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Oversight is too kind in blaming 'incompetence' and 'ineptitude.'

There is no one at this level of government who is that incompetent or inept. These actions were obviously intentional and shady as hell. Is no one going to dig a little deeper into this?

The Trump Administrationís efforts constitute over half-a-billion dollars of waste, fraud, or abuse. The Subcommittee calls on Philips to return the excess money so that it may aid the nationís response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Something tells me the Oversight Subcommittee might have to do a little more than ask to get that money back.

Another reason to bar the press is to avoid the expected performative speeches.

In this climate, who in their right mind wants to stand up and praise trump while running for their own reelection? Not only that, the country is its current situation in large part because of Republican support for trump's blatant ineptitude. They have no real praises to sing for themselves either.

Not the first time the question of foreign influence has been dodged recently.

See Bill Barr's mealy-mouthed testimony -- he knows better, but he's a fascist jackass:

See also Devin Nunes:

They're all in it up to their necks.

"You can bet Trump plans on selling state secrets to the highest bidder upon leaving"

Hadn't thought of it before now (should have) but this is a huge national security concern. National security is something trump has shown he does not care about a bit. He's got no compunction about selling anything not nailed down, including information. There's no telling when it comes to the rest of the trump clan and hangers-on. What a nightmare.

Here's Interior Sec. telling Grijalva he'll only debrief in person and the flight to D.C. was 'easy'


Outrageous. This is in spite of a rules change that allowed for virtual attendance and proxy voting.

https://federalnewsnetwork.com/congress/2020/05/house-set-to-vote-on-temporary-measure-for-proxy-voting-remote-committee-work/ May 15

The House, about two months into the coronavirus pandemic, approved a temporary rules change Friday that would give members a chance to vote and participate in committee hearings remotely.

The resolution aims to reduce the number of days members of the House need to be physically present, and opens the door for committees holding virtual markups for must-pass legislation in the coming weeks and months.

The temporary rules change would allow voting by proxy, which would enable some members to designate a colleague to vote for them if they canít return to Capitol Hill safely to cast their vote in person.

ďThis House must continue legislating,Ē House Rules Committee Chairman Jim McGovern (D-Mass.) said on the House floor. ďAnd we have to do so in a way that is safe for all those around us.Ē


Bernhardt and the trump administration are responsible for Grijalva's exposure and illness.

They are responsible for any future detriment to Grijalvaís health due to COVID. Bernhardt, along with every committee member who refused to wear masks, especially Gohmert, deliberately put Grijalva and everyone else on the committee in mortal danger. Rep. Grijalva may not directly blame them, but I certainly do. It was reprehensible.

He never got the promotion he deserved.


The Army lieutenant colonel who was a key witness in President Donald Trumpís impeachment inquiry announced his retirement from the service on Wednesday ó just days before the Pentagon was expected to send his promotion to the White House for approval.

Both Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy and Defense Secretary Mark Esper had approved the promotion of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman before he retired, defense officials confirmed on Wednesday. Still, the White House tried at least once to derail his promotion to colonel, according to Politico, which his attorney seemed to allude to as a reason for Vindman's retirement.

eta another article with more detail:

It seems he decided to leave before giving trump another opportunity to turn him down.

Your service is greatly appreciated, Lt Colonel Vindman. We need more citizens of integrity like you looking out for us; may you have an opportunity to serve again in some way very soon.

Great video! Found among the replies:

This 2016 letter proves that GOP attacks on Biden over Ukraine are nonsense Vox, 10/03/19

CNN uncovered a letter dated February 12, 2016, in which Sens. Rob Portman (R-OH), Ron Johnson (R-WI), and Mark Kirk (R-IL), along with several Democratic senators, called for Ukraineís then-president to ďpress ahead with urgent reforms to the Prosecutor Generalís office and judiciary.Ē Four days later, Shokin resigned (although he didnít officially leave until the following month when Ukraineís Parliament voted him out).

In other words, both Republicans and Democrats in the US ó and many European nations ó wanted Shokin gone for failing to clamp down on graft.

The letter is a major blow to Trumpís argument that Biden somehow went rogue and tried to get Shokin fired to protect his son. Biden himself has been incredibly consistent on this point, saying he legitimately pushed for the prosecutorís ouster with international backing and that he never spoke to his son about his Ukraine work.

Rather, itís the Republicans who have changed their tune. Portman is backing President Donald Trumpís assertion that he didnít withhold military aid for Ukraine in order to extract Kyivís help to investigate the Bidens. And Johnson signed a September 2019 letter asking Attorney General Bill Barr to look into possible Biden-Ukraine corruption.

Agreed. We will never regain standing in the world as a nation if we allow

the trump administration's actions and criminal lack of reaction to go unchallenged and unpunished. The entire world is paying the price for the US removing the CDC representatives from China, disbanding the pandemic team, and disregarding the pandemic strategies already in place and proved to be effective in prior outbreaks. It is not just our mountains of dead but the death rate all over the world that is, in large part, a direct result of the willful and intentional disregard of qualified personnel along with the destruction of US policies that normally would have handled this situation in a starkly more skilled and competent fashion.

There is no question charges should be brought and prosecuted. None.

Sadly true.

For those surviving children who are infected but recover, there's no telling how their health may be affected for the rest of their lives. The repercussions to national health and the accompanying financial hit in health care costs will be just another lovely gift that keeps on giving long after trump is gone.
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