreach, even if some think he's a 'sap'"

The Right Wing Cult Machine Exposed

You know, every once in a while, someone will do something that REALLY reinvigorates my...

*** George W. Bush interview about 9/11: "...we got a laugh out of it." ***

Is it just my eyes or is Tony Blair slowly turning into George W Bush?

Exclusive - Bassem Youssef Extended Interview Pt. 1 (with Jon Stewart)

No, no, no! You picked the wrong candle emoticon!

Greetings! I have reached 10 replies

The George Bush Manure Locker Is Now Open

Barbara Bush 4 families

Venezuela threatens opposition leader with jail over protest violence

This picture made me laugh so hard I fell off the couch, Laptop and all

Politics of Paranoia

I just made coffee using a metal tea strainer. Kinda worked. What off label use do you make of

I used to think that "rap is crap"

The Shadow Lobbyist

Woman Breaks Into House Naked, Enters Through Doggy Door

Brian Sims, Pennsylvania Democrat, On Abortion: We Did Not 'Swear To Uphold The Bible' (VIDEO)

French Family Looking For New House After Claiming Current One Is Haunted By Orange Throwing Ghosts

In honor of the Bush Library. Everyone sing along!

Mother of bombing suspects was also in FBI database. Added at the same time as

New RW "outrage" story making the rounds. Any truth to it?

NREL Quantifies Significant Value in Concentrating Solar Power

Robots And Jobs

"10 Pro-Gun Myths, Shot Down" By Dave Gilson at Mother Jones

Amazing: US Tourists Swim for 14 Hours After Ship Sinks

Georgia, Alabama Customers Benefit from Wind by Wire

the neocons are salivating again.....Lawmakers demand 'action' in Syria