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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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More from the article..

Shannon reported Navar to the campaign's human resources director, who said she would address her complaints but "never did," the suit says.

An emboldened Navar "continuously scolded, undermined," criticized and ostracized Shannon, despite her continuing to perform her duties "fully and successfully," the suit says.

After further complaints about his behavior were ignored, Shannon "felt that she had no other choice but to resign" in December, the suit says.


Agree! trump never called Putin out on placing bounties on our

American & UK Soldiers.. So I don't understand anyone trying to give him any fucking "credit". He's sucks up to Putin.. that makes him a GD TRAITOR.
I'm with Senator Duckworth and TLP and all those who sign on with these patriots.

he should have gotten on it.. right from

the start instead of lying and trying to fool people that it was a "democrat hoax".

But that wouldn't be trump.. he'd rather jump on his own petard and endlessly Whine about it later.

It's surreal but it's Putin's Puppet and the

US media better get on this.. more intense and longer than Pres Obama's "tan suit". Until everyone knows what trump did Not do.

trump ignoring Putin bounties on our American & UK Soldiers Will Not Go Down the Rabbit Hole.

Ha! Rt! Calling on TLP!


Mahalo for the Meidas Brothers youtube Channel!


Why does trump always look like an


Oh and, kanke.. ya dumbshit.. America was pretty fucking great with a real President who was a patriot and working FOR people NOT Putin.. you fucking Idiot.

Don't be so sure with your "guaranteed"..

Biden says he would not pardon Trump

Biden committed to ensuring that any prosecutorial decisions would be dictated by the law, in contrast to what he called the "dereliction of duty” by Trump and his attorney general, William Barr.


trump LIES.. nothing to brag about in a LIE that

".. the Drs were very surprised.." though. Idiot.

ETA! hpd

you Can't Make This Shite UP!

Thank you for that, Lock him up!

The Siberian Candidate is what our Country and the World has been Stuck With for the last 4 years.
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