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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 260,305

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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So Now We Have the First Draft of the Letter Sent to the Ayatollahs by Cotton and his band of


Steve Marmel @Marmel
First draft of #IranLetter found!
(Posted at http://fb.com/TheMarmelPage , had to share)
10:43 AM - 10 Mar 2015 528 Retweets 349 favorites


napkinz http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1002&pid=6345095

President Obama is making fools of them just by being ,she..


Thank you for smartypants~

Wow, Good to Know!.. Mahalo for all the graphics depicting the US Traitors, napkinz.. this needs to

stay trending!

Tehran Tom has a nasty catchy ring to it.. Thank you, Jared Polis!.. mahalo Enrique

Deidrick Bennett @hsbenn
@SenTomCotton "Tehran Tom" the treasonous coward met with War Profiteer lobbyists right after trying to start one.
6:03 AM - 10 Mar 2015 13 Retweets 3 favorites


Jared Polis.. Rep from Colorado's Second District.. Boulder!


I have a couple more..

Your post is chocked full of DEMS Speaking Out Against the "Letter" and so far being studiously


"Divided on Iran, Democrats Unite Against GOP Letter"

"Harry Reid blasts GOP’s Iran letter: ‘Hard slap in the face’"

"Democrats denounce GOP move aimed at undermining nuclear talks with Iran"

"Top Democrats rip the GOP's 'unprecedented' letter to Iran"

Mahalo Agnosticsherbet! In case anyone else comes out with.. Bernie's the only one speaking out.

That's a keeper to pass around.. mahalo riversedge.

I remember that now.. but had forgotten what idiot said it.

Wait a sec. do you mean Scum thought it was a "great pic" on the cover of NYDN?! LOL.. he looks

like he's just ready to jump in clown car.

MOve Over Clowns..

He's a bigger idiot than I thought then.. he's been there and knows what war is and he still wants



LOL @ FB guy.. they sure get their knickers in twist when reality hits their washed brains.

As a tweet said with Senator Reid's quote..

Sahil Kapur ✔ @sahilkapur
.@SenatorReid says Republicans refuse to accept that Obama, “this man with the unusual name, was elected twice.” http://bit.ly/1aXUHea
9:24 AM - 9 Mar 2015 81 Retweets 43 favorites

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