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Gender: Male
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Current location: Winter Garden, FL
Member since: Thu Sep 16, 2004, 02:03 PM
Number of posts: 48,340

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Fight the Florida Covid propaganda!

Ok folks. This news is starting to go viral. Just saw it posted by “louder with Crowder” and Breitbart has been “reporting” it, too.

A local Fox35 reporter finally dug into the FL DoH PDF and saw some oddities in lab results. Several hundred labs (mostly reporting single digit results) had 100% positivity

They contacted a couple of the larger labs (still just a few hundred results total...keep in mind the largest lab used in the state has returned 58,000 positive results) and found positive % were much lower (9.4% and 6%, respectively)

What was going on? Simple

We’re talking like 0.2% of ALL 3.3 Million tests performed since March. Some small labs (all less than ~500 positive results reported, vast majority in single digits) were not submitting negative results to the state

This does NOT affect the # of cases and will barely affect the overall % positive from March til now. So, keep this in mind when conspiracy theory-minded partisans try to use this as some sort of proof that FL is not experiencing a massive surge in new cases (we are)

“FOX 35 News went on to speak with the Florida Department of Health on Tuesday. They confirmed that although private and public laboratories are required to report positive and negative results to the state immediately, some have not. Specifically, they said that some smaller, private labs were not reporting negative test result data to the state.”


FWIW, I dug in some, myself. I wanted to weed out realllly small labs that were likely used in the beginning when one had to be symptomatic to get a test, which would result in that lab having really high positive rates

So this image is all labs with >75% positive rates but >50 positive tests

Amounts to 7,608. Note we’ve had 3.3 Million tests overall since March so this % is minuscule and not gonna affect anything really


The Federal PPE Stockpile That Trump Bragged About Is Almost Gone

The Federal PPE Stockpile That Trump Bragged About Is Almost Gonehttps://www.politicususa.com/2020/07/14/the-federal-ppe-stockpile-that-trump-bragged-about-is-almost-gone.html

The federal PPE stockpile was never as great as Trump claimed, but also, Trump gave away part of the federal stockpile to foreign countries as he claimed that the US didn’t and wouldn’t need it.

The President was very wrong.

The administration is claiming that there is plenty of PPE, but doctors and hospitals are telling a much different story about a shortage that is getting worse by the day.

The fall second wave of the virus isn’t even here yet, but Donald Trump has the country in such sorry shape that those treating coronavirus patients don’t have the PPE that they need, even as the president pushes to reopen the country.

Still Obama's fault??

Audio available at the link.

Found a page from trump's Cognitive Test


More from "pro-life" fox and "friends"

So, a few months ago, “pro-life” republicans were willing to sacrifice older Americans for the economy.

Now they want to sacrifice America’s school children!

Just how exactly are they “pro-life”?!?!

Brian Kilmeade says schools must re-open in the fall in part because "life is full of risks, kids should learn that early that life is full of hurdles, you've got to find a way to overcome."


Really into this on Disney+. So well done

Miranda is a genius with his lyrics

And here's the turn, likely. All trends in FL have now worsened

Highest 2-day totals for hospitalizations and deaths. % Positive trend ticked slightly higher yet again, too.


About that "yuge" jobs number report....

Let's put the employment number rise into context, shall we? We had 4.8 million "new" jobs last month, right? HA! It's refilling previous jobs...not "new".

Look at it one of these ways:

1) You're carrying a bucket of pebbles that's 96% full. The bucket breaks and you can only carry about 2/3 of the pebbles, the other 1/3 spills onto the ground. You place your bucket at its destination and go back to pick up the spilled pebbles.

You can only carry some back so you bring a couple of handfuls. Now you have ~7/8 full of a bucket. You're still missing 1/8 of your pebbles. And the pebbles you did put back in weren't extra. You didn't miraculously find 20% more pebbles. They were part of the original bucket.

2) You're traveling down the Autobahn at about 96mph (4% under the 100mph limit to equate to 4% unemployment before all this crap hit). You see an animal dart into the road so you hit your brake and slow down to about 60-65mph.

You avoided the animal & start accelerating to get back to your previous 96mph but you do so slowly and you make it back up to 88mph (but you're not in a Delorean so you don't travel back to 1955 Hill Valley). You're still glowing slower than you were originally, right?

3) You have $100 in your wallet. You drop it and pick it up and find you only have $70 left. You look around and find two tens. Hey. Found money. Nope was yours to begin with and you’re still short $10

How much will Remdesivir cost patients? $500-600/DAY

Gilead Sciences, the company that makes the COVID-19 drug, announced in an open letter on Monday morning that it has decided to set a price of $390 per vial for the U.S. government, which would include Veterans Affairs and Department of Defense hospitals, and other governments of developed countries. But the discounted price will not include Medicare or Medicaid.

A typical five-day treatment course would include six vials, which would equate to $2,340 per patient, Daniel O'Day, Gilead Sciences chairman and CEO, said in the letter.

The U.S. government will continue to manage U.S. allocations of remdesivir to hospitals through September, the company said.

The letter added that the price for U.S. private insurance companies will be $520 per vial, which would total $3,120 per patient for a five-day treatment course of six vials.

As if existing hospital bills and lack of employment aren't enough...

NEW: Research shows up to 40-45% can be ASYMPTOMATIC. BUT, they can STILL have LUNG DAMAGE!

Prevalence of Asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 Infection

Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) has spread rapidly throughout the world since the first cases of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) were observed in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. It has been suspected that infected persons who remain asymptomatic play a significant role in the ongoing pandemic, but their relative number and effect have been uncertain. The authors sought to review and synthesize the available evidence on asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection. Asymptomatic persons seem to account for approximately 40% to 45% of SARS-CoV-2 infections, and they can transmit the virus to others for an extended period, perhaps longer than 14 days. Asymptomatic infection may be associated with subclinical lung abnormalities, as detected by computed tomography. Because of the high risk for silent spread by asymptomatic persons, it is imperative that testing programs include those without symptoms. To supplement conventional diagnostic testing, which is constrained by capacity, cost, and its one-off nature, innovative tactics for public health surveillance, such as crowdsourcing digital wearable data and monitoring sewage sludge, might be helpful.

Key Summary Points
The likelihood that approximately 40% to 45% of those infected with SARS-CoV-2 will remain asymptomatic suggests that the virus might have greater potential than previously estimated to spread silently and deeply through human populations.

Asymptomatic persons can transmit SARS-CoV-2 to others for an extended period, perhaps longer than 14 days.

The absence of COVID-19 symptoms in persons infected with SARS-CoV-2 might not necessarily imply an absence of harm. More research is needed to determine the significance of subclinical lung changes visible on computed tomography scans.


A bright spot in my life right now.


My youngest daughter with her horse’s first horse show. Third trip was perfect! So proud of them both!

She’s been working her butt off at the barn during the week to help cover board, along with her part time job. And her grandma sent money to her to cover shows and board and vet bills
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