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Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2017, 08:19 PM
Number of posts: 2,712

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Have any of your relatives played the Jesus card on you?

My nephew did to me on Facebook this afternoon:

He: Just as the bible and Jesus is for real, and we must live like Jesus did, trust me I pray for people like u daily

Me: Let's see... you voted for an admitted sexual molester, who has cheated so many people that he had to repay $25 million, who mocks people for their disabilities, who criticizes people for the race to which they were born, who lies about major things on a constant basis, who just put our intelligence agents in mortal danger, who just spat on our American allies, who runs our government as his own business to make profits, and you're going to pretend to be doing what Jesus wants? Get out of here. If there is a Jesus he's not very happy with you, trust ME.

He: I did and proud of it

Me: Which makes you a dishonest and unholy crackpot. You're saying the wrong prayers... you should be praying for YOURSELF.

He: What I proud of is that his values were far better than Hillary's anti Christian ones, he was and is not perfect as I but prayers were answered that more people feel like me because he is our president just as Obama was, so I still pray u see the truth

Me: Here's the TRUTH: No, his values were and are NOT far better than Hillary's. Hillary cares for people, Trump cares for himself. Hillary is not a racist, Trump is. Hillary doesn't mock people because of their disabilities. Trump does. Hillary doesn't sexually molest people then brag about it. Trump does. Hillary doesn't constantly lie. Trump does. Hillary doesn't cheat small businessmen and contractors. Trump built a career around it. Why don't you admit the TRUE reason you voted for Trump? I know what that reason is, but it might do you some good psychologically to admit it to yourself. And, SERIOUSLY, if you actually believe in some God of justice you should drop to your knees right now and pray for forgiveness.

He: What's worse in things done in deceiving way, Hillary and Bill went to o
Pedifile island and molested kids. And why as soon as she's not president her foundation fails, (because no more pay for play) wake up

Me: one of the Ten Commandments STRICTLY forbids you from bearing false witness against another person. You should be ashamed of yourself and you should take my advice seriously. If your God is real you have placed yourself in very grave danger of eternal damnation.

He: I'm not breaking a commandment, I'm passing on information just as u are, u need help I'm done with your disrespectful talk of our president, and I will continue to pray for lost souls like u

Adam Schiff and Sally Yates - that's the ticket!

Not in a Jon Lovitz sort of way.... Seriously.

Karma's a basterisktch, Mr. Comey

Well, as a rational, skeptical humanist I don't actually believe in "karma" but I CAN foresee some consequences of skullduggery and then recognize them when they occur. And I can justifiably cheer them when they do.

You took it upon yourself, Mr. Comey, to culminate your thirty year quest for Mrs. Clinton's hide by deliberately sinking her presidential campaign, and it didn't even matter that you had to violate your own Department's code of ethics to do it.

You chose a vile madman to lead this country, oblivious to his dangers, for the sake of your own political biases. And now you're being stalked by that same madman. Oops.... did I say "same madman"? He's not the same at all... he's much more powerful now than previously, thanks to YOU. YOU created this monster and it's only fair that YOU should be his primary victim, and even though the monster must be slayed for the good of everyone else I can't find it within myself to feel even an ounce of pity for YOU.

My sad story: I went into a T-shirt shop to have an IMPEACH shirt made

to wear while I'm running errands or at the casino or such, and the guy behind the counter asked what color, size, and so on....

And then a wave of rationality overcame me... I told him "Never mind. Sorry to have bothered you" and left.

And thus is my sad perception of this Southern place. I truly was afraid of getting attacked or even shot.

Does anybody else believe Trump thought that Democrats would applaud Comey's firing?

I really, really think he's that stupid. I really, really believe he thought he was putting one over on Democrats still enraged over Comey throwing the election. It goes like this... he knows that the FBI is closing in on him, and he saw Comey as leading that charge, and that Comey might pull that same public press conference circus... but this time with himself as the embarrassed subject. So, "what to do? what to do? Can't fire Comey for MY own reasons, I have to use THEIRS. And they're going to say 'thank you, it's high time you admitted he did us wrong.'"

So, I'm still holding onto a bit of optimism here.... as with healthcare, the environment, China, the wall, and everything else.... Trump's understanding of issues and circumstances is ill-informed and cursory at best, and almost always erroneous. He probably genuinely thought that getting rid of Comey would wipe away his FBI problems... but I don't think it does. Lord help us if it does.

Where is Michael Flynn? Physically, I mean.

He hasn't been charged with a crime so I imagine he's not being jailed anywhere.

OK, let's share some anecdotes about today's rancid Trumpcare vote. I'll start.

I understand I'm doing this at the risk of getting overly optimistic about 2018, but my neighbor, a 60 year old Trump voter whom I thought could never be dissuaded from that bit of mental disease, just came over to say hello to my dog (it's a long story heh) and I asked her if she had seen today's vote. She's FURIOUS. I congratulated her on her fury.

I also make this vow here and now. I'm in red state Louisiana but that fact won't stop me... at the midterm elections I will drive five other people to the polls to vote Democratic with me. DRIVE WITH FIVE.... that's my new slogan.

Are Long and Upton blithering idiots or did they only seek attention for themselves?

So that they could go back to their constituents and declare that they were the fellows who insisted on coverage for pre-existing conditions?

Let's just assume for the sake of argument that there are 40 million Americans with pre-existing conditions.... what that $8 billion amendment spread over 5 years does for people amounts to just $3.33 per month for those Americans.

Let me repeat... Those two fellows were bought by THREE WHOLE FUCKING DOLLARS AND THIRTY THREE FUCKING CENTS per month. No, actually, they were bought by much more that that.... that's what they're conceding to YOU.

Scoundrels, assholes, idiots, pigs.... I don't think there's a word in the English language strong enough to describe Republicans.

OMIGOD Feinstein just dropped the ball.

Comey retreated behind a defense that he could not in good conscience or practice CONCEAL the matter of an investigation into Anthony Weiner's computer containing emails from Hillary Clinton.

The legitimate, logical response question would have been "then why didn't you apply the same standard to the Trump Russia investigation?" Feinstein failed to ask that, and it appears now that this hearing is moving forward without an answer.

Here's my own "Mnuchin Principle" : will somebody please punch him in the face?

Want to see some smirks? Try this:


We're supposed to simply TRUST that shaving 15% off the highest tax bracket, eliminating AMT, eliminating estate taxes, etc., won't benefit the highly wealthy? He's not making any sense, anyway. Eliminate all deductions except mortgage interest and charitable giving? REALLY? Does that include business deductions like payroll expenses, depreciation, travel expenses, what, what, what? What the hell does he even MEAN?
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