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Member since: Mon May 26, 2014, 10:42 AM
Number of posts: 293

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Of course Donald Trump warns Joe Biden will HURT GOD if elected

BOTH Corinthians told him so!

Pat Robertson's response to Pres. Trump regarding protesters--NOT SATIRE

This is Pat "How the fuck am I still alive" Robertson of the '700 CLUB' with a response to President Donald J Trump RE: The George Floyd protesters.........."YOU JUST DON'T DO THAT, MR PRESIDENT. IT ISN'T COOL!" check out the link......https://www.thewrap.com/pat-robertson-trump-george-floyd/ ------Please, somebody, ANYBODY, who can find the video. (saw it in hospital waiting room earlier today), post a REAL thread. I need to take care of elderly mom in hospital--non-life threatening, but COVID-19 screws things up. Just saying, HOLY SHIT TRUMP, IF YOU'VE LOST PAT ROBERTSON, YOU'VE BEGUN YOU OWN 'END TIMES'...........Repost plz--thanks in advance

A redneck response to Donald J Trump's tweet RE; Looting, Shooting

Mr. President, From a rural, country, redneck--(that's real manure on the boots), in regards to your tweet concerning protests in Minneapolis. "When the Looting starts, the Shooting starts"---my response, "When your presidency ends, Your 'END TIMES' begin"! -----------Justice will See you shortly after the inauguration of your successor--get a lawyer---your gonna need one I would guess!

What happens late July, Early Aug--School Reopening along with Conventions?

Been thinking of this occasionally, What happens with schools reopening fears, and how might this be reflected in political conventions-gatherings. I FULLY realize requires assumptions of COVID-19 which are merely guesses. But question is really, 1. how much of a threat to their kids are Trumper/MAGAs willing to take 2. What will Little Lord Tiny One be saying towards school reopening. Your thoughts much appreciated, my experience with society has been VERY limited last 10 years-(family issues) No right or wrongs here--interested in reasons though--your chance to educate Ye Ol' Dumb Rednek--------Thanks in advance

I'm confused (again)--if corporations are people, how do they put on their masks?

Sorry, needed to relieve stress from earlier post in IOWA forum, and I suspect those antipsychotic medications may have been for Mom's mild disorientation, and not my "caregiver" stress.

Tyson, if this is true--your done

Workers at Waterloo, IA Tyson's food corp have reported people working while showing respiratory symptoms of COVID-19. They are afraid of losing jobs, many do not speak English, and some may be of questionable legal status. Per Waterloo Courier article 4/16/20 It just gets worse as you read the article--workers claim people are being allowed to come to work sick, the management knows they are sick, but all fear losing their jobs---The state dept of public health says not enough cases in Waterloo plant to declare outbreak, but workers indicate actual cases are more than enough.--workers and managers, (on condition of animosity) claim at least 5 cases, which exceeds state standards--Much information in article from People's Community Health Clinic in Waterloo, Which serves many non-English speaking workers--officially People's Clinic declined to confirm, but medical staff apparently sounded the alarm.....................And now for the absolute fucking worst possible news--tho Tyson's disputes the claim--numerous employees have claimed that many of the new cases came from workers who were moved from plant in Columbus Junction, Iowa. Operations at Columbus Junction have been suspended since APR. 6.......The charge is Tyson's either allowed the workers to move, or had them moved, from a plant CLOSED BECAUSE OF A COVID-19 OUTBREAK. No quarantine time in between. Yea, that's how you SPREAD a virus (or almost any other pathogenic outbreak) Will ask fellow Iowegians to help monitor this story. If this last act turn out to be true, I would suggest heavy fines, and yanking TYSON's permit to operate ANY slaughter plants in Iowa.

Here's an idea from a 16 yr old niece

Why can't the Whitehouse press conferences be staffed with only women reporters? They seem to get the best (most videoed) responses................I knew she wasn't as innocent as her mother claimed.

Dear Little Lord Tiny Hands,

and any other so called leaders, pillars of community, self appointed righteous piety police. (Republicans) please spend less than 20 min of your time to view the following film. Then please explain what you think the film means. Their are no wrong or right answers, just insights to your beliefs. If you are concerned this is a trap, remember many of us had to watch and respond to this film as school children, (still believe it's a good idea) Many of us did this while still in elementary school. Now if we could do it, surely our leaders, those who claim to know what's best for us, those who dream of rising to save us from our selves, should not have qualms about this request. feel free to please tweet and share request on your favorite social media ...............

In recognition of Covid19 and Easter---MAGA


Easter; When Christianity shows us their Whole Family

Many of various faiths are wonderful, compassionate, thoughtful, caring, giving people. Many exist, even on this board, living lives of meaning and love of humanity rooted in their religious belief. But like any family, religions, (ALL OF 'EM), have certain members or relatives which are crazy, hateful, cruel, arrogant, and downright nincompoops. The vast majority are embarrassed by these individuals, but say nothing. In religion, these bizarre cousins, weird aunts, cruel uncles seem to be growing, (again in all religions) and without restraint from the rest of their family. We even have one political party which embraces and encourages these groups. GOP--God...Over...People. I ask only that we acknowledge the freedom of religion applies to all of us--equally. And lookout for the crazies!
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