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Member since: Mon Jan 27, 2020, 04:03 PM
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what is this about

Jeanine Pirro from fox news threatening Joe Biden? I heard Morning Joe speaking of this. I m surprised the secret service has not come to her door by now and she has been fired from Fox. Does anyone know about this?

A coup in the US

This is exactly what the plan is. If Trump gets re-elected,I promise you we will never have another election. I think all his talks with Putin is what is training him on how to do it and be successful. Why else would he be doing what he doing. Number one:He knows if he does not win he goes to prison.
two;He loves being adored by sickos.
three; he loves the power and robbing Peter to pay Trump.
fourth;this is the easiest job he has that keeps him in the news and he loves to be the center of attention. fifth:He can use the military to do with it as he pleases. Six;he can order his enemies jailed.seventh;he has the Republicans that let him get away with Treason;eight:He gets to get all his donors to give and be loyal to him and be rewarded to jobs they can rob the American people too.ninth:His kids can get rich off the American people too.tenth"He do not have to answer to anyone.no subpoenas will touch him and he can get away with rape,assault and breaking down our institutions and use the presidency to do more crime.Those are just ten of the reasons and he has many reasons I did not add.

Beto O'Rourke

Is he speaking at the convention since everyone else seems to be. Also Elizabeth Warren as well. Does anyone know if they are on the list to speak? Congrats to the Biden/Harris roll out and ticket. It also struck me how Kamala will make this ticket or should make this ticket stay in the news. She knows all that is going on in the Senate and how the obstruction and how they are trying to steal the election to go for a coup,as well as how he is Putin's pupit/Hillary is and was right.She can nip in the bud all the criminals is doing to disrupt US elections by working with team Putin. I hope she or Joe goes there.


will be feeling the spot on AM Joy? I hope not the woman they had today. Give it to Tiffany (don't know her last name) or Jonathan T. Capehart or whatever his name is. No offense, but the girl today was maybe nervous or distracting. Who would you want to take over AM Joy permanent. If not the two I named, I would say Keith Olberman.

should democrats

be doing more with all this corruption going on? Could they at least impeach Barr or demand the Senate Russia agents step down or something near to raising their voice. Get AOC out there front and center and other progressive Dems because they are bold and knows how to hold the attention of news media.We need someone who do not mind talking trash. elizabeth warren or Kamala Harris and Ted Lieu is also out spoken. I really think we need a fighter like Gov Cuomo and will feel this way through the next few months . I do not give a darn if we have two white men at this stage. I am sorry but woman have to realize this raciest country is not ready for a woman.Unless it is big Gretch-a woman who is strong and do not take crap and find another Dem to take over as Governor, because we are in trouble and it seems again that our leaders are letting these Russia agents run over them and they need to speak louder by pushing Ted,AOC or Warren, hec Bernie Sanders would be even better to let the world know that they are about to pull the biggest coup in US history and use Rachael to connect the dots and see how all roads lead to Putin and how Trump and Barr has to be removed or resign because they are committing crimes by the hour.This happened when they waited for the last minute to impeach him.

I know we have a lot working against us,but dam,when the Republicans were in the minority they acted like they were. Look at how they did when the impeachment happened. They were in front of the camera and telling lies and on Fox news doing the same. We better wake up and stop waiting for our institutions to work for us because we are on our own. The election is not promised to us -don't care what the polls look like. Get Nina Turner out there or some of those evil Bernie Bros to be front and center. We have the Lincoln Project on our side,thank God, but they can't do it all by themselves. Get Joe out with Cuomo and having more press conferences or something. I understand about the covet and all that,but we are about to lose our country. They will own the DEms by the time this is over and we may as well get us a bucket and find some cotton fields and put on chains and be ready to be beat with sticks into submission because this is how bad i feel we will be headed. I know I sounds pessimist ,but how else can I be with the world working against our republic and we only have a few more months to try and fight all this coming our way. We should be investigating by opening up impeachment on Trump and Barr and let Adam Shiff lead because he knows how to stop those dingos in their tracks. We have to get a handle on this because noone is going to save us but us.I am scared and mad and depressed. I am cutting off news except with Joy,Rachael(because she watch what they do and not what they say and don't show sound bits of this mobster 24/7 like others)Nicole/Cuomo/Lemon/Cooper/Lawrence. I do not mean to be mean but I am tired of seeing Veshi all the time. They are working him to death. He may not mind,but he needs to rest too.I wish we can have a time travel and go back to 09 when we took back the government when Obama wiped the map clean.I just hate he did not do OE and put his own SC and other courts on the bench.I am mad about everything today guys and had to put my thoughts somewhere. On my way to make more phone calls. We need to make some noise like those BBM marches and motor- cycle riders today.

