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The Terrifying Next Phase of the Coronavirus Recession


The U.S. prioritized the economy over public health—and got the worst of both worlds.

Failed businesses and lost loved ones, empty theme parks and socially distanced funerals, a struggling economy and an unmitigated public-health disaster: This is the worst-of-both-worlds equilibrium the United States finds itself in. Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, President Donald Trump has railed against shutdowns and shelter-in-place orders, tweeting in all caps that “we cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself” and pushing for employees to get back to work and businesses to get back to business. But the country has failed to get the virus under control, through masks, contact tracing, mass testing, or any of the other strategies other countries have tried and found successful. That has kneecapped the nascent recovery, and raised the possibility that the unemployment rate, which eased in May and June after nearly reaching 15 percent in April, could spike again later this year.

The economy seized in unprecedented terms this spring as states and cities mandated lockdowns. Hundreds of thousands of businesses closed, and millions of workers were furloughed or laid off. But instead of setting up a national viral-control strategy during this time, as other rich countries did, the United States did close to nothing. Congress underfunded disease research and contact-tracing efforts. No federal agency coordinated the procurement of personal protective equipment. Months into the pandemic, health professionals were still reusing masks for days at a time. The Trump administration punted responsibility for public-health management to the states, each tipping into a budgetary crisis. After a springtime peak, caseloads declined only modestly. Outbreaks seeded across the country. States reopened, and counts exploded again.

Now the economy is traveling sideways, as business failures mount and the virus continues to maim and kill. New applications for unemployment insurance, for instance, are leveling off at more than 1 million a week—more than double the highest rate reached during the Great Recession, a sign that more job losses are becoming permanent. After rising when the government sent stimulus checks and expanded unemployment-insurance payments, consumer spending is falling again, down 10 percent from where it was a year ago. Homebase, a provider of human-resources software, says that the rebound has hit a “plateau,” in terms of hours worked, share of employees working, and number of businesses open. The next, terrifying phase of the coronavirus recession is here: a damaged economy, a virus spreading faster than it was in March. The disease itself continues to take a bloody, direct toll on workers, with more than 60,000 Americans testing positive a day and tens of thousands suffering from extended illness. The statistical value of American lives already lost to the disease is something like $675 billion. The current phase of the pandemic is also taking an enormous secondary toll. States with unmitigated outbreaks have been forced to go back into lockdown, or to pause their reopening, killing weakened businesses and roiling the labor market. Where the virus spreads, the economy stops.

That is not just due to government edicts, either. Some consumers have rushed back to bars and restaurants, and resumed shopping and traveling. Young people, who tend to get less sick from the coronavirus than the elderly, appear to be driving today’s pandemic. But millions more are making it clear that they will not risk their life or the life of others in their community to go out. Avoidance of the virus, more so than shutdown orders, seems to be affecting consumer behavior. Places without official lockdowns have seen similar financial collapses to those with them, and a study by University of Chicago economists showed that decreases in economic activity are closely tied to “fears of infection” and are “highly influenced by the number of COVID deaths reported” in a given county. In other ways, the spread of COVID-19 is keeping Americans from going back to work. The perception of public transit as unsafe, for example, makes it expensive and tough for commuters to get to their jobs. Schools and day-care centers are struggling to figure out how to reopen safely, meaning millions of parents are facing a fall juggling work and child care. This is a disaster. “The lingering uncertainty about whether in-person education will resume isn’t the result of malfeasance, but utter nonfeasance,” the former Department of Homeland Security official Juliette Kayyem has argued in The Atlantic. “Four months of stay-at-home orders have proved that, if schools are unavailable, a city cannot work, a community cannot function, a nation cannot safeguard itself.”


A Second Coronavirus Death Surge Is Coming

There was always a logical explanation for why cases rose through the end of June while deaths did not.


There is no mystery in the number of Americans dying from COVID-19. Despite political leaders trivializing the pandemic, deaths are rising again: The seven-day average for deaths per day has now jumped by more than 200 since July 6, according to data compiled by the COVID Tracking Project at The Atlantic. By our count, states reported 855 deaths today, in line with the recent elevated numbers in mid-July. The deaths are not happening in unpredictable places. Rather, people are dying at higher rates where there are lots of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations: in Florida, Arizona, Texas, and California, as well as a host of smaller southern states that all rushed to open up. The deaths are also not happening in an unpredictable amount of time after the new outbreaks emerged. Simply look at the curves yourself. Cases began to rise on June 16; a week later, hospitalizations began to rise. Two weeks after that—21 days after cases rose—states began to report more deaths. That’s the exact number of days that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has estimated from the onset of symptoms to the reporting of a death.

