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Member since: Mon Jan 27, 2020, 04:03 PM
Number of posts: 330

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Time for Nancy

and the Dem's to get to the nearest microphone and start talking and telling the world that this Trump party is working with Putin to steal yet another election. I do not know if congress can demand and change the rules alone, ;but they may as well try. They can start by saying there will be no election granted unless paper ballets . Nothing else will be valid.I am so sick of these criminals of the Repuke party.

Only if

we can do a Br exit here if 2020 is already stolen? We have noway to counter this loose madman who breaks laws every minute of the day while his party laughs at us behind closed doors. This is all because we elected a good decent do drama black man.I would not mind splitting the US up. We keep congress Dems and take our share of the US and leave the rest to the king and his cult. I have no idea how this will work. perhaps Trump could use his property and get the military who wants to go with him and take all his criminals. That way we can have our own president who is for all people and Trump will have his share and then see how the Pukes feel when they have to totally surrender to Putin and Trump openly. That would be my dream come true because I do not think this man is planning on leaving .

Thank you so much

for all who sent me a heart. I needed that. I am still learning how to use this platform.So sorry I am late with my thank you's .

I am so sick to my stomach

that we have an ignorant gangster in the white house out to finish us off and make America Hitler again.I have decided to turn the news off because everything is gloom and dome. I hope Rev Barber is right about his fall. it looks so hopeless right now because Trump has corrupted the entire government.Who can save this country now when we know Mc turtle and Putin has 2020 rigged? Anything goes now.Imagine all this is rage because we dared to elect a black decent man for President. It brought out what would have been silent into the forefront.

The Republicans have been planning this for years and now with the wacko judges,Fox propaganda,Radio for quacks,Ag,senate,white house,state houses,treasury ect.. Everything is tainted. The only reason we are here today was the moment Obama was nominated with millions in joy and peace all over the world,all has been building.
Unless we have a country that can hack well for the Dems, we are up sh!t creek.I am so down after a big win for Trump the entire week.I truly think he is the antichrist.For those who believe in Christ, he fits the pattern down to a tilt.If we think he will end on 2020 or 2024, I am afraid we will awaken to the worst imaginable we never saw coming. We needed someone like Michael A but he is in jail. Perhaps someone can break him out and he take up where he left off because Trump don't mind getting criminals out.This is so depressing. To talk about people fear is an understatement to say the least.We are in hell with no way out.Give me some hope and tell me this too shall pass before it blows us all up please?
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