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Member since: Wed Mar 8, 2017, 02:15 AM
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What is the sun blockage from the smoke from fires going to do to agriculture in the West?

I know nothing about crop growth cycles in the states most affected by the wildfire smoke. Will blocking the sun for days stunt growth?
Which crops will be damaged by the poor air quality?
The pictures look like those post huge volcano eruptions, and nuclear winter apocalyptic books.

Time to prevent COVID spread FROM Sturgis

The only lower 48 state west of the Mississippi that has a sensible quarantine policy is New Mexico. Most have no quarantines at all.
It's time for sensible, health conscious states to put these in place. (Listen up: CA, WA, CO, etc!) This includes for all attendees at Sturgis crossing into another state. These are big states that are almost impossible to cross without a gas stop at a minimum.

Map of state policies here: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/map-coronavirus-travel-restrictions-inside-united-states-n1236157

Childcare solutions

My husband just pointed out that all the high school students can provide childcare for younger ones when schools are closed.

Going from there - - high schoolers could can earn money OR get community service hours.

I suggested my stepson help by setting up a website that will help parents of young kids find teens nearby to babysit.  

Even younger middle schoolers can provide childcare when parents are working from home. They keep the kids occupied so the parents can get work done.

Setting this up would have to take into account when a school is doing live online instruction.

Using social Media for protesting

Since this is not the time to go to the streets, I posted the Masked Trump New Yorker Cover as my Facebook Profile photo. I hope it cstches on.
I don't know how to upload an image, so here is a link.


Missed educational opportunity on SNL last night

At the end of the cold open skit, when Warren meets her supporter (Kate McKinnon) they hug tightly. They also put their arms around each other for the trademark "Live from New York, it's...".
This skit will be viewed hundreds of thousands of people. It could have been an education opportunity on how to greet and have fun without hugging. If done well, it could have had an extremely powerful message about new standards in the midst of an epidemic, and not have appeared to be mocking the need for social distancing in any way.
That is how to create new social norms quickly in a way that sticks.
Imagine if it had even a fraction of the impact of Tina Fey's "I can see Russia from..." skit.
A missed opportunity.

The cat rescuer of Wuhan - a video

Posted by The Guardian. Amazing, and at times sad story of a man taking care of cats whose owners could not get back to them in Wuhan due to the quarantine. Great video of empty Wuhan.

Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinics, part of UPMC

Is right across the street from the main UPMC hospital (with the trauma center).
Just saying.
Here is Allegheny County's commitment process.


Of course, the jail is right off the highway for the motorcade. Might be safer to go see his new antisemitic murderer bud in jail. The optics wouldn't be good for the presidential pardon yet.

Atlantic article "I Know Brett Kavanaugh, but I Wouldn't Confirm Him" Benjamin Wittes

If I were a senator, I would not vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh.

These are words I write with no pleasure, but with deep sadness. Unlike many people who will read them with glee—as validating preexisting political, philosophical, or jurisprudential opposition to Kavanaugh’s nomination—I have no hostility to or particular fear of conservative jurisprudence. I have a long relationship with Kavanaugh, and I have always liked him. I have admired his career on the D.C. Circuit. I have spoken warmly of him. I have published him. I have vouched publicly for his character—more than once—and taken a fair bit of heat for doing so. I have also spent a substantial portion of my adult life defending the proposition that judicial nominees are entitled to a measure of decency from the Senate and that there should be norms of civility within a process that showed Kavanaugh none even before the current allegations arose.

This is an article I never imagined myself writing, that I never wanted to write, that I wish I could not write.

I am also keenly aware that rejecting Kavanaugh on the record currently before the Senate will set a dangerous precedent. The allegations against him remain unproven. They arose publicly late in the process and, by their nature, are not amenable to decisive factual rebuttal. It is a real possibility that Kavanaugh is telling the truth and that he has had his life turned upside down over a falsehood. Even assuming that Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations are entirely accurate, rejecting him on the current record could incentivize not merely other sexual-assault victims to come forward—which would be a salutary thing—but also other late-stage allegations of a non-falsifiable nature by people who are not acting in good faith. We are on a dangerous road, and the judicial confirmation wars are going to get a lot worse for our traveling down it.

Despite all of that, if I were a senator, I would vote against Kavanaugh’s confirmation. I would do it both because of Ford’s testimony and because of Kavanaugh’s. For reasons I will describe, I find her account more believable than his. I would also do it because whatever the truth of what happened in the summer of 1982, Thursday’s hearing left Kavanaugh nonviable as a justice...


My recollection is that the story for why Bill Clinton avoided the truth,

Got all technical about what sex was, etc, under oath was due to fear of Hilary's reaction.
I don't know if that was true.
I just wonder if Kavanaugh presented himself as a "choir boy" from the time he met his wife, and he is afraid of her reaction if she hears that he lied about that (from him, in a way she can't deny to herself).
No excuse for him, and probably minor in relation to all the crazy Trumpy dynamics and lying and deals going on.
But I wonder.
And for those who think he is no angel to her at home, that would get rid of his "you're driving me to it" etc excuses that he uses to blame and to say it is new.
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