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Member since: Mon May 26, 2014, 10:42 AM
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suggestion for new democratic theme; chant

Fight simple, hateful stupidity, with simple tools. Repubs slogans seem to be just 3 syllables,(send her back, lock her up, etc) Maybe that's all they can handle. FINE! I have no problem being simple and stupid, ask my family. Our new chant at all Democratic Primary candidates appearances should become, "LOCK TRUMP UP"..................dream would be for all supporters of all candidates to adopt this chant as a party unity- team building exercise..............................................Sorry, taking care of mom and her chatty high school class mates who'v met here for coffee/lunch. 9-84 yr old chatty gossiping women in one small house, might have affected my thinking?? After consideration and listening to wisdom of the 84 yr olds in house today would like to add additional chant in regards to congressional subpoenas and defiance of same by members of administration, MAKE THEM TALK OR MAKE THEM WALK -----same rules as before--all primary candidate appearances; all candidates; every time! Consider it party unity--team building--moral support for our leaders--our democratic leaders


After long day on the farm, and taking care of elderly poor health mother, said something stupid and sad. When Mom is physically unable to do much, or otherwise not ambulatory, it's her job to watch Rachel, Lawrence, and Brian to fill me in on news when I come in finally. Not complaining, but brother and family gone on vacation so have to mow their lawn, as well as fix and water their trees and landscaping. Was honestly wiped out when I finally came in--which led to this stupid, sad, statement. Mom had DVRd the story of NO BALLS PENCE viewing the overcrowding of "men" in the facility. Mom, former nurse of 50 yrs--shes 84--very upset. I, (stupidly) responded, well just call the county USDA office and they will pull their CAFO permit as clearly this level of crowding is beyond any regulations for any animal type I am aware of. Honestly wasn't paying that close of attention. It looked exactly like holding pens at a livestock buying shipping station. Those animals are only held for several hours before transport. Even then their must be enough room for all animals to lay down at once. IN A LIVESTOCK BUYING STATION SERIOUSLY! When I put on the glasses and realized what the story was, (HUMAN BEINGS) I didn't truly know what too say. THIS IS NAZI GERMANY BULLSHIT, THIS IS WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG PERIOD!...........Sorry for the rant but am to tired and ashamed to hold it all in


Until we citizens get an independent truthful report on just what the fuck is going on at our border and related detention facilities, we need to protest. Said report should be made as surprise inspections, no advance notice, faces should be pixeled out to preserve confidentiality, and done by appropriate congressional oversight committees, with independent observers along to document conditions. Therefore, starting JULY 4TH, 2019, may I suggest those who fly the American flags, start flying the flag with the union (stars) down. Flying the flag this way is a sign of protest and distress, it's nonviolent, nonpartisan, and may serve as a reminder THIS COUNTRY, THE IDEALS ON WHICH IT WAS FOUNDED, AND WHAT IT STANDS FOR STILL MATTERS TO THE CITIZENS WHO OWN IT!


I was thrilled and very happy to see our president, Mr Donald J Trump step over the line at the DMZ and WALK into North Korea. Seriously, folks, completely thrilled, the start of a NEW ERA, this was going to be change we have been hoping and even praying for...GO DONNIE GO..................................of course numbnuts blew it when he came back, DAMN)


Sorry, I have not been paying attention lately, family issues. I hear today a story of adults being kept in a room, cage, cell, confinement so closely packed that they are standing on toilets to get more breathing room? This level on concentration is not only unhealthy, cruel, and disgusting but if true would actually be illegal under rules and regulations of a confined animal feeding permit. THATS RIGHT, THIS SOUNDS AS IF WE CARE MORE ABOUT OUR LIVESTOCK THEN THOSE SEEKING ASYLUM...................Then I hear stories of children, taken from their parents, being kept with numerous other children in confinement situations, not being cared for, not having bathed for weeks, not having soap, diapers where necessary, toothbrushes, clean clothes, or any other toiletries. I would assume that this neglect includes lack of medical care, adult nurturing, comfortable surroundings and proper sleeping arrangements. And no, a Kevlar blanket on a concrete floor does not count as proper sleeping arrangements for any child, PERIOD. But despite all of this, I hear of the somewhat older children at times are trying to help the toddlers. THINK LONG AND HARD ABOUT THAT A child, in this situation, removed from parents, living like this with all this fear, distress, and uncertainty---THEN FINDS THE COURAGE AND DECENCY TO TRY TO HELP THE LITTLE ONES WHO ARE EVEN LESS FORTUNATE.............We built this nation on the ideas of EQUALITY, UNALIENABLE HUMAN RIGHTS, LIFE LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. When we started these ideals were something to aspire too. We have fought a war amongst ourselves and have struggled for our full existence to get closer to realizing this dream. We have made progress, but certainly not enough. The caging of these most vulnerable of human beings shows what we are sliding back into. THE RESPONSE OF THESE CHILDREN, AT TIMES TRYING TO CARE FOR ONEANOTHER SHOWS WHAT COURAGE, CIVILITY, AND DECENCY WE AS HUMANS COULD BE! MR TRUMP, STOP THIS NOW AND REUNITE THESE LITTLE BRAVE SOULS WITH THEIR FAMILIES. I AM TIRED OF BEING ASHAMED OF MY COUNTRY.