Many people who don’t want COVID-19 to be the terrible crisis that it is have clung to the idea that more cases won’t mean more deaths. Some Americans have been perplexed by a downward trend of national deaths, even as cases exploded in the Sun Belt region. But given the policy choices that state and federal officials have made, the virus has done exactly what public-health experts expected. When states reopened in late April and May with plenty of infected people within their borders, cases began to grow. COVID-19 is highly transmissible, makes a large subset of people who catch it seriously ill, and kills many more people than the flu or any other infectious disease circulating in the country. The likelihood that more cases of COVID-19 would mean that more people would die from the disease has always been very high. Even at the low point for deaths in the U.S., roughly 500 people died each day, on average. Now, with the national death numbers rising once again, there’s simply no argument that America can sustain coronavirus outbreaks while somehow escaping fatalities. America’s deadly summer coronavirus surge is undeniable. And it was predictable this whole time by looking honestly at the data. In the United States, the rising severity of the current moment was obscured for several weeks by the downward drift of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths resulting from the spring outbreak in northeastern states. Even though deaths have been rising in the hardest-hit states of the Sun Belt surge, falling deaths in the Northeast disguised the trend.

It is true that the proportion of infections in younger people increased in June and July compared with March and April. And young people have a much lower risk of dying than people in their 60s and older. But, at least in Florida, where the best age data are available, early evidence suggests that the virus is already spreading to older people. Additionally, analysis of CDC data by The New York Times has found that younger Black and Latino people have a much higher risk of dying from COVID-19 than white people the same age. According to the racial data compiled by the COVID Tracking Project in concert with the Boston University Center for Antiracist Research, Latinos in Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas are 1.3 to 1.6 times more likely to be infected than their proportion of the population would suggest. It is telling that despite outbreaks all over Texas in recent weeks, the border region has been leading the state in deaths per capita. Even with cases surging, if hospitalizations were not rising, that might suggest that this outbreak might be less deadly than the spring’s. But hospitalization data maintained by the COVID Tracking Project suggested otherwise as early as June 23. On that date, hospitalizations began to tick up across the South and West, and they have not stopped. It’s possible we’ll match the national peak number of hospitalizations from the spring outbreak over the next week.

Even if better knowledge of the disease and new treatments have improved outcomes by 25 or even 50 percent, so many people are now in the hospital that some of them will almost certainly die. There was always a logical, simple explanation for why cases and hospitalizations rose through the end of June while deaths did not: It takes a while for people to die of COVID-19 and for those deaths to be reported to authorities. So why has there been so much confusion about the COVID-19 death toll? The second surge is inconvenient for the Trump administration and the Republican governors who followed its lead, as well as for Mike Pence, the head of the coronavirus task force, who declared victory in a spectacularly incorrect Wall Street Journal op-ed titled, “There Isn’t a Coronavirus ‘Second Wave.’” “Cases have stabilized over the past two weeks, with the daily average case rate across the U.S. dropping to 20,000—down from 30,000 in April and 25,000 in May,” Pence wrote. In the month since Pence made this assertion, the seven-day average of cases has tripled. Several individual states have reported more than 10,000 cases in a day, and Florida alone reported 15,000 cases, more than any state had before, on an absolute or per capita basis.


much more at the top link

Trump Won't Go To War Against China, But He Might Go To War Against America

"The Trump thing I’m much more concerned about is his willingness to go to war against his own people."


