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Mike 03

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Modesto California
Home country: United States
Current location: Arizona
Member since: Mon Oct 27, 2008, 06:14 PM
Number of posts: 12,472

Journal Archives

There's going to be a nonstop flood of corruption between now and November.

It's hard to know for certain what to do.

I'm thinking about trying to filter it out and solely focus on beating him in November, so as not to fall into despair.

Trump is going to try to break our spirit and our resolve. We have to try to ignore it and keep fighting.

Thank you, MineralMan.

Also, might I add, Failure to take responsibility for mistakes, never apologizing, blaming others, terrible hiring decisions, accepting endorsements from virtually anybody, angry countenance, withholding medical records, brash physicality and general discourtesy, including jabbing his finger at people, pushing people away...

This is my question too.

I'm in Arizona and I don't know a single Bernie supporter, now or in 2016. (EDIT: There was one, actually, in 2016, but I'm not positive she was old enough to vote.)

How is he going to "get out the vote" and how can he help Mark Kelly beat McSally?

The Bloomberg people called my mother two Sundays ago and asked her if she

wanted a yard sign.

We live out in the middle of nowhere, almost 100 miles from the closest major city.

The Bloomberg campaign is the only campaign that's contacted her, other than a few mailings from Senate candidate Mark Kelly.

EDIT: No, my mom said, "No" but she was very polite and very impressed. She's supporting Warren. She said, "Why don't the Warren people ever call me?"

Now go register this website:


Bloomberg slaughters Trump

First, he has sociological and psychological advantages no other candidate has over Trump. (I doubt Trump would even debate him.)

Secondly, damned near every independent who still has a working brain cell will vote for Bloomberg.

Three, he siphons off Republicans.

He wins in purple states. He helps down ballot candidates, not just by being on the ballot but with money.

There would be blood on the tracks.

Dear MSNBC: Political Lanes are Horseshit

Chris Hayes had a guest on last week who said voter choices are much more fluid than analysts think, and that policy is only one factor.

My path to today:

Michael Bennet (before he formally announced) to Sherrod Brown (before he didn't announce) to Jay Inslee to Kamala Harris to Mayor Pete, back to Kamala Harris to Michael Bennett back to Kamala Harris, then to Elizabeth Warren but secretly wanting both Kamala Harris AND Elizabeth Warren.

Then I took a quiz that told me I was most closely aligned with Kamala Harris and Cory Booker. Guilt and confusion

Then Kamala dropped out.

Stayed with Warren, got nervous after the UK elections, moved to Undecided here but was thinking, "I'm going to end up voting for Biden in the GE, but I'm voting Warren in the primaries."

Then: interested in Bloomberg.

Then: Is Mayor Pete possible? I sure do like him.

Then: Concerned about Biden.

Can we just have two or three people be President?

I want my cake and want to eat it too. And that's not even all of it.

Now I just want the voters to decide for me.

He invented something called the Bloomberg Terminal

that was able to establish the fair price for similar bonds in real time, especially for fixed-income investment managers. This was just barely when computers were becoming available.

Later, he added equities/stocks to the computer, and breaking news that would be of importance to investment managers.

Before that, it was very hard to establish the fair value of a bond, or to find exactly the bond you were looking for.

These could fit on a desk, and Wall Street types rented the unit. Nowadays, it costs about $22,000 a year to rent a terminal. It is also in demand from news rooms and everyday bankers. Wells Fargo was the first corporation to use the Terminal en mass.

That's my lay-person understanding.

Maybe someone else could explain it better.

Bloomberg overtaking Warren this quickly is head-shaking.

I'm no analyst, but it looks to me like there's an urgency to beat Trump that is superseding all other concerns.

Thanks for the link.

This topic is fascinating.

Winston Churchill developed an interest in speed when he learned that the Germans were using it and British troops were supplied with hundreds of thousands of pills as well. And U.S. General Dwight Eisenhower, who would later become president, ordered at least half a million tablets for Americans fighting in North Africa.

Arguably, one of the most important takeaways from the episode isnít just that troops were given speed to keep them awake, as we might assume. Researchers of the time discovered that it helped make their troops more confident and even more aggressive. Thatís obviously useful in war, but it also has its downsides. As the episode explains, one useful thing about fear is that it keeps you from putting your body in harmís way. Fear is a natural self-defense mechanism and people who are overly confident might achieve great things, but they also run the risk of making really dumb mistakes.

The episode also gets into the dosages that troops were using, which could run as high as 100 milligrams on some occasions. And that was before the invention of ďextended releaseĒ technology that we have today that slowly introduces a drug into your bloodstream. When you took a pill in the 1940s, you were getting a swift kick of the entire dose at once.
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