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Member since: Mon Jan 27, 2020, 04:03 PM
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Can't wait for tonight

I am going to have my dvr set to get those ratings for Bolton. That would kill Trump to see how many more people watched that show than showed up at his rally.Come on Bolton,;Let tomorrow have two stories running more than his crowd size. Firing of the District of NY attorney and the Bolton interview. I have a different view with Bolton than many because I want this book to be digged into with dirt on Trump,Republicans and Barr that people will realize why he has to get other dictators to help him steal an election than to win on his own. It will also tie them all to organized crime and hopefully others will turn on him.

Is it true

that Nancy Pelosi is going to have the investigation and impeachment of Bill Barr soap? Please let it start yesterday because this man needs to go and Democrats needs to get loud about him and Trump and the repuks.

On another note, I want the peaceful protesters to turn their rage at getting rid of Trump/Repuks/Barr/Mitch and be safe but make sure they hit them hard and than move on to boycott Fox news for their raciest show full of lies and putting people lives in danger.

It is happening again

Remember before Trump ran for office and he was gas lighting with this birther crap about Obama? Do you also remember people was begging his family to intervene. Well they had to step in to stop this insanity. So now that he has gone farther because he has the power to do as he pleases,;Who is brave enough to stop him now? He has the military and government behind him as well as far right nuts. I think he is having the same breakdown except this time, it is riots and racism that is fueling this crazy creature. He went crazy when he was on this birther so bad that even Martha Stewart had to talk him down. People was begging him to cut it out. Now there is no guardrails or grown ups in charge because even the Republicans are complicit as well as all government agencies. So I am worried about this country now more than ever with him in charge of destroying everything that held up for 200 yrs. He had did a Friday night massacre and boldly breaking laws and firing people to run this country which is hanging by a thread. I just feel sad and hopeless this morning after watching Rachael last night. Even she was shaken. I feel they are pulling a coup right before our eyes and the ones who are suppose to protect us from this can't even do their oversight because of this mobster administration including Barr. The Senate has got to change and keeping the house is another thing I worry about.Someone talk me down please?

The protesters can

come into more useful protesting now. Getting that thang out of the white house as well as the Repuk party. They can do it peacefully at least twice a week until November. They are our champions. If I had no health issues,I would be out there with them. They knows how to get the country's attention and they have proved it. Now it is time to start rebuilding our country from every place that was burned and looted, mostly by raciest perpetrating a fraud to blame the peaceful protesters and take it off them. It is time for them to start at Black lives matter blvd and go from there.

They can get signs saying traitor,killer,incompetent,raciest ext all in Bolton book.

time for an ad on Bolton's book

Rump trying to steal another election

Rump committing treason

Rump working with foreign nation against the USA.

There is so much more.

L.P or Biden or pick of team to split them up because I am ready for Rump,Repuks,Barr, all to go down.Time for him to step down and resign now.

CNN says Bill Barr was laughing

Bill Barr was laughing as the protesters were protesting peacefully while the bullets and tear gas was shooting at the protesters and mowing down with their horses ect. Does he has to appear to Congress soon? I am so sick of these criminal mobsters.
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