WASHINGTON, DC -- Once again, Donald Trump blurted two scary-sounding things this week and I’m not sure whether to take him seriously. I mean, he’s the world’s most shameless bullshitter, so when he says anything, no matter how serious, my first reaction is that he’s lying. It’s a safe bet given his track record of mendacity stretching back more than three years -- three decades, if you include all of the bullshitting he used to do in Manhattan. Nevertheless, it’s a smart idea to at least acknowledge what he’s saying in case he wasn’t just doing his usual shrieking eel impression. During an interview with CBS News the other day, Trump, drenched in sweat mixed with foundation makeup, threatened some form of retaliation against China. Why? Obviously because China deliberately “hit us with the plague.” "Look, we made a great trade deal but as soon as the deal was done,” the president began, “The ink wasn't even dry and they hit us with the plague. So right now I'm not interested in talking to China about another deal. I'm interested in doing other things with China." When asked how specifically he’s planning to hold China accountable, Trump replied, “You’ll see. You’ll see.”

First of all, and to be clear, the Chinese government didn’t “hit us with the plague.” There’s no evidence for this ridiculousness, only the wacky-shack street corner rantings of professional sideshow geeks like Alex Jones and the rejected mutants from the slagheap who inaccurately call themselves news reporters for the OAN network. Indeed, the vast majority of the infections in the United States were a consequence of people traveling from Europe. Likewise, if King Joffrey shut down travel from China with tremendous whatever, how could the virus have made it here at all, according to him? There was widespread concern on social media this week about whether this means some sort of military confrontation with China, or another “fire and fury” bluff like he so transparently employed against North Korea. I don’t think it’s that, specifically. But shortly after Trump gave the interview with CBS, he napped his way through an announcement about new sanctions against China, all contained within the Hong Kong Autonomy Act, signed into law by Trump on Tuesday. The legislation punishes China for its crackdown on Hong Kong protesters. Meanwhile, the Trump State Department issued sanctions against a number of Chinese tech companies. So, that’s already underway.

In response to all of this, China’s foreign ministry threatened retaliatory sanctions against Americans and American corporations. Is this the extent of it, or is Trump planning additional sanctions? Perhaps new tariffs, too? Who the hell knows for sure. I don’t think Trump knows. But in terms of the “fire and fury” thing, I don’t think you’ll need to worry about Trump launching an attack. He’s proved himself to be a bulbous sack of cowardice when it comes to war, thankfully. Again, a ton of macho talk but not much action to back it up. The Trump thing I’m much more concerned about is his willingness to go to war against his own people. During an Oval Office presentation this week, which included Bill Barr, who still hasn’t resigned yet after threatening to do so as a result of the Roger Stone commutation, Trump threatened to send federal troops into cities like Minneapolis, Chicago and Seattle. His move here is obviously to further electrify his Red Hat disciples with military occupations of “Democrat run” cities. But, to repeat, I have no idea whether he’s serious or whether he’s going to forget that he mentioned this.

Apparently, though, we’ll find out next week when he plans to announce something during another non-press conference press conference. Once again, who knows whether he’s bluffing, lying or both. My guess is that he’s threatening these actions in order to coerce mayors and governors to deploy their respective National Guard units. But I’m not entirely ruling out federal troops, either. Trump’s entire re-election campaign is being Tinker-Toyed around the notion of “law and order,” so these kinds of actions -- sending in the military to beat up liberals and Black Lives Matter activists -- fit within the campaign strategy. As Rachel Maddow says: watch this space. The overall impact of this unstable, slobbery little homunculus and his constant threats of military and law enforcement violence is to manifest more chaos while keeping us all off balance, amplifying our stress. At the same time, however, more and more Americans are fed up with this constant instability from the White House, especially in the face of the worst healthcare crisis since polio was a thing. Based on the polling averages, Trump’s old tricks aren’t working like they used to and voters are increasingly leaning in the direction of the Democrat’s answer to Eisenhower, former Vice President Biden. Trump could be, at long last, completely out of stock when it comes to fire and/or fury. Let’s hope it stays that way.

