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Member since: Mon May 26, 2014, 10:42 AM
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So our president, Commander in Twit, upon disclosure of recommendation to wear a mask-(please, cloth only-leave medical grade for MEDICAL WORKERS) has decided to forego the recommendation and not wear a mask--what is our beloved nation to do?! Never mind the lack of leadership--this is a time for a little therapy. Please list what Donald J Trump should wear, (or not), and why.....................for example I'd suggest a BDSM BALL GAG--WHY?--well deep down we all know he is truly a BOTTOM--(MELANIE's just a rubber bustier and 6in spiked heeled thigh boots away from the top she truly is)...............no offense to either persuasion, but o' to have her WHIP HIM!.....................enjoy


halfway thru morning chores it finally hit me---MAGA---stands for MAKE ALL GROVEL AGAIN--this of course after watching Kushner,(the protégé) and Donald the "Master of Disaster related Grifter" If you, you trite, worthless, little people, want REAL MEDICAL SUPPLIES---then not only must you pay--but you must pay HOMAGE.............(never mind it's OURS to begin with, we bought it, will pay for it, we just want it shipped!) It's either that or MAGA stands for MAKE AMERICA GASP AGAIN---don't want to think on that one

BREAKING: Georgia Rep Govenor, Brian Kemp to announce tomorrow: THE EARTH IS REALLY ROUND

Gov. Kemp has learned in the last 24hrs. that our sacred planet earth is really round! "We just found out, I mean we've been so busy with our state shutdown and all." said Gov. Kemp. But when pressed further, specifically about the earth being the center of the universe, Gov. Kemp refused to accept , in his words, "this crazy, commie, pinko-fake news that the earth revolves around the sun" "why if that were true, then all them there homolibectuals would have a case for not realizzzien them fossil's is tricks of that dirty socialist satan-sanders"

from Last Word w/ Lawrence O'Donnell SO GREAT

4th grader from Boston---same elementary school that O'Donnell attended has sewn (w/ some help from mom) over 820 MASKS to give to first responders!!!! GABY ACADIA -- not sure of spelling on last name -- when I heard the total something got in my eyes. She indicated she can sew approx. 24 / day. Mom is retired Boston police officer 3rd gen Dad is police officer as well. This is what medals are for--not Rush Limbaugh THANK YOU , GABY FOR THE MASKS AND THE INSPIRATION!

why we REALLY do need the networks to carrier Trump's COVID Virus daily briefings

1. Yes, I know; Donald J Trump is treating this daily briefings as though they were a campaign operation---at least in part. BUT, he continues to show his incompetence EVERY SINGLE DAY! If Biden's ad, made up of Trump's exact quotes hurt now, think what they will do in the future!............2. Trump's daily display of stupidity becomes even more obvious when subjected to the comparison/contrast of Governors who ARE SHOWING REAL LEADERSHIP and COMPETENCE. Andrew Cuomo for example; and there will be more as the pandemic spreads. Other states have Leaders--both Democrat and Republican which are CLEARLY more competent and AWARE of the dangers of this pandemic then Trump..................3. THIS IS A NATIONAL EMERGENCY---TO STOP CARRYING FEDERAL GOVERNMENT DAILY BRIEFINGS OF THE SITUATION SMACKS OF PURE, NAKED, SHALLOW PARTISANSHIP--Democrats are better than this---we are better than this.............4.This pandemic will not end with Trumps removal from office in Jan 2021--we will have a lot of work to do to restock, and prepare for a possible 2nd round next year. Possible even this fall--(hope not). Just as FDR was able to restore confidence, even when a few programs instituted by Hoover were coming into place, the Democrats will have a chance to prove that Government can work, and is NECESSARY. Think NATIONAL VACCINE PROGRAMS FOR DISEASE ERADICATION AS PRACTICED IN EARLIER YEARS................Avoiding partisanship now will help Democrats to refute and rebut partisanship in the future......................Stay Separate, Stay Well; WE ARE GOING TO NEED YOU ALL!

Cold, Hardnosed, Tough; Love

A thought between chores--from elderly mother, 50 yrs as a nurse, retired, (poor health-with only me as full time caretaker as well as try to help on family farm when I can) As she put it during disorientation episode (Parkinson's induced)....she watches the news and then dreams she's back at hospital--mom's words--WE DON'T CARE WHO THEY ARE--WE DONT CARE HOW MUCH THEY HAVE-- WE DON'T ASK THEIR POLITICS--WE DON'T CARE WHO THEY VOTED FOR--WE DON'T GIVE A DAMN WHO THEY WILL VOTE FOR--WE DON'T HAVE TIME--OUR JOB IS TO SEE THAT THEY LIVE--AND RECOVER SO THAT THEY MAY VOTE AGAIN--NOW MOVE..........Mom was a head nurse at a fairly large clinic and hospital along with working with nurses in training from local nurses college. Having watched and supported her volunteer efforts long after retirement, including medical mission trips overseas--I can tell you these people act -- in the end -- out of passion for what they do, and an inspiring love of their fellow human being. That's all-- now back to work b4 the redhead "nurse" wakes up

OK, Let's try this again?

If Doc Birx thinks that President Dinky Tiny Drump is sooo good at the scientific literature surrounding this pandemic, then will a White House reporter, please, ask Dinky Tiny Drump to spell epidemiology for them......................ps Thank You Brian Williams, (translated from the original North Korean). You may now score yourself 10 bonus points, sir. real points, not the "Trump--I give myself a 10 bullshit kind"

MASH----The Incubator

For those old enough to remember: Watching the Governors and medical people scramble for proper PPE, Respirators, and other vital equipment brings back memories of episode of MASH. Hawkeye, (Alan Alda) and Trapper (Wayne Rogers) efforts to obtain a medical incubator for their unit. Includes my personal favorite scene from series--Col Lambert, (I believe), selling equipment for personal profit--(we'll have lavender in the bath this afternoon--OK DADDY) Problem is this isn't fiction, the body count is real, and there ain't no humor--only rage


Instead maybe he could come down with some form of VD!.................just think of the KARMIC/ENTERTAINMENT possibilities


Most DUers display a reasonable, thoughtful attitude and response to events in our lives. However, we are "blessed" with fellow citizens, (usually not DUers) who do not have the same capacity for rationality. This explains the very existence of the Trump presidency. Now, however these folks may be contributing to a crises through stupid FEARFUL responses. Extreme hoarding, believing only that which TRUMP--FOX NEWS---says and the like. May I humbly suggest, in the interest of ALL citizens health to remind them of the old saying---FEAR; OFTEN AN ACRONYM FOR--(F) FALSE--(E)EVIDENCE--(A)APPEARING--(R)REAL...............THINK IT THRU--WE WILL GET THRU THIS!
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