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Member since: Thu May 3, 2018, 09:04 AM
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'Karen' Halloween Masks Spark Outrage...and High Demand

Via CBR:

Artist Jason Adcock has crafted a painted latex mask bearing the caricature of a white, angry middle-aged woman, replete with the signature blonde Karen hairstyle. The face is a grotesque exaggeration of a stereotypical "Karen," a deprecatory name commonly given to an unreasonably demanding woman considered to be privileged or entitled.


The artist also says he's received no shortage of irate comments, from complainants ironically asking to speak to his manager.

Adcock has also made an even more disturbing, pustule-infested "KAREN-19" variant of the mask. "She thought she was slick calling you all sheep and look what happened," Adcock joked on another Instagram post.

I dunno, looks like Kellyanne Kryptkeeper Konway to me.

Lunatic Promises Miracle (Again)

"Awesome power!"
"Join me or die! Can you do any less?"

Hey, remember this blast from the past?


FBI Involved After Antimasker QAnon Loony Threatens Teachers


“She kept saying that she was going to make sure we never worked again, and that everyone knew what sickos we were and that she had her arsenal ready and that she was basically going to get rid of us at any cost,” said Allen.

The Hillsborough County Classroom Teachers Association says the same woman made threatening posts on their Facebook page and they finally blocked her.

“She was accusing the whole union, all teachers of being pedophiles,” said Stephanie Baxter-Jenkins the Executive director of the HCTA.

When contacted by a reporter, (Elena Luyo of Tampa) strongly denied making any threats but does admit she used strong language in her Facebook posts.

Luyo claims it all started when several teachers used false names and invaded a private Facebook group that she is a member of. The Facebook group opposes wearing masks.

“There is no science backing it up. They represent a collective communist society. It’s a representation of China. I mean the masks come from China,” said Luyo who added, “They admitted in their member only group that they snuck into our group like dirty little weasels.”

Where does your MAGA cap come from, Loopy?

“I started calling them pedo-marxists. In my opinion, if you are sneaking into a Facebook group on social media, what are you doing behind closed doors, where no other parent can see what’s going on,” said Luyo.

She justifies her Facebook posts and the messages she sent because Luyo says she felt threatened by the teachers.

“At that point, I don’t really care what I called you know what I’m saying. You violated me, you violated people I don’t even know, so at that point you could be anything, maybe you’re not a pedo,” said Luyo.

Luyo says she looked up some of the teachers online and they just looked like pedophiles.

“Looking at the profiles of these teachers that were sneaking into our group, they looked very questionable, they looked disturbing,” said Luyo.

Allen and the HCTA say they’ve reported the online threats to the FBI.

Police Body Cams? Li'l Don-Don, Healthy Stable Genius, Chokes Trying To Form An Opinion

Should be a snap, right? Not for Your Favorite President! He had to ask Daddy! Very good people on both sides! Via RawStory:

President Donald Trump on Tuesday struggled to answer a question about police body cameras at an event in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

While attending a round table in support of law enforcement, the president was asked if he favored the use of body cameras.

“Um, body cam,” the president said, searching for an answer. “Ah, whew. Well, that’s, uh, very interesting.”

At that point the commander-in-chief turned the question over to Attorney General Bill Barr, who offered a favorable opinion of the technology.

“It’s very tough,” Trump said, adding to Barr’s answer. “The whole thing, you read it and you read two sides of the story.”

Several local law enforcement officers also told Trump that they are in favor of officers wearing body cameras.

“Okay, good, they like ’em,” Trump announced to the press.

LOL: Gun Nut Blows Own Nuts Off, Hailed As Hero By Men Who Point Guns At Their Nuts (Wonkette)


Today in things you may feel you were better off not knowing, there are multiple Facebook groups in which men take pictures of themselves with loaded guns pointed towards their dicks. And, in news that should not shock you at all, one of those men has blown off his testicles and is now being hailed as a king by the members of one of these groups.

On August 11, the man, a member of the "Loaded Guns Pointed at (B)enis" group, started posting a live video of himself pointing a gun at his dick and balls, for reasons, when the gun "accidentally" went off, in what's more accurately called a "negligent discharge" — and how. The video was swiftly deleted, and the man subsequently posted the picture above, showing blood spattered everywhere and the caption " (B)ois, I think I fucked up." You will note the copy of the Constitution in the upper left corner, reminding us all that it is a man's Second Amendment right to shoot his balls off if he so chooses.

It was not a mere graze. The man later went to the hospital and discovered that it had actually gone through, which seems ... uncomfortable. But apparently he is doing okay for a guy who just shot himself in the balls. He has since been made an administrator of the group, and members have been photoshopping memes of him as a king, accepting the Presidential Medal of Freedom, etc. etc.

I'm torn between laughing my own balls off, and wondering if there remains any hope for us as a nation or a species.

EDIT: More from the linked VICE article.

To understand why this idiotic thing happened in the first place, and why there are several groups online dedicated to posting pictures of gun owners pointing a loaded weapon at their dick besides the Facebook group in question, you need to understand the beef raging between online gun people.

"Trigger discipline" is a basic gun safety measure drilled into people when they’re learning about firearms. Basic safety says that you always keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot, and that you point it away from yourself and other people unless you mean to shoot them. Shitposters love taking pictures of a loaded gun pointed at their groin, finger hovering just above the trigger, to irritate responsible gun owners.

He says it's not parody, but I can't believe that.

I mean, "find the secret zipper"? How can this NOT be satire?

Humor: 118 Coronavirus Jokes That Went Viral This Week (Bored Panda)

Who says the Left can't meme?


Loved it so much I sought out some of the sources, like the very first one (Bored Panda doesn't imbed tweets, just images of them):


Alex Jones Encourages Violence (Again)

Don't worry, when someone gets killed over this, he'll tell the judge he's just "playing a character!"


Sauce for the goose, you slimy motherfucker.

FOXHenhouse panel: "Voicing concerns over risks toward children is tiresome."


Daaaang, a lot of guys with Russian wives on the Trump side of things. Anyway, sacrifice your kids to the God Emperor's glory!!

Freefalling Trump Campaign Reduced To Threatening Donors

via DailyKos

It's awfully flattering to know that during these turbulent times (a deadly pandemic, an economic recession, more than 20 million people unemployed, Russia paying bounties to kill American soldiers, Supreme Court rulings giving prosecutors access to Trump's financial records, etc), the President of the United States is taking time away from his golf game, tweeting, and Fox News watching, to look for my name on his list of donors.

Check out these quotes!

ERIC TRUMP: How do you want to be remembered? As a Patriot who fought to Keep America Great? Or as an un-American Liberal who stood idly by as Radical Democrats ripped our Nation apart? Team Trump just informed me that you haven’t accepted my father’s offer to join the Trump 100 Club, and I have to admit, I’m pretty disappointed.

MEET PRESIDENT TRUMP: Is everything OK? President Trump asked us if you were available to meet him at an upcoming event but we told him we hadn’t heard from you yet.

DONALD TRUMP JR: Should I tell my father that you aren’t interested? He asked me to review the most recent list of Patriots who have entered to win a trip to meet him at an upcoming event, and I noticed that you STILL haven’t entered.
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