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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 260,039

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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trump over-drugged looked like he wanted to lay down here..


Rt.. Ian Sams' Tweet.. Brilliant Biden Riff..


I hear logic, see and hear empathy, decency and good, thought-through plans


Yes.. there was tweet around here to that effect &

I Rt!

Wow.. I love this! WOC, our Loyal Base, who

Don't GO for Bullshit!

Kamala Scares Puppetrump Shitless.. and that's a Lot.

I know.. And, I should say.. the Dems were Fighting

on the Front Lines for Democracy Before 2018.. it's just they were able to do more when they Won the Democratic House Victory. BLUE WAVE, Baby!

Like IMPEACH trump for being a traitor to his country.

I worded that wrong.. I meant to convey that

Mail in Ballots are all Hawaii is doing Now Since the COVID Pandemic entered the Island.

We're taking no chances & haven't had any new cases on Kauai for a long time. And, no Deaths whatsoever, Thankfully!

Exactly, she.. first he votes for Jill Stein's LIES..

So he doesn't have a good record of knowing what's real & good for our country & planet.

Now after 4 years of trump he's still sold on whining about the Dems.. who have bee Fighting on the Front LINES for us since 2018!

He doesn't see that if Hillary got elected we wouldn't be going through HELL right now.

I don't know him but I have a feeling he's just using that as an excuse about the Dems doing nothing for African Americans.. who Voted Overwhelmingly for Joe Biden.

As I said in another post.. they didn't do that because they didn't think Joe was on their side.

Rt.. The Puppet: "I baited you with health care & Switched it to..


Thankfully Steve Schmidt reminded that trump called it

a "Hoax" & blamed it on the Dems.

I think that relevant Fact Gets Lost too much by the m$$m & others!
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