Ok I might have missed something

With all the push for Impeachment.......Inquiries etc....and all the controversy surrounding said move, what happened to the other option available? What is wrong with pursuing INHERENT CONTEMPT findings against the officials who refuse to comply with lawful CONGRESSIONAL subpoenas. The U S constitution TASKS congress with oversight responsibilities. Not as difficult as it sounds...statutory authority very clear............case law precedents very clear. It would force the administration into court and would clear way for expeditious advancement to SCOTUS. End result is to get ALL THE INFORMATION AND COOPERATION NECESSARY FOR CONGRESS TO PERFORM AND MEET THEIR CONSTITUTIONALLY MANDATED DUTY! If evidence revealed showed clear "just cause" for impeachment the impeachment process...inquiry...could then proceed. I know this sounds a little strange but these are strange times. Suggested by Robert Reich and Richard Painter

Trump; Smartest person in the room!

Dear Mr. President, From what I read and hear thru the "news," you like to think of yourself as the smartest person in the room. After today's fiasco, may I suggest the following theraputical regime. Spend more time alone.....in a small room......simple tasks.......take your time, hours if necessary...........no outside inputs.....no twitter or internet............no cable tv...........no other inputs of any kind------------small room, simple tasks------------focus on output. Do this for 16-18 hrs per day for the rest of your term and you should be relieved of these creeping feelings of inadequacy. In other words GO TO THE BATHROOM, SIT ON THE FUCKING TOILET, AND DONT COME OUT UNTIL YOU HAVE EMPTIED ALL THE SHIT INSIDE YOU.


OK, Here's an idea---under power of INHERENT CONTEMPT (statutory process created by congress in 1857--upheld at least twice since then by court) the House of Representatives issues warrant for Sergeant At Arms (along with Capitol Police) to detain and take into custody ANYONE who refuses to comply with a Congressional Subpoena. Read more here https://fas.org/sgp/crs/misc/RL34097.pdf Ok having done that the house also decides how to house and hold said detainee. NOW IT'S FUN TIME! Considering the time of year and common traditions--a holding facility modeled on a "SUMMER CAMP" could be appropriate. AND WE HAVE SUCH A MODEL, BLESSED BE!!! According to LAURA INGRAHAM our immigrant detention centers for children, (CAGES!) are really SUMMER CAMPS!! https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=11&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwiE7ZuqpK3iAhVIXq0KHf4jD1oQFjAKegQIBBAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.thedailybeast.com%2Flaura-ingraham-immigrant-kids-detention-centers-essentially-summer-camps&usg=AOvVaw1W1-2eUg6gFARSsZ8OeKIj again feel free to repost, correct, discuss, add to, or in anyway disseminate your opinion


Ok DU, its time to change history--however I need your help---I am farmer-(wet spring)-and full time caretaker of elderly ill mother. Sorry--not a sob story--it is what it is---however I suspect this community (DU) might just be the ones to really get this going----have posted several times of Congress's power under-----INHERENT CONTEMPT----Statutory process created in 1857----uphelD thru the courts several times since then---LOOK HERE PLEASE--https://fas.org/sgp/crs/misc/RL34097.pdf-----start reading, researching, repost this is you wish to, SPREAD THE WORD FOLKS----the house of representatives can arrest and detain ANYONE who defies a congressional subpoena. I will check in when time allows--usually very late pm--but if DU can sink it's teeth into this---some people might just change their actions---it only takes one small pebble to start an AVALANCHE---that coud be YOU https://fas.org/sgp/crs/misc/RL34097.pdf edit to correct links


New antiabortion law in Missouri----state legislator-(former law enforcement official) defending law on the grounds that ---wait for it----LOTS OF RAPES ARE CONSENSUAL RAPES-------ok was working on disk in machine shed and now have to get mom's dinner and get her cleaned up---I REALLY DON'T BELIEVE I HEARD THIS CORRECTLY BUT WITH THESE GODDAMN REPUBLICANS YOU NEVER KNOW.----If I am wrong plz correct this stupid redneck---if not----don't tell me until mom is out of ear shot--along with the little ones---uncles cussing lessons should not come with the sense of anger this has caused
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