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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Philly suburbs
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 09:01 AM
Number of posts: 20,073

Journal Archives

General Strike.

If McConnell does this...General Strike. You think it can’t be done? It can.

A Rosh Hashanah joke:

A very devout Orthodox Jew goes to synagogue and he espies a Talis (prayer shawl) on the rack which he really thinks is beautiful, so In a moment of moral weakness, after the service, he steals it by shoving it down the front of his pants.

The rabbi witnesses this, goes up to him and says, “Moishe, what are you doing? I saw you steal that talis. Please put it back.” Caught, Moishe reaches down into his pants and begins to withdraw the talis when he’s so nervous, that he farts.

The Rabbi says, “What, did you also steal the Shofar?”

He's decompensating physically and psychiatrically

Yes, I am aware that diagnosis by television screen is considered inappropriate. But so is grabbing women by the p***y so two can play that game.

Although endomorphs do not display muscle-wasting and loss of tone in the same manner in which Mesomorphs or ectomorphs do, there is a distinct change in his appearance over the last two months. The whole expression has changed markedly and the middle face appears somewhat compressed which would be the case if muscularity has changed and there was less tone present. In addition, there is something about his eyes which are increasingly unfocused and if you notice he rarely stares directly at anyone or anything. His posture, never ideal to say the least, has deteriorated and his gait is altered. When I took anatomy, the professor once noted that you can recognize people at a distance by their gait and manner of walking even if you cannot see the face. He added that alterations in the gait often emanate from pathology, including undiagnosed motor issues. There is no question that as clumsy and “off” as he ever was, things have progressed downhill recently and rapidly.

I don’t need to reiterate any discussions here about the degradation of his cognitive, speaking, and inherit verbal abilities. His learning disabilities have been clearly accentuated by whatever damage is ongoing. I personally believe that the incredible stress which he is under is giving rise to this decompensation, and always remember in addition to everything that we know about they are untold numbers of things that he knows about that he is afraid of the revelations Which would be another tiny nail in his political and personal coffin.

As a personal aside, the reason I believe that I am sensitive to these observations is it up until a little over a year ago I was under terrible personal, professional, and physical stress which in my opinion nearly destroyed my life. These circumstances also rendered me physically altered, and I am only just beginning to emerge from the negative impacts upon my physical being which this exacted. It could happen to anyone big or small, and relatively speaking my issues were minor compared with what he is and will be dealing with. I cannot imagine the stress upon his system which he is ill-equipped to manage in every sense. In keeping with the subject, there is a case history which I would like to relate at this time.

Many years ago here in Northeast Philadelphia, there’s a hospital for the “insane” as they used to call it called Byberry. Within the facility they were many people employed at ordinary functions who were inmates. Two of these people included the cobbler and his assistant who were tasked with repairing shoes for the other people within the population. It was noticed one day by the clinical staff that the cobblers assistant was exhibiting decreasing brain function and ability to cope and perform normal tasks. They ran medical tests upon him, and found that other than a slightly elevated level of iron in his bloodstream, he was otherwise normal. However over time, his functions began to deteriorate so dramatically that he was hospitalized and a full battery of tests was run on him including x-rays. Incredibly, and almost beyond belief, the x-ray of the skull showed thousands of small protuberances which were radiopaque and placed into his brain. It turned out that the cobbler every day would hammer some shoe nails into his head and they were so small that they did not cause a major infarction but of course Over time and volume, they caused brain dysfunction, and thus the elevated levels of iron in the blood stream.

The point I’m trying to make here is that regression is extremely slow but noticeable over time, and often due to an unknown factor. I have some theories as to the etiology of this man’s issues, but it is unnecessary And unwise for me to post them here. Time will tell and I believe there will not be much time before the obvious becomes extremely clear.

That prick read that list because he knew how sick

she was...


I'm a horrible human being...

So I had this Trumper in the office today. Usually I don’t engage politically but he did, about he and his wife are hoping to attend a rally.

I leaned over the chair and I said conspiratorially, do you know your wife is a tall blonde, and I guarantee you that if Trump saw her in the crowd and wanted her, without doubt she’d go off with him. I’ve seen this happen with otherwise so-called happily married women with professional athletes who they meet at a store or restaurant while their husband was at work and the athlete doesn’t play until that evening.

He was stunned: He had never thought of that before. When he looked up at me I simply nodded my head quietly. I then went back to work fixing his teeth.

I feel terrible about this...


I do!!!!

Seriesly. (Sic)

How much Xanax is he on this afternoon?

He must’ve received some very bad news today.

Some people are saying his “member” is going to fall off by itself. Many people, actually.

I have a plan for Trump's retirement in a few months:

He can become the spokesman for what will be formerly called “Home Depot”, which will have changed its name to “Home Despot“. He’s already color-coordinated. It’s perfect. The founder is A RWNJ, the staff there is unhelpful even when you can find them, no one ever picks up the phone and everyone there fixes the blame rather than fixing the problem. He will feel right at home, and as a plus there’s always a fast food restaurant within 200 yards, easily traveled to by golf cart.

I'm going to write a thesis on "Turd Mentality"

It’s pervasive in this administration. They just take a giant shit all over everything and anything that’s normal and generally accepted as such.

The one good thing about this is tgat we now have an official list of the worst people living in the United States. Just download a list of the appointed individuals in the a Federal System by QAnon 45.

Every time the so-called First Family is mentioned I think of

this car in my parking lot:

Am I nuts?

Well, don’t answer that...

But doesn’t the Taj Mahal Casino, that ridiculously garish failure of Hair Furor’s, look like the Kremlin, which probably arranged the financing?

And for an extra kick:

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