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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 21,771

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When Did Trump Comment On Appointing Ted Cruz To SCOTUS And Why.....

did he make those comments so close to the election? Did he know something about RBG's condition that led him to believe that he'd have the opportunity to make and appointment? Or was there something more sinister going on in his mind?

I know that RBG was really sick and in the hospital a couple of times in the last month or so. But she's a strong willed lady and I would have believed that she would have clung on to life until after Nov 3rd.

Maybe the Dems need to call for a complete Tox Report on RBG before any action can be taken to fill her position. Remember - the Russians are supposed to be helping Trump get re-elected. And how does Putin deal with situations such as these?

Yes - I have my tin-foil hat on tight this a.m..

Trump is either the luckiest man on earth or he's sold his soul to the devil or maybe the other way around - Trump sold a soul to the devil. You know what a con man he is.

I Predict That Colleges And Universities Will Be Offering Courses On.....

Trump - long after he's gone.

They will be studying all aspects of Trump and his presidency and all of his failures.

One can learn a lot by studying 'how not to do things'.

I've Listened To Trump's 'Herd Mentality' Quote A Number Of Times Now-Did He 1st Say.....

'turd' mentality and then quickly correct himself.

If you listen to that sound clip closely - maybe you can confirm this for me.

Two Things: 1. A New Nickname For Trump and 2. What His Cult Supporters Have.....

1. Trump's new nickname: Cannonball Adderal

2 Trump's supporters are afflicted with a 'Herd Mentality'

Why Isn't The Biden Campaign Countering Trump's BS Campaign Talk?.....

Trump is saying that Biden will destroy the suburbs and that Biden will be moving the country in a Socialist and/or Communist direction.

Why doesn't Biden counter that with saying that Trump will wind up taking our country down and in the direction of Russia and how Putin runs Russia? After all - Putin is Trump's role model, mentor and handler. That is more likely to happen than the crap that Trump is spreading about Biden.

Do you Americans want to live like the people in Russia?

Wouldn't that be a good way to counter Trump and his made up lies and crap?

Has It Ever Been Established As To What Trump's Brother Died Of?......

Was it Covid?

Has Trump Already Had Covid?.....

Is that why he tempts fate and holds these rallies and goes without a mask? Does he think he has immunity now - because he might have had Covid and had gotten over it?

And has it ever been established - what his brother died of? Was it Covid?

I Have A Samsung Galaxy 7 Phone And I Have Little + Signs - Like A Grid On One Of The App Screens...

Does anyone know how I can remove those lines? The + signs are spaced out between the app icons. I don't know how or why they appeared and I sure don't know how to make them go away. Help!!!!

Just Think: Somewhere In America There's A Group Of Repug Strategists Tabulating......

state by state - the number of votes that they already suppressed; that they cheated away from the Dems & Biden; and the number of votes that they still need to steal - in order to win in November.

This is a concerted effort on their part to rig the election. They know that they can't win it honestly - so they are plotting ways and means of compromising this election in order to maintain power.

They are plotting ways to 'finish the coup d'etat' and destroy democracy in the U.S..

I truly believe that such an operation is actively happening - right under our noses.

Talk about a 'deep state'. Well folks - there is a 'deep state' and it's being used against us.

Our only hope is to have such a 'large voter turnout' that they can't possibly suppress, cheat or steal their way to continued power.

We can't be complacent.

Question On Inside Or Outside Dining During The Pandemic....

Many restaurants have put up canopies or open air tents for outside dining which is allowable during this pandemic.

As we start moving into Fall weather - if they enclose the tent - is it considered inside or outside dining?
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