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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 260,304

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Doctor Jack.. I'm so sorry for you! I wouldn't have stayed and withstood the torture..

but, your enforced reconnaissance is just what I thought it would be like. I have an ex-husband who is a fox "truther"I heard from my son who makes him turn it off when he's around).. his father said.. "it's true" My son said "No, it's not." smh

You needed a hot shower and to be out in nature(by the ocean/in a forest/the woods/by a waterfall .. in order to get your mind back.

They make a bumpersticker like this for nothin'..

This bumper sticker is taking Wisconsin by storm and #ScottWalker is not happy..

Bipartisan Report: This bumper sticker is taking Wisconsin by storm and #ScottWalker is not happy..


Randi Weingarten ✔ @rweingarten
Scott Walker is cutting $127 million from Wisconsin public schls next year to give property tax relief to the wealthy http://ow.ly/KvtSw
11:35 AM - 18 Mar 2015 237 Retweets 75 favorites

From the link.. "Schools Plan Massive Layoffs After Scott Walker Guts Funding"


P.S. I can't tell what the Graphic says at the beginning.. all I see is "My Teacher!!".. Help!

Yes, "shocking".. They can't "trash fox".. but they sure can trash the White House.. not scared of

them.. this isn't Russia.


I do know it.. and speaking of "not perfect".. Pres Obama isn't, ACA isn't.. nobody is.. but we

keep striving and trying. too many don't even try.

Americans America @americans4amer
The New York Times on how happy the GOP was after voting on taking away healthcare from millions of Americans RT
5:32 AM - 16 Mar 2015 New York, USA, United States 169 Retweets 65 favorites

The White House ✔ @WhiteHouse
FACT: The uninsured rate has dropped by 35% since October 2013 → http://bit.ly/1Eqt2MO #ACAWorks
9:53 AM - 16 Mar 2015 228 Retweets 155 favorites


Here's another one, Hekate~


I can only hope so, Nance.. I was thinking he had no "regrets" 'cause he was sittin'

right there on a Sunday show.. everything else be damned.

In other news.. 294,538 are Pissed enough to have signed the Petition as of NOW to.. File charges against the 47 U.S. Senators in violation of The Logan Act in attempting to undermine a nuclear agreement.


Needs to exponentially keep growing legs!



Sorry, I got carried away.. looking for this one.. Hidden in plain sight!

Bimmerella @bimmerella
I would like 2 take a moment 2 thank @SenTomCotton & #47Traitors for REMINDING Dems exactly what's at stake in 2016.
5:14 PM - 11 Mar 2015 169 Retweets 123 favorites


Yes, a very serious threat to our environment.. like the Bees..

Get Monsanto Out of your Kitchen..

If you have never heard the name Monsanto before, you are likely thinking that Monsanto isnít in your kitchen as it isnít really branded on any packaging. Monsanto products probably make up 25% of your grocery storeís inventory, but you donít know this because Monsanto supplies the companies that make the food products you buy. Hereís a list of just some companies that make use of products developed by Monsanto:

Betting this list is not up to date..

Might know Tombstone Pizza is supplied from Monsanto..


I have no problem keeping it out of my kitchen.. I've been eating the "dreaded" Organic Products for decades.. the kind with the slash through [strike]GMO[/strike]

HOpe it's Not too late

I don't know if you've seen this Huff Post article, herding cats.. & Wesley Lowery Tweets..

Arrest Made In Connection To Ferguson Police Shooting


But regular demonstrators denied that they had ever seen Williams at the protests.

"We don't know him," said Tony Rice, the founder of Ground Level Support, who has been protesting since August

After naming three young male protesters who were regularly at the demonstrations, Rice told HuffPost, "I don't think there is a male 20-years-old that regularly protest outside of them.I think I can speak for the protester community in saying we don't know him," said Rice

After the press conference, press swarmed Alicia Street when she helped source the first picture of Williams. Street, 29, has been actively involved in protest since August as well and says she was unfamiliar with Williams as well.

"I have never seen him at a protest. I cannot recall that I even seen him that night. We know a lot of people out there, we really do. I even showed pictures to other regular protesters and they said they didn't know him," Street told HuffPost.

Other regular demonstrators also said that they did not recognize Williams.


Wondering who the Wiilaims was shooting at if not the Police?

Tweets from Wesley Lowery on the subject..

OMZ.. HAHA.. that's the BEST ONE YET!

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