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Member since: Mon Dec 29, 2003, 08:49 PM
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saving Bob McDonnell

It strikes me as strange: former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell is currently being tried on charges of the greediest types of corruption, and it barely creates a ripple in the media. More, I haven’t seen much of any discussion of the trial recently on the Democratic Underground. Does this seem odd to others here?

It’s not as if McDonnell was just another faceless political cog. For years, he was being promoted as being among that party’s potential presidential contenders. Among his qualifications that was supposed to be acceptable -- even appealing -- was that he was one of the few republicans that recognized the need to invest in “green energy.”

As it turns out, not surprisingly, is that he and his wife were greedy, amoral people, seeking to enrich their family. They had a “friendship” with a businessman who showered them with “gifts.” Jonnie Williams, Sr., the former CEO of Star Scientific, had McDonnell in his pocket. And, as soon as serious investigations were underway, Williams dropped dime on McDonnell.

Has the public become so accustomed to corruption that this case is deemed insignificant?
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