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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Phila.,PA
Home country: USA
Current location: San Diego, CA
Member since: Wed Mar 1, 2017, 09:12 PM
Number of posts: 36,652

About Me

I am 57, retired teacher and illustrator, life-long dem., activist, union member. Also I do not use social media and I'm technologically retarded. I love dogs, rock music and swearing (a lot). My 17 year old "puppy" died on June 2, 2020. She grew up listening to Animals (Pink Floyd). She has kept me sane through the tRump years, not easy, and has given me endless love, companionship, kisses and tail wags.

Journal Archives

The Best And Worst Face Masks For COVID-19, Ranked by Their Level of Protection


The ideal face mask blocks large respiratory droplets from coughs or sneezes – the primary method by which people pass the coronavirus to others – along with smaller airborne particles, called aerosols, produced when people talk or exhale.

The World Health Organisation recommends medical masks for healthcare workers, elderly people, people with underlying health conditions, and people who have tested positive for the coronavirus or show symptoms. Healthy people who don't fall into these categories should wear a fabric mask, according to WHO.

Over the past few months, scientists have been evaluating the most effective mask materials for trapping the coronavirus. Here are their results so far, from most to least protective....

N95 masks offered better protection than surgical masks.

Disposable surgical masks are a close second, in general, surgical masks are about three times as effective at blocking virus-containing aerosols than homemade face masks.

"Hybrid" masks are the safest homemade option. In a recent paper that hasn't yet been peer-reviewed, researchers in the UK determined that "hybrid" masks – combining two layers of 600-thread-count cotton with another material like silk, chiffon, or flannel – filtered more than 80 percent of small particles (less than 300 nanometres) and more than 90 percent of larger particles (bigger than 300 nanometres).
They found that the combination of cotton and chiffon offered the most protection, followed by cotton and flannel, cotton and silk, and four layers of natural silk.

Three layers of cotton or silk are also highly protective.

WHO recommends that fabric masks have three layers: an inner layer that absorbs, a middle layer that filters, and an outer layer made from a nonabsorbent material like polyester.

Vacuum-cleaner bags are a DIY alternative to surgical masks. The material was almost as good at filtering aerosols as surgical masks, the researchers found.

Posted by BigmanPigman | Sun Aug 2, 2020, 12:46 AM (6 replies)

Israel was a covid-19 success. Then Netanyahu showed how not to manage the disease.

He forged a coalition government with the leading opposition party that pledged to focus almost exclusively on the pandemic for six months.....
Infections plummeted, to a low of 10 new cases a day in mid-May. Mr. Netanyahu’s poll ratings soared. “So far we’ve done it better than nearly every other country in the world,” he boasted. The hubristic prime minister then proceeded to demonstrate how not to manage the disease. He ordered a quick reopening of businesses, entertainment and schools. “We want to make your lives easier, to allow you to go out and get some air . . . to drink a cup of coffee and to have a beer as well,” he told Israelis. “So first of all, enjoy yourselves.”

The predictable result: Israel is now averaging more than 1,770 new covid-19 infections per day and ranks fifth in the world on a per capita basis in the past week, just behind the United States. Mr. Netanyahu’s approval rating has fallen from 74 percent to 46 percent, according to one polling organization. The prime minister’s official residence in Jerusalem and his home outside Tel Aviv lately have been the sites of near-nightly demonstrations led by infuriated young people.

The government particularly erred in its full opening of schools. Thousands of infections in students and staff have been recorded, and epidemiological studies have shown that schools contributed heavily to the overall spike in infections. Thanks to its relatively youthful population, Israel’s morbidity rate has been well below that of the United States; there had been 512 deaths as of Friday in a country of 9 million. But hospitals remain under siege: Four of them, including the country’s largest, reached their occupancy limit this week.

Unlike President Trump, Mr. Netanyahu has been willing to admit that he made a mistake in reopening the economy too soon and accept responsibility for it. But in other respects, Israel’s outbreak has been fueled by political dysfunction familiar to the United States. Public health restrictions have become politicized: A committee of the Knesset, or parliament, has repeatedly reversed new closures imposed by the government this month, including of gyms, pools and restaurants. For his part, Mr. Netanyahu has adopted a Trumpian response to the demonstrations, accusing the young people outside his residences of “anarchy, violence, vandalism,” even as police blast them with water cannons.
Posted by BigmanPigman | Sat Aug 1, 2020, 01:11 PM (1 replies)

Gohmert's daughter has more sense than her dear ol' dad...