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Social Distortion - Telling Them (Hell Comes To Your House Vol 1 + Full Album)

Bemisbrain Records ‎– BB 123/124
Vinyl, LP, Album, Compilation
Nov 1981
Punk, Hardcore, Goth Rock, Deathrock, New Wave

1. Social Distortion - Lude Boy
2. Social Distortion - Telling Them
3. Legal Weapon - Daddy's Gone Mad
4. Redd Kross - Puss 'n' Boots
5. Modern Warfare - Out Of My Head
6. Modern Warfare - Street Fightin' Man
7. Secret Hate - Deception
8. Secret Hate - New Routine/Suicide
9. The Conservatives - Suburban Bitch
10. The Conservatives - Just Cuz/Jealous
11. 45 Grave - Evil
12. 45 Grave - Concerned Citizen
13. 45 Grave - 45 Grave
14. Christian Death - Dogs
15. 100 Flowers - Reject Yourself
16. Rhino 39 - Marry It
17. Super Heroines - Death On The Elevator
18. Super Heroines - Embalmed Love

Full Album

12 Mind-Numbingly Good Ice Cream Brands That Will Ship Direct to Your Door

Cool off with frozen deliciousness from some of the country's most beloved, iconic, and creative ice cream brands, all of which can be shipped direct to your door via Goldbelly.


We independently source all of the awesome products and experiences that we feature on Thrillist. If you buy or book from the links on our site, we may receive an affiliate commission — which in turn supports our work.
People like to say that nothing in life is certain. However, we beg to differ. One thing is definitely certain, and it is the fact that ice cream makes everything better. Sorry, we don't make the rules. Of course, not all ice cream is created equal. There are certain brands, flavors, and scoop shops that we all have a certain affinity for, whether it's because we find them nostalgic, particularly interesting, or simply because they're so damn delicious. Whatever the case may be, if you've been jonesing to expand your world of frozen treats, we've got you covered. We tracked down a dozen beloved ice cream makers from across the country that ship their goods frozen nationwide so you can keep your freezer stocked with and your stomach full of the good stuff all summer long. Just be careful with the brain freezes.

Ice & Vice Signature Collection

New York's Ice & Vice has cultivated a serious following thanks to its roster of "edgy" handcrafted and customized ice cream flavors, and now you can easily get its Signature Collection delivered frozen directly to your door. This pack includes six pints, each filled with one of its most popular offerings: Opium Den (white sesame/poppy seed/lemon bread croutons), 9AM Vietnamese Coffee, Basic B (Mexican vanilla with black lava sea salt), Milk Money (dulce de leche base with sea salt and dark chocolate ganache), Shade (smoked dark chocolate with caramelized white chocolate ganache), and Tea Dance (nilgiri black tea ice cream with lemon charcoal caramel).

The Baked Bear's Build Your Own Ice Cream Sandwich Kit

Forget the ice cream sandwiches you can buy from the grocery freezer. This summer, it's all about DIY ice cream sando kits from San Diego's The Baked Bear. This pack includes everything you'll need to make nine giant ice cream sandwiches, including three pints of ice cream of your choice (from a dozen different flavors), and 18 two-ounce 3.5-inch baked fresh cookies of your choice (from a selection of 10 delicious options).

Anderson's Frozen Custard Choose Your Own 6-Pack

Anderson's Frozen Custard has been a Buffalo, New York institution basically since it opened in the '40s, but you don't have to live in the area to get your hands on the good stuff. This pack includes six pints of custard in the flavors of your choosing from a selection of 24 standout year-round and seasonal flavors. Plus, it comes with an ice cream scoop!

Crank & Boom Craft Ice Cream

Crank & Boom started as a food truck operation in 2013, but has quickly grown into a mini empire thanks to its focus on using fresh ingredients and going all-in interesting flavors. This pack, like many others on this list, comes with six pints of ice cream in flavors of your choosing from 15 options lie Blueberry Lime Cheesecake, Strawberry Balsamic Sorbet, Bourbon and Honey, and Coffee Stout (made with a "secret" iced coffee recipe and oatmeal stout from Lexington, Kentucky's Ethereal Brewing).


Articles Of Faith - Bad Attitude

1981-85 hardcore punk band from Chicago

Version Sound ‎– dub 001
Vinyl, 7", EP, 45 RPM
Hardcore, Punk

Jerry Jones Changes Team's Name To Redskins Now That It's Available


ARLINGTON, TX—Jumping at an opportunity that he has reportedly been waiting on for years, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones announced Tuesday that he would change the team’s name to Redskins now that it is available.

“Washington has been squatting on that moniker for so long, but I always secretly felt like it was the perfect name for my team,” said Jones, who revealed he filed the paperwork with the league to change the name within hours of Washington dropping it, and has attempted to trademark the name “Redskins” for the next 50 years.

