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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Kochsuckers Revenge on Planet Earth

Oh, OUCH! Perfect. that might ruffle more than a few GG fan feathers here..if he had the temerity

to call out Sen Sanders for this.. Mahalo Steven..

Iran Letter Backlash Grows As Bernie Sanders Accuses Senate Republicans Of Sabotage


The list..yep, Rand Paul is on there. It's GG who's "faithfully using the Dick Cheney Playbook"..


Yeah, GG is always being "convenient" like that.. who the hell does he think he's appealing to now? ODS at its most severe.

Yeah, right.. "Supreme detective vlad putin".. he'll definitely get right on that to blame anyone

but himself.

An article you might be interested in, fresh..

Germany finally seeing Vladimir Putin for who he really is

Blinken’s effusiveness went beyond diplomatic protocol. Ready or not, Merkel has become the unlikely leader of the proUkrainian cause. The war in Ukraine followed a long chain of unintended consequences, of which Germany’s new role may be the most surprising. Before Russia’s intervention in Ukraine a year ago, Obama was happy not to think about Europe at all. Russian President Vladimir Putin counted on commercial ties and World War II guilt to keep Germany neutralized. And Merkel placed an emphasis on “dialogue” with Russia and stability in Europe.

Russia’s unilateral redrawing of Ukraine’s borders has refocused minds in Germany. Putin’s annexation of Crimea, his lies that Russian troops were not involved, and his covert war in eastern Ukraine have eroded trust in the Kremlin. Germany’s political elite — unlike the isolationist, latently anti-American population at large —has no illusions that Putin’s actions are posing the greatest danger to European security since the Cold War.

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who hails from the traditionally Russophile Social Democrats, is the starkest example of this evolution. Steinmeier, together with his French and Polish counterparts, tried to negotiate a settlement between Viktor Yanukovych, then Ukraine’s president, and anti-government protesters in February 2014. Later, Steinmeier spearheaded Merkel’s efforts to find a diplomatic solution to the spiraling conflict through the revival of the so-called Minsk agreement. In the process, he suffered the same Kremlin lies that Secretary of State John Kerry complained about last month.

Much MOre..

Mahalo EarlG for your Selma Now and Then.. Here's another.. #50

deray mckesson @deray Follow
Selma. Now and Then. #Selma50

9:30 AM - 8 Mar 2015 4,905 Retweets 4,163 favorites


Selma~50 years later~

Mahalo Steve~

Meet the New Monsanto: Dow Chemical... and Their New 'Agent Orange' Crops

If you're like me, then you are probably overwhelmed with emails and articles opining on the evils of Monsanto -- and for good reason. Monsanto is a chemical company that began genetically engineering seeds in order to sell more chemicals. The company's business model is based on privatizing life, privatizing our genetic heritage (seeds), and poisoning the Earth. But did you know that Monsanto is just one of the major chemical players that have taken over our agriculture? Others include Syngenta, Bayer, DuPont, and BASF. Monsanto is corporate villain number one, providing PR cover for these other companies that do the same thing with far less public attention. That is about to change. There is one company that may even be worse than Monsanto. And unless we act soon, that company is going to start contaminating our farms and our food in ways we have never seen before. Meet the Dow Chemical company.


The rest of the quote, hc.. "I believe that he was the one who unleashed the war in the Ukraine."

"Speaking to Russia's Sobesednik news website on 10 February, Boris Nemtsov said: "I'm afraid Putin will kill me. I believe that he was the one who unleashed the war in the Ukraine. I couldn't dislike him more."

and, a snip of President Obama's quote on his death..

Barack Obama said Mr Nemtsov was a ”tireless advocate“ for Russia and the rights of its citizens and praised him for fighting corruption.

The pair met in Moscow in 2009, the US President said, when the Russian was willing to ”share his candid views“.

"We offer our sincere condolences to Boris Efimovich (Nemtsov's) family and to the Russian people, who have lost one of the most dedicated and eloquent defenders of their rights," he added.


Renee Montagne @nprmontagne
Opposition voice Boris Nemtsov was writing an explosive report linking Putin to Ukraine's war.
3:14 AM - 5 Mar 2015 157 Retweets 79 favorites


Good! He's said it again in South Carolina.. Meanwhile Canadian & US celebs and Environmentalists

are urging the President to reject it once and for all!

mahalo Segami

"You Keep Using that Phrase-Right to Work.."

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