Here’s Rep. Louie Gohmert’s daughter on wearing a mask after her father tested positive this week for COVID-19.

“Please please listen to medical experts. It’s not worth following a president who has no remorse for leading his followers to an early grave.” https://twitter.com/kadiagoba/status/1289549985151844352?s=20

Children May Carry Coronavirus at High Levels, Study Finds


"The research does not prove that infected children are contagious, but it should influence the debate about reopening schools, some experts said.
It definitely shows that kids do have levels of virus similar to and maybe even higher than adults,” Dr. Heald-Sargent said. “It wouldn’t be surprising if they were able to shed” the virus and spread it to others."

"The results are consistent with those from a German study of 47 infected children between the ages 1 and 11, which showed that children who did not have symptoms had viral loads as high as adults’, or higher. And a recent study from France found that asymptomatic children had C.T. values similar to those of children with symptoms."

"The experts all emphasized that the findings at least indicate that children can be infected. Those who harbor a lot of virus may spread it to others in their households, or to teachers and other school staff members when schools reopen."
Posted by BigmanPigman | Sat Aug 1, 2020, 04:13 AM (4 replies)

Philly Expat Becomes One-Man Anti-Trump Army In Super-Conservative Florida Retirement Community

A senior from Phila moved to The Villages in FL not realizing how ultra conservative they are. That hasn't stopped him from voicing his opinions about tRump.


"McGinty, 72, has become the most hated man in the Villages, which is about an hour northwest of Orlando. He’s a one-man anti-Trump army who stages daily protests in the community against Trump. His Phillies cap gives way to a Joe Biden cap on most days. McGinty rides around the Villages in a golf cart that displays anti-Trump posters."

Jonathan Pie, "Put a f**king mask on!".

Mail carriers have been told to "slow down",

"Trump’s newly appointed postmaster general Louis DeJoy is deliberately slowing down the mail service months before Americans will need to vote by mail. For context: He has donated millions to Trump and Republicans, and held millions in USPS competitors."

"Trump's new postmaster general could corrupt a key institution ahead of Election Day
We can't let Trump get away with his attacks on the Postal Service — and our electoral system."

* Local mailmen confirmed they have all officially been told to "SLOW THE MAIL DOWN," per trump's Postmaster General.
So, for mail-in ballots:
Mail on Oct. 13th. Do not wait.

"School closures in spring linked to drastic decrease in Covid-19 cases and deaths"

"Journal of the American Medical Association shows that closing all of a state’s schools was associated with a drastic decrease in both Covid-19 cases and deaths. And the point at which officials made that call mattered: Those states that adopted the policy while few people were testing positive saw a correlated flatter curve of cases."
"The new study doesn’t show cause and effect, only an association between school closures and case counts in an area."


All star line up for RNC Convention...


***This seems to be a joke, see post #11

They can't be allowed to make the same mistakes if we do it again.

They need to have economic and health systems in place and going 100%. No more wasted time and money. Guarantee everyone has a job to return to, freeze rents/mortgages and wages, pay people who must go to work more, pay everyone who needs money to live on a weekly wage, have tons of schools rebuilt/modified, have internet in place for distance learning everywhere, have hospitals and schools fully stocked with equipment and supplies paid for by the Fed Govt, manufacture more tests and labs, manufacture more masks, PPE, etc., get the strict health guidelines agreed to and followed up/enforced, Fed Govt's supplies, spending and loans need oversight/watchdogs, have free health care and testing for everyone related to Covid, get the tests back within 24 hours, do real tracing, stick to the guidelines and NO reopening without adhering to them (punishment/fines if they do), etc.

Basically, do the stuff every other country that has successfully controlled Covid and reopened has done.

However, none of this will happen as long as we have the same GOP, POTUS and anti-maskers making this a political issue instead of a health issue it will not happen until we have a new POTUS and Senate and the anti-maskers themselves get sick.

***To pay for this tax the rich on the same scale they were taxed in 1960. Make it retoactive to 2016.
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