“This name really gets at the heart of what we stand for as a franchise. This is America’s team, and Cowboys is just so generic. But Redskins has punch, it means something, it symbolizes the values of this country, and that is what I want for my team.

I’m just pissed we couldn’t get the rights to Chief Wahoo, too.” At press time, Jones had released market research suggesting that merchandise emblazoned with the Redskins logo would sell more than four times better in Texas than Cowboys apparel.

Those Who Scream "Tyranny!" The Loudest Are The First To Embrace The Violence Of Fascism

When actual tyranny came to America, the gun fondling warriors of freedom and Mom’s apple pie were nowhere to be found.


It has been six weeks since Trump stress tested America to the breaking point in Lafayette Square on June 1. His attempts to have the military become his personal weapon against the people of the United States faltered and dreams of a military coup have since evaporated. The fallout from Trump’s attempts to end the American Experiment are still ongoing, however. Congress is investigating the incident and it’s becoming more and more obvious yet another cover up is taking place. Bill Barr was in charge. Or maybe he wasn’t. Who can really say who gave the orders that night? Maybe a massive assault on the First Amendment and civil rights of unarmed, peaceful protesters just happened spontaneously. Oh, and the radio recordings of that night are “missing.” Because, presumably, it wouldn’t do to have Bill Barr’s voice on tape ordering the police to do something indisputably illegal. But we’ve learned a very important lesson about the American right wing over these last six weeks: All of that talk about “Second Amendment remedies” and “Watering the Tree of Liberty” was absolute bullshit. When actual tyranny came to America, the gun fondling warriors of freedom and Mom’s apple pie were nowhere to be found.

Give Me Fascism Or Give Me Death!

There are several legitimate reasons to own guns. Some people hunt and whether you’re squeamish about it or not, it is a legitimate reason to be a gun owner. I’m not really onboard with killing animals for pleasure but if you’re eating what you kill? Sure, knock yourself out. You can be a marksman. Shooting a target, moving or otherwise, is fun. I, myself, own an archery set for literally no other reason than the enjoyment of honing that skill. Yes, it’s a real bow. No, I have never killed anything with it. You can also collect guns for the same reason people collect clocks. Or scales. Or old radios. They’re well-crafted machines with a fascinating history. There’s reasons to carry for legitimate self-defense. Abusive ex-husband, violent stalker, and so on. You get the idea. There are plenty of real reasons to own a gun, but those are not the two most cited reasons for (white) Americans owning over 300 million guns and definitely not the reasons they desperately cling to their assault rifles. (White) America needs AR-15s, high-powered sniper rifles, silencers, extended magazines, and other assorted weapons of war explicitly, in their words, because someday they may need to shoot a (black) intruder but mostly to fight a government that has become tyrannical. That’s why they were ready to go to war (allegedly) during Operation Jade Helm.

You remember that, right? The set of military exercises in 2015 that the freedom-loving patriots of the gun-loving right had convinced themselves was actually a plot to “take over” Texas? Oh, they were eagerly caressing their guns in anticipation of going to war. Or, at least they said they were. They certainly liked to march and protest when Obama was president and wasn’t actually threatening military rule. They were all over the place, all the time. The press ate it up like candy and couldn’t give them enough screen time. Fast forward a few years and, lo and behold, nary an armed militia was to be found when Trump threatened to deploy the United States military against the civilian population. The Bundy clan? They were scoping out a different wildlife refuge to occupy. The KKK? No clean sheets to wear. The III%ers? Only 3% serious about their mission. The Oath Keepers? A prior engagement. The “Boogaloo Bois” were on hand trying to cause riots, but they are not opposed government tyranny so much as against the concept of government itself, so they don’t really count. So where were these brave defenders of the Constitution? Well, a good number of them have been showing up at Trump’s rallies cheering lustily as he threatens to stomp on the First Amendment, arrest his political opponents, and declare himself president-for-life. In other words, the same exact people who swore they would take up arms against a government that trampled our civil rights sided with the government doing exactly that. On the flip side, it is most illuminating to see who the brave “patriots” of the right were willing to take up arms against. Hint: It wasn’t the people threatening their freedom.

The Tree Of Liberty Only Accepts The Blood Of Antifa?

