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Member since: Tue Jul 28, 2015, 10:35 PM
Number of posts: 796

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Jane Goodall is on Science Friday today!

I get it on KQED, but you can listen online

Yeah, Ron deSantis is doing an excellent job

Leaving all those kids on the beaches so they can go home and disperse the virus.

The only sensible ideas the tRump administration is putting out are ones he has stolen

from the state and local officials or been bullied into. I'm talking social distancing, hospital ships, producing more test kits, mobilizing private industry to produce necessary medical equipment, etc. The only original idea he has is to crack down on them brown people at the border even further.

UK schools closing on Friday

I am watching the Prime Minister's press conference on BBC World News.

America to Trump: Yes, it IS your fault!

Adam Schiff just said "Incompetence kills"

Smart man.

No fans at the NCAA basketball tourneys! Ack!

Source: CBS Sports

In response to concerns over corona virus, the NCAA announced Wednesday that fans will not be able to attend championships including the 2020 NCAA Tournament.

Read more: https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/2020-ncaa-tournament-games-to-be-played-without-fans-in-attendance-due-to-coronavirus/

I know there are more important concerns, but wow. I will still watch the games, cheering on my team. Because I know they CAN hear me through the TV.

And what about baseball? Opening day is coming fast.

Quarantine Ted Cruz!

Apparently, he interacted and shook hands with the person infected at CPAC. He's staying in Texas for the next two weeks.

Source: KCDC on MSNBC

Edit: spelling

Super Tuesday voters - will tonight's SC results influence your vote?

I vote Tuesday in California. There are three candidates I like, and honestly, I still haven't decided.

I think Mike Pence and the faith based approach is the right way to go

First, inject the virus into faith based folks. The first group would be your money grubbing hypocrites like Franklin Graham and Jerry Falwell Jr. The second group would be money loving, Kool Aid drinking fuhrer followers, like Stephen Miller and Mike Pompeo.

After injection, subjects would be isolated for four weeks. The first group would receive no medical treatment, but they would receive thoughts and prayers. The control group would also receive no medical treatment, but they would NOT be offered thoughts and prayers.

Mike Pence would visit both groups in the quarantine area every other day. The next day he would report to the president. At no time would he wear protective gear, but he could drink bleach if he so desired. Should he happen to sneeze while reporting to the president, oh well.

To those of you think I might have borrowed this faith based approach from the publicans and sinners policy on mass shootings, you might be correct.
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