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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 257,539

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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I know, she.. it's been so lonely not being able to hug my family & friends..

Your OP reminds me of this tweet from TLP..

Cheers for that info on Jonathan Swan, happyez.. & thanks

for the Vid on Kerry O'Brien.

This vid on trump is from a Melbourne dude..

GA magats Keep Texting me to Ask if I'm Registered to Vote to Fight the Lib Agenda? I Finally..

Texted Back..

JHC! I'm registered to Vote in Hawaii to vote for a Sane Agenda! Joe Biden for President! Biden is a Patriot!

With a surfing smilie, a dolphin, and a 😷

Mahalo, Joe Biden.. the Traitor looks like a ******* Moron, btw.



Another badge of honor for John Lewis is .. he said he "didn't consider trump a legitimate president" Booom.

I know what you mean, ismnotwasm!

My eyes are filling with water just reading this.. Mahalo for sharing your emotional Voting experience.

I had accidently tossed my envelope that came with my mail in ballot.. so I was emailing & calling to get another one. It finally came today but in the mean time I got to vote in person at the Kauai Voters Service Center.

I was told to just bring my ID to Conference Room B. When I finally found it, there was a Keeper of the Ballot Box who took my temperature & I was directed to go down the hall to Room B. On the other side of the door were poll workers, one voting machine, and enough room for 3 or 4 voters.

After someone was finished voting the workers would clap & cheer Hooya! When I put my paper ballot in the machine they started clapping and I did too! & I said.. "Thank you for being here!"

Everyone was so nice & we were all excited to be VOTING!

Yes! Lazy Scared Journos take NOTE! JS is Australian!

Those Peeps are so Cool!

This is from an Aussie, too.. Melbourne to be exact.

MFtrump is stuck in a rut.. he must thinks it works for

him. he always says that.

Mahalo, Joe Biden! Retweeted!

TY, Nola

LOVE the CURRENTish Pic! ❤️❤️❤️


1)Stupid Asshole 2)Fucking Moron 3) PERVERTED CREEP

4)Putin's Hideous Puppet

5)BEAN HAWKER'S Incompetence is Killing Americans

6)Fuck the Idiot & his "manuals"

7) Poor Herman Cain's Death doesn't count.. wonder what his family thinks of that?

8)Having a Real President would be GOOD

9)John Lewis IS remembered as a National Treasure.. Fuckhead will be remembered as the Treasonous head Swampissant.
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