A curious phenomena has been occurring over the last several weeks. While trigger happy “real” ‘Murikans have been awol while the police have been attacking and arresting the press (First Amendment violations), smashing people who have been peacefully protesting or just standing nearby (First, Fourth, and Eighth violated), and attacking people on their own property (who knows how many amendments that violates?), they were super eager to grab their guns to shoot imaginary hordes of BLM protesters. Via Buzzfeed:
Watching footage of the day, you can see the energy grow darker and heavier. You can hear a man yell “you came to the wrong fucking town,” a woman scream “you’re supporting the goddamn niggers,” another man threaten to “break your fucking jaw, bitch.” You can see rifles and handguns and a literal bag full of baseball bats. You can see a woman in a pink sweatshirt repeatedly calling a Black woman the n-word. You can see people grabbing sign after sign from the pro-BLM demonstrators and ripping them to shreds. You can see a biker come up behind Nick Reardon and punch him directly in the skull. And you can see the police officers watching the encounter do nothing.
This happened in the small town of Bethel, Ohio. Only about 50 people showed up to protest police brutality. About 800 people, many from out of town, showed up with weapons to fight a horde of non existent Antifa and BLM protesters. But, naturally, once they saw it was just a small group of people they could easily overpower, the mob instinct took over and the protesters were brutalized. It sure was nice of the police to prove the point of the protesters, by the way. It makes the story of the Minneapolis cops complaining about PTSD that much more risible. Then there was the heavily armed mob of “patriots” that swarmed Gettysburg, PA, looking to shoot them some Antifa on July 4th. Was Antifa planning on rioting? Were they planning on looting? According to the (fake) online announcement, “Antifa” was going to protest the police by burning American flags. Nothing about smashing monuments or flipping police cars. There would also be, I kid you not, Antifa face painting for the kids and little flags for them to safely put on the fire. This was what sent hundreds of “I’ll die for my freedom!” right wingers into a frothing rage. So much so that they grabbed their guns and descended on Gettysburg, praying they would have the chance to open fire on a crowd they understood would have children in it. Similar hoaxes got angry mobs of “freedom or death!” types to show up in Idaho, New Jersey, and several other states. But none of them saw fit to travel to Washington D.C. to confront literal assaults on the Constitution. But you can be damn sure they’ll be locked and loaded the day Joe Biden is inaugurated.

This Is Not Going To End Well

If you’ve been paying even a little attention to the right wing in America, you’re not the tiniest bit surprised by any of this. White Republican voters have been telling us exactly who they are for decades (and it’s far past time that we believe them). The only difference now is that they know their time as the dominant force in the nation is rapidly coming to an end and that fear is driving them to openly declare war on their fellow Americans. They’ve always longed for the opportunity to drag us behind the barn and put two in the back of our heads, now they’re standing in the streets looking for an excuse to pull the trigger. If Trump loses the election, there is every possibility that he will try to use mob violence to overturn the results. This isn’t a conspiracy theory — mainstream politicians are openly discussing it. “I think it is a fair point to raise as to whether or not, if he loses, he’s going to go quietly or not," Hillary Clinton told Trevor Noah this week. "And we have to be ready for that." It’s just as likely he won’t even wait that long, instructing his cult to prevent minorities from voting under the aegis of stopping “voter fraud”. The same people who swore to die defending democracy will be the very first to rush out into the streets to attack as many people they feel aren’t “real” Americans as possible. After all, it’s not terrorism if the president tells you to do it, right? The past several weeks have just been a preview of the coming months. If you do not live in a bright blue part of the country, prepare yourself for the absolute worst from people you consider your neighbors. They consider you the enemy and they will treat you accordingly when the time comes. If you have not already arranged to vote by mail, do so. If you’re planning on voting in person, do not go alone. Find out what the plan is in case your polling location is closed due to rioting or arson. Make sure your voice is heard because this will almost certainly be the last chance you get if you don’t.

Covidiot Chuck Woolery tries to save face after his son gets virus


On July 12, ex-game show host Chuck Woolery, noted epidemiologist and member of Trump's loyalty cult, tweeted, "The most outrageous lies are the ones about Covid 19. Everyone is lying. The CDC, Media, Democrats, our Doctors, not all but most,that we are told to trust. I think it's all about the election and keeping the economy from coming back, which is about the election. I'm sick of it."


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