I am thinking bad thoughts like Russia planted this virus in the blue state to kill as many of us as possible.I am having thoughts of Trump is going along with this because they more black and brown people die, he can coast through with his raciest white nation,which is why he is doing nothing about it. I also think with everything in me that Trump is indeed the Anti-christ and Russia had to play a part to get him in there. His team is out of jail and still helping him. Mani fort and Flynn/Stone and everyone else who helped him steal the last election. So many thoughts and so little time.thank you for letting me vent.Don't pay me any mind.I

time to make some noise

and call our representatives and hit the streets to call out the traitors in the Senate and house for working for Russia. Chuck,Lindsey,Ron,Nunes cow and Jordan ect... If they are going to work for Russia, than they should move them.I wonder how Joe feel to see his old friends turn on him for this one ignorant man. Time for L.P and Joe to start making ads exposing these Russia agents or plants too. We have to fight to get rid of a criminals who breaks laws daily and want to stay in office and using everything possible to make this happen.I am going to start demanding this with phone calls. Does anyone have the numbers to the House and Senate offices?

would anyone object

would anyone object to Joe Biden if he choose Gov Cuomo as his VP instead of a woman or woman of color? I really feel in my heart that had he been on the ticket with Joe. more people will cross over because this man is talented and knows his stuff and knows how to fight a bully and call out wrong during with these repuks when need be. I just wish by a miracle that he ends up being on the ticket. I know the whole woman mantra;but I have misgivings about that which I have talked about before and will shut up about that is where this country is. I do think we have a better choice putting a woman /woman of color on S.C or anywhere in high office in the Justice Dept. I just know I would be a lot more comfortable with Cuomo on this ticket than any woman. I also think the SC whip put Joe in a box and I bet if Obama was vetting, he would gladly invest in Cuomo. Not saying anything is wrong with any of the woman at all because they are all better than what we have sitting in the W.H now,but I just do not think the world has changed much since 2016 when it regards to a woman.I wish I felt differently. If Joe take the white house and dems win both senate/house than I would come here and take back everything I said and admit I was wrong.I so want to be wrong. That said, I am still voting to whomever Joe picks because we need a relief and for this country to get back on track. I also think the Dems needs to grow a backbone and attack just like the criminals are doing. Put AOC Ted Lu,Elizabeth Warren up front because Nancy and Chuck can only do but so much. Anyway ,my question is"Would you have a problem if Joe choose Cuomo"?

update. What if Cuomo changes his mind and agree to be his VP? Thanks for getting back to my question.You guys are the best. I am just a anxious and worried voter and like I said,I will vote to whomever Joe chooses, I just think with Biden/Cuomo tiket,that would be a shoe in. But thank you guys, I get it.

I want to see just one ad

I want to see just one ad detailing what Trump is doing.I have no idea why either Joe campaign or anyone running ads for Democrats do not tell out loud the real threat Trump and every Republicans are trying to do.Bring up how Obama never needed another country to help him win an election and won overwhelmed fare and square and Trump has always did everything in his power to con and doing crimes as far as he can remember. Come out and make an ad blasting the way he is trying to steal another election like he did in 2016. I also want them to make more ads about how they are agents of Russia or plants for Russia over their own country by making up bogus crimes about Joe. I want Joe to hammer it home that "Joe Biden do not have to try and get Foreign countries to help him steal an election.

I would make an ad that says"The Republicans are on the side of Russia against U.S. I would also make one that says how weak Trump is not to run a free campaign because he does not have a chance of winning without breaking the law. I want another ad to talk about how he is trying to shut down the post office and the census to help himself steal this election,he also has been obstructing everything he can get away with. I would expose every lackey he put in post and got rid of competent post and he is not stopping there. Go over when Adam Shiff told the world how Trump will not stop and the Republican party and Trump is trying to pull a coup as we speak and the Repuks are helping him. I want to see it all spelled out for the American people. Then I want the FBI book coming out to totally trump any phony investigation lying Lindsey Graham is trying to pull out of his arise. From here, I think I would go with him letting his criminal friends out of jail to keep their mouths shut and how this all ties to the Repuks to keep them in power and this is why they are licking his boots and forming the cult we see today. I want them to play split screens between Trump and Jim Jones and Trump and McCarthy/Trump and Hitler and last but not least,Barr as the hit man who goes out and criminalize everything his master wants and if this do not scare the US, than we are in more trouble than ever. So Joe, Lincoln Project,If your listening- "Please make some of these ads starting now until election day so the country and see what this demon is trying to steal and see how he is trying to do it. Keep the focus on him and his crime administration and that includes the Trump party because they are no longer the grand old party but the party of cult members trying to pull off the biggest coup in American history and we have to save our country. Waiting till November will be too late-the time is now and running out.

Did I hear right

Trump is suing the states with mail n ballets? I hope I am wrong,; but he has gone more bonkers and desperate by the minute. I think he needs to be impeached again or something has to be done. Maybe his family needs to step in and put him in time out since the Trump party won't do anything. He has to be fearful now that he will go to jail if he is not re- elected because he seems scared and needs to be locked up in a mental hospital. Maybe that is why he went to a doctor.


Graham and the other Repuks pull this Russia crap out on Biden,;Biden should already have a secret record of what and where they got it from and blast them in ads as working for Putin against the US and calling them traitors.I hope everyone will not pay it any attention because when you look at all Putin has on them and Trump;this should be a walk in the park for Joe. I do not care what they say,I will not take my eye off the balls and hope others won't either.
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