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C Moon

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Gender: Male
Member since: Sat Jun 21, 2014, 02:30 AM
Number of posts: 8,205

Journal Archives

To those Bush Republican leaders now crawling out the woodwork, condemning Trump:

Where were you for the past three years when Trump began his crusade against the U.S. and our constitution?
You were oh so quiet. You were sitting back—watching to see what would happen next. You were hoping to reap benefits of a new conservative U.S.

Well, each day, every week, every month of those three plus years, the rest of us have been railing about these tyrants. We even impeached the bastard—and where were you when we needed help to impeach him in the Congress?

I hope the GOP dies a grisly death in November.

There are still battles to be fought—it's not over. But when the dust settles, and we've taken the presidency, the congress and the senate, we will remember how silently you stood and watched.

Go to hell Bush Republicans.

This must be giving Trump an ulcer: Natl. Guard taking a knee with protesters.

The Natl. Guard was lined up to prevent protesters from entering a freeway (assumed). They ended up taking a knee and talking with some of the protesters.

Hollywood, California.

(sorry about the quality: I took iPhone photos of the tv).

You gotta love this! Racist calls black man the N word, and get's his clock cleaned (some violence).

Looks like Huntington Beach, California. I know the area, plus they have on HB shirts and hats. There used to be a large Nazi movement in HB. Probably still is.

"C'mon. Do a civil war."

Haven't there been other times Trump has disappeared for a couple days?

I wonder if he was drugged up.

Monday: the GOP/Trump/Putin are going to make the riots a red-state/blue-state thing.

Trump's losing (so far) badly, and they are watching the violence unfold, and working out how to make this all a political advantage.
They don't care about the injuries or the property loss. They only care about winning in November.

And remember, they always react WAY over. So expect some crazy ass laws that will affect our lives and the upcoming election.

Another video of a white man in all black instigating violence (Santa Monica, CA)...

This video is about the girl who saved the shop from being broken into, but watch the white guy (loner), dressed in black—whom the video shows at the beginning marching (alone)—attempting to break into the REI store. He also threw a firework when he had to leave. These white supremacists are breaking into businesses, and then starting fires.

I saw another one on the news, that showed a white man in all black (loner) starting a fire in a small building.


It's easy to piss off my ultra right wing neighbor.

I wear a mask and gloves to take the trash out.
I drive up to my garage with a mask on.
I walk my pup with a mask on.
Each time, he turns his head and mumbles something to himself.

There is going to be an endless checklist of things to cleanup when we get rid of Trump...

AND McConnell.
The one that strikes me as one of the most important, is helping the children who were kidnapped by those bastards.
The list of things that Biden is going to have to do (along with the regular duties of President of the U.S., and all the investigations), is going to be immense.

I don't think the U.S. has ever seen such chaos as it has under Trump/McConnell (Putin).

Biden will have his work cut out for him.

My conservative Republican voting in-laws surprised me this afternoon.

We had a Zoom call with the family (all in their own homes), and the father started talking about how good Boris Johnson was for telling the UK citizens to stay at home, watch your distance from others, and wear face masks. Then he said, unlike Trump who is telling the country nothing, and also telling them to get back to work. He is very disappointed in Trump.

We'll see what happens. I just can't see them voting blue.
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