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"Oh well" ... said to me by person not wearing a mask

what's worse she also said, "Don't tell me about Covid, my nephew just died of it."

Here is the story: had to drive downstate for medical reasons. The Mackinaw bridge, great, toll takers wearing masks, gloves and no cash, only credit card that is inserted into the card machine without the person ever touching your card. The State of Michigan is being responsible to try and keep her citizens safe. But, don't drive downstate because it is chock full of trumpists who blindly follow their "no mask", fake pres....

C Moon

It's easy to piss off my ultra right wing neighbor.

I wear a mask and gloves to take the trash out.
I drive up to my garage with a mask on.
I walk my pup with a mask on.
Each time, he turns his head and mumbles something to himself.

Horse with no Name

This is not an administration. This is a wrecking crew

I expect most everything to be wrecked by election time.
As a society, we are going to have to figure out how to put things back together.
That’s all I got. The only piece of hope for this country on the other side.
But I want prison sentences. And real investigations.
And a bleach bath of all of the crimes.
I almost hate waking up to the brand new shitshow every day.
I can’t even remember what they destroyed last week.
This is exhausting.

H2O Man


I usually do not write about personal issues here. Well, that's not really true. Plus, divorce is a big deal. I had opted for a separation from incoming film of Trump in April, opting to allow Stephen Colbert to represent my interests on television. I read some articles on the internet. But Trump is so toxic that I found not watching him was the healthy option....


Having had around 50 years Trumpistry shoved down my throat as one of the side "benefits" of...

being a native born New Yorker, I suspect I have some idea what's driving him.

He's just a poor little kid looking for acceptance. But never learned how get it, or what to do with it. "Respect me, dammit!"

His father seemed to be happy just rolling around in the money vault, building the occasional hospital wing to keep certain investigations at bay, but otherwise ignoring the NY real estate hierarchy (which is something worth ignoring) or social scene. Not Donnie, who spent every waking hour trying to get the right handle on publicity to get him in with the real people and the important dinner invitations....


I don't know what bothers me more

The complete hypocrisy, corruption and destructive behavior of the Republican Party, from the President on down.

Or, the failure of so many Americans to see it as it really is.

Both are disheartening.


When everything is analyzed and laid on the table...

When everyone is blaming Donald Trump for the condition of this country, they are looking under the wrong rock, in my opinion.

The problem is with the US Senate, most specifically, Mitch McConnell. Chuck Schumer is unable to communicate with him on anything. Mitch McConnell has let this country deteriorate to the point of total disillusionment....


Rural "Storefront" church spreading Covid19 disinformatiion

I live near a very small town in NW Pa..

Unknown parties about 6 years ago opened a church in what was once a grocery store, it isn't a particular denomination, they seem to have made it up themselves....


For several springs when I was a youngster, a couple of my neighborhood friends and I

would spend an afternoon in May scouting for mourning dove nests in the woods along a small creek at the edge of our small hometown. Doves construct a very rudimentary nest. It is basically just a handful of twigs and is nearly flat. Usually, just two white eggs were deposited in it....


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Trump threatens to pull Republican convention out of North Carolina

14 hrs ago - By DAVID COHEN 05/25/2020 08:52 AM EDT President Donald Trump on Monday morning threatened to move August’s Republican National Convention out of North Carolina unless there are guarantees the state will let everyone attend. “I love the Great State ... (Politico)

Baby gorilla badly injured in family skirmish at Seattle zoo

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Putin back in Kremlin, Russia looks to ease lockdown in some regions

14 hrs ago - MAY 25, 2020 / 5:12 AM Tom Balmforth, Gabrielle Tétrault-Farber MOSCOW (Reuters) - President Vladimir Putin made a rare lockdown appearance in the Kremlin on Monday after officials said improvements in the coronavirus situation may allow Russia to r ... (Reuters)

Japan lifts Tokyo's state of emergency, eyes fresh stimulus

17 hrs ago - TOKYO (Reuters) - Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Monday that Japan will lift a state of emergency for Tokyo and four remaining areas later in the day but that it could be reimposed if the pace of infections picked up. Social distancing c ... (Reuters)

First Deadlines For Laid-Off Workers To Get Health Insurance

21 hrs ago - WASHINGTON (AP) — Many laid-off workers who lost health insurance in the coronavirus shutdown soon face the first deadlines to qualify for fallback coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Taxpayer-subsidized health insurance is available for a modest ... (Associated Press)

Leader Of North Carolina Anti-Lockdown Protest Group Says He's 'Willing To Kill People' To Fight Res

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Florida Man Arrested After Allegedly Kidnaps Teenager, Forcing Her To Help Him Pass A COVID-19 Check

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More COVID-19 cases linked to California church services

Yesterday - More coronavirus infections have been tied to two Mother’s Day church services in Mendocino and Butte counties, officials announced this week. That disclosure comes as Gov. Gavin Newsom is poised to provide plans for reopening California churches am ... (LA Times)

US Muslims try to balance Eid rituals with virus concerns

Yesterday - By MARIAM FAM WINTER PARK, Fla. (AP) — With no congregational prayers or family gatherings, Salsabiel Mujovic has been worried that this year’s Eid al-Fitr celebration will pale. Still, she’s determined to bring home holiday cheer amid the coronavir ... (AP)

White House limits travel to U.S. from Brazil due to coronavirus

Yesterday - WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House on Sunday said it was prohibiting most non-U.S. citizens from traveling to the United States if they had been in Brazil in the last two weeks, two days after the South American nation became the world No. 2 hot ... (Reuters)

Fox's Wallace Shreds Kayleigh McEnany for Questioning Reporters' Faith

Yesterday - Fox News anchor Chris Wallace tore into White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Sunday morning for questioning the religious beliefs and faith of White House reporters, saying he’s never seen a press secretary act like that in his long career ... (Daily Beast)

Judge strikes down Florida's law demanding felons pay all court debt before they can vote

Yesterday - Published 1 min ago on May 24, 2020 By Sarah K. Burris Florida passed a ballot initiative allowing all former felons the access to vote after they served their time. In a panic, Republicans worked to find ways to restrict it, passing a law that ma ... (Raw Story)