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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: Oregon
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 59,375

About Me

Female. Retired. Wife-Mom-Grandma. Approx. 30 years in broadcasting, at least 20 of those in news biz. Taurus. Loves chocolate - preferably without nuts or cocoanut. Animal lover. Rock-hound from pre-school age. Proud Democrat for life. Ardent environmentalist and pro-choicer. Hoping to use my skills set for the greater good. Still married to the same guy for 40+ years. Probably because he's a proud Democrat, too. Penmanship absolutely stinks, so I'm glad I'm a fast typist! I will always love Hillary and she will always be my President.

Journal Archives

Hillary Clinton wouldn't have botched this. ANY of this.

Don't forget how he's almost broken his own arm patting himself on the back

for "what a great job" his "administration*" is doing on this. The governor called. Said we're doing a really great job.

Actually, Donald, yes, you are. You're doing a great job being a lying, cheating, misleading, vainglorious, pathetically ignorant, utterly incompetent ASSHOLE.

For me it's "A Democrat ONLY."

It's starting to sound like "Diamond Jim's" neck could be on the block!

Or maybe "Diamond Tom."

Or "Tom Living-The-High-Life-(on-the-taxpayers) Price." Let's call HIM "The Mooch"!

I've got a load of nicknames for him starting to pop up.

Also heard on the Chris Hayes show that Scott Pruitt has savored a bit of a taste of "Moocherism" too.

And THANK GOD for that!

I can't believe how fast this story grew legs. THANK YOU GOD!!! I'm GRATEFUL as all-get-out! Down on one knee grateful.

Neither am I!!!!!

How I wish I could rec this at least 62-million times.

For every last one of the Deplorables/Despicables who fell for trump/pence/moore. And who vote for this theocratic, Christofascist crap.

A longtime friend of mine told me recently (when I was mumbling the points expressed in this column to myself, months ago) "but... but... but... you need to UNDERSTAND these people. You really need to UNDERSTAND where they're COMING from... " And even back then, my response was - "THE HELL I do! I don't have to understand SQUAT!!! When THEY start understanding what gullible, naive, misinformed, ignorant, 6th-Century-BC IDIOTS they are, THEN maybe I'll understand!"

Like Charlie Pierce, I too am OUT of empathy for this stuff. Iím out of pity. Iím out of patience.

F.U.C.K.I.N.G. A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!!!!!!!

As I've seen some say, awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee! (How is that pronounced? Awesuuuuuum? Or awesome-meeeeeeeeeee? Sorry, I'm old...)

Who cares! It's About Freakin' TIME!!! I'm sick and tired of having the biggest, most populous, and most highly-impacted DONOR state in the nation (because our population is the biggest: more people are affected by decisions in DC than those in any other state!) left behind and accepting the crumbs that fall from the table of other states, after all the biggest and most important decisions (in which we had NO voice) had already been made. I'm sorry, but I think the biggest state in the union should have a MUCH louder voice in a more timely fashion - BEFORE the nominee's been decided!

But, mind you, at the same time, they're all out here doing fundraisers, busily shaking us down for as much as they can get - so they can go campaign for votes EVERYWHERE ELSE.




K & R!!!

Freakin' disgraceful headline!!!

Shameful, embarrassing, and disgusting.
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