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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 257,539

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Rt! Excellent, #the Fucking LIAR has NO Plan!

Black, White, Latino, Asian, & Gay Moms! Rt! TY catbyte..

And, especially that woman!

Aloha hoa & Mahalo to you, Me

I got to vote in person on Thursday.. quite by chance. I had accidently tossed out my envelope i got with my "mail in ballot" and went about trying to find out how I could get another one. I was stressed that I couldn't vote for Kai Kehele!
So on my patriotic journey I discovered we have a Kauai Voters Service Center and you can vote in person if you can find it!

My temperature was taken before I walked down the hall to Conference Room B. On the other side of the door were Poll workers & a voting machine.. and just enough room for 3 or 4 voters at a time. After someone voted.. everyone Clapped with Cheers & Hurrays!

When I put my paper ballot in the machine they started clapping too and so did I! I said "Thank you for being here!".. Now that's adventure!

And, Now I know where the Voters Drop Off Box is too.. for the General.. Everyone was so NICE!

Poor Widdle "sunrise movement" Needs to Take a Big Movement. Democracy

Voted in Joe Biden.. Tough Shit they can't take Democracy

Fucking trump isn't "gone" until We the "All Hands on Deck" Coalition Get the Treasonous Fucker GONE!

The unemployed "disappear".. yeah, like "magic"


Excellent reply from Jennifer Taub! Rt!


Found this is in the twitter feed from Pete Buttigieg..


Rt! TY Walter Shaub!!


TY for this, JHB.. I wondered who the kid is.. I found this on meg's twitter page about Hillary..

I posted below that the Aussie is fucking talented before I saw this.

OMG.. So TRUE! Gallows humor.. I'm Rt that one!

That Aussie's fuckin' talented.
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