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Gawd.. he's ugly. All that self rightgeous holier than shit he spews..

Of course Franklin Graham "is praising Russian President Vladimir Putin for his aggressive crackdown on homosexuality, saying his record on protecting children from gay “propaganda” is better than President Obama’s “shameful” embrace of gay rights."

Putin's got his fans.. fan club right here on DU. Called.. Dupes for Putin.

Thanks for this William.. I think it really brings this whole Putin and his "traditional values-anti-Gay" crackdown in Russia into perspective.

The Pathetic Lives of Putin’s American Dupes

"Today’s Russia dupes are a smaller, more pathetic lot. Above all they are just plain weirder, because they lack a clear ideological motive for their stoogery. Soviet Russia not only commanded a vast propaganda network, but embodied a doctrine with international appeal (and which had originated outside of Russia). Vladimir Putin’s Russia follows no model except Russian nationalism. To the extent it employs a non-nationalist philosophy, its main idea is that gays have weakened Europe. And yet the dupes still come."

thank you, n2doc

Thanks for the New Yorker piece on Obama and Merkel, MBS

Oh, they're gonna hate this.. if they would even

read it.. 'cause you know..

How else could it have ended up.. when you side with putin..

filth follows.

Thanks for the new link.. it works..

And, here it is.. this is all we need to know.. just ask their supporters on DU..

"The Kremlin denies allegations of censorship or pressure on the media."

Don't read too much into the following.. he just wants to "influence".. ROFL

"He signed a law late last year allowing prosecutors to order providers to block access to sites deemed to have published calls for participation in demonstrations planned without the consent of the government. It took effect on February 1."

Putin's scared

Last Week At CPAC.. Christie Whining About Obama.. This Week..

Daily Kos

Gov. Chris Christie has passed a regulation that blocks automakers from directly selling to consumers in New Jersey, requiring them to go through third-party car dealers instead.

As a direct result, Tesla—the electric car company that reduces our dependence on fossil fuels—must now close its two dealerships in the state.

New Jersey is the third state to kick out Tesla that way, the other two being Arizona and Texas. It is an intentional move on the part of Republican politicians to kill the electric car.

SIGN THE PETITION denouncing Gov. Christie for killing the electric car in New Jersey: http://wefb.it/124E66

I signed Electric Car!

So now we know where some of the Putin Puppet talking points are coming

from.. ron fucking paul.

"He added that Russian President Vladimir Putin has “some law on his side” in Crimea because Russia held a lease on a naval base in the Crimean city of Sevastopol."

Is he stupid?

Now How's That For A Dog Whistle?

, [font size=lg]STUPID!

I appreciate this info.. but, they got Putin's back come hell or highwater. You're

talkin' to a brickwall, geek.