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Hometown: New England, The South, Midwest
Home country: USA
Current location: Chicago
Member since: Sat Mar 5, 2011, 12:32 PM
Number of posts: 17,922

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Human. Being.

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Are We Ready?

A Little Lightness In August

What the Next 87 Days Will Be: Republicans & Russians Will Knowingly Work Together Against Biden

With a big thank you to FM123 for the MSNBC video!
This YouTube version is posted for visibility.

What the next 88 days will be like:

Pro-Russia Ukrainian parliamentarian Andriy Derkach is spreading claims about corruption" as part of Russia's efforts to manipulate the 2020 U.S. election against Joe Biden and in support of Donald Trump.

Derkach has been using Rudy Giuliani to spread his claims, along with Republican senators Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley.


What's happening in 2020 is that this is now the Republican led United States Senate accepting, and acting on, and effectively laundering and promoting dirt that the U.S. Intelligence community now publicly says is a Russian operation to mess with our election...

That's what the Republican Party in the United States Senate is willing to do to try to beat Joe Biden... they will run fake third party candidates that they think might peal off voters from Biden; they'll have their own lawyers... in WI... let's take over the post office ...

These are the terms on which they're waging this campaign: frivolous lawsuits, random fake third party candidacies, messing with the actual mechanism by which most of us will vote, and like in 2016, they've got Russia pulling alongside them ...

... the difference is that the Republican Party in the US Senate is helping the Russia effort along, explicitly... they can't plead ignorance after this public warning today from the country's top counterintelligence official... they know what they are doing.

It's not going to get better in the next 88 days ... while the rest of the country tries to stay alive in the midst of this catastrophic epidemic.

That's what this is going to be like for the next 88 days.

Governor Cuomo Update August 7 2020

Day 157

"Stay positive no matter how negative life gets."- juice WRLD

Juice WRLD -- "Come and Go" :

A bouncy, beautiful Chicagoan, by-product of London drill, who died this past December.

I try to be everything that I can
But sometimes, I come out as bein' nothiní
I try to be everything that I can
But sometimes, I come out as bein' nothin'
I pray to God that he make me a better man (Uh)
Maybe one day, Iíma stand for somethin'
I'm thankin' God that he made you part of the plan
I guess I ain't go through all that Hell for nothin'
I'm always fuckin' up and wreckiní shit
It seems like I perfected it
I offer you my love
I hope you take it like some medicine
Tell me ainít nobody better than me
I think that there's better than me
Hope you see the better in me
Always end up betteriní me

l don't wanna ruin this one

This type of love don't always come and go
I don't wanna ruin this one
This type of love donít always come and go
I don't wanna ruin this one
This type of love don't always come and go
I don't wanna ruin this one
This type of love don't always come and go
I don't wanna ruin this one
This type of love don't always come and go
I don't wanna ruin this one
This type of love don't always come and go

We take drugs, then you hold me close
Then I tell you how you make me whole
Sometimes, I feel you like bein' alone
Then you tell me that I shoulda stayed in the room
Guess I got it all wrong all along, my fault
My mistakes probably wipe all the rights I've done
Sayin' goodbye to bygones, those are bygones
Head up, baby, stay strong, we gon' live long

Sadness Break To Sway By

Always better with headphones...

Deadmau5 -- "I'm Not Alone"

Can you stay up for the weekend
And blame God for looking too old?
Can you find all that you stand for
Has been replaced with mountains of gold?
You can untrain yourself to notice
To feel pain and swallow fear
But can you stay up for the weekend
'Til next year?

God, I can't do this any more

Deadmau5 with Kascade -- "I Remember"

Governor Cuomo Update August 6 2020

Day 156

Congratulations to New Yorkers for the better-than-expected progress we now have.

In 2.5 months of reopening the numbers have actually gone down, defying predictions.

Cautiously celebrating because our discipline worked.

Problems remain:
--law enforcement bad judgment by local govts,
ó behavior of young people, violations are cited, but generally bars and restaurants follow the rules.
ó Schools: 700 districts have submitted plans.
Based on numbers, Iíll decide this week whether schools reopen, but
the life and death decisions of parents, teachers are the bottom line.
Parents questions on testing, test results will matter in every district, regardless of district plans and reopenings.

Re the state of the nation:

COVID is deadly serious for all of us and was never a political issue. This is public health.

Start with the truth and the ruth is that an outbreak anywhere is an outbreak everywhere. None of us are safe until all of us are safe.

Ignore those truths and COVID will never end because thatís what viruses do.

Hit the reset button only with the truth.

Americans are smart. The presidentís admitting he made a mistake wonít be telling Americans something they donít know. Every American knows he made a mistake. Every American knows this was the worst government blunder in modern history. Not since the Vietnam War have Americans seen the numbers on their TV screen every night saying what a mistake it was...

You donít think they know it was a mistake, then you donít know the American people. Theyíre smarter than you think.

Trust the American people. And if you donít trust them, and you donít trust their intelligence, and you donít trust their ability to handle the information, then you shouldnít ask to be their leader.

I trust the people of New York. I told them the truth, I told them the facts. I never sugar coated, I never shielded. I told them the truth so they knew what to do. And they did it. Thatís what we call being New York tough, smart, united, disciplined, and loving. They should try it in Washington.

His beloved and mourned mother would kick his ass out of Black History.

If Trump forces machine voting in battleground states, and if our Democratic leadership does not fight with everything it has to keep the national vote by mail...

Trump could win the way he did in 2016. Except with Kanye's help, not Putin's.

Even if every last Black voter voted for Biden, tampered machines (all made by pro-Republican corporations) in battleground states and elsewhere would show half the Black vote tallied for Kanye.

I've appreciated his music and aesthetic, and even thought he was a good guy, though weird at times.

Now I'll never buy another piece of his music.

Black people I've talked to -- friends and former students -- say they won't vote for him and they're pretty sure Black people in general won't either. They know the split-the-vote deal.

But that's not the real deal. The real deal is this:

Detecting machine rigging is harder across three candidates than it is between two. The longstanding polls that measure the nation's candidate preference show who the winner would be.
Machine rigging can beat all that, and not be detected. And now comes Kanye.

Or machine rigging is detected, votes challenged, it ends up being too late to do anything legal about, as was the case with Mueller and the slow moving wheels of rule of law.

It's not with Kanye himself that we as a party fail. We fail AGAIN by not seeing the ruse used last time.

The OTHER real deal that comes AFTER that:

Kanye helping Trump beat down Black people for four more years, and/or drive them out of the U.S. Blacks are leaving, and that's just what NAZI Americans want them to do.

If Kanye's helping Trump, he's hurting Black people and thereby the whole nation.
Kanye needs to learn to stay loyal to his own people, not some fatass, fakeass NAZI who uses him and his Black people as props.

His beloved and mourned mother would kick his ass out of Black History.

At this time in U.S. history, Kanye is worse than a ratfucker.

Kanye is a race traitor.

Fuck that muthafucka.

We must fight for national mail in voting!

Watching a WHOLE LOT of Republican Projection Heaped On Sally Yates

These cowards are too-little-too-late inquisitors of a DOJ head who did her job, incriminate the FBI with her of waging a "campaign."

They are McCarthyite in their fishing expedition and hostile display of disgusting hatred for Biden.

Sally Yates' gracious, clear and professional answers are KILLING this cheap political theater.

Get 'em, Sally!

Starts Today, August 3 -- Immigration Nation

The Netflix six-part documentary series.


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