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Gender: Male
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 55,659

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R#14 & K for, I wish this could be *pinned* forever. Saying it again:

O'LOOFAH is the stereotypical 1950s White male - repressed and oppressive, at the minimum verbally and emotionally abusive, at the maximum physically abusive, bursting with DENIAL above all and hypocrisy and resentment, starved for approval and attention, vicious bully, adolescent/immature sexual pervert (at his age).

He and the Faux Propaganda Network are in a devil's pact over cash, with only two solutions: Either he tanks in profits for them or he becomes a sexual cipher.

It is gobsmacking that he casts himself as a moral arbiter over everybody else (except his sick peers). He should be in isolation, doing nothing else but facing his own large problems.

This is *so* exciting: Germinating hard shell seeds (royal poinciana) via scarification!

These are beauteous beasts. The one I have harks back to my childhood home and this one has frozen 2 or 3 times in the past 8 or so years, has been cut down to the ground but apparently the roots rule so it has come back every time and is currently at full height taller than the eaves. I planted it the Spring before a big water bearing storm, was waist high, and these things are water GUZZLERS, so the storm made it ZOOM the first year.

In the first five years it never bloomed. Then a couple of years ago it put one ONE puny bloom, and last year it popped out about ten, but this year it was COVERED, plus for the first time it put out SEED PODS, 30 or more! But I have never GROWN anything. Silly me, I thought seeds just were buried and watered.

Well, YouTube has several videos on getting these things to germinate. This is a HARD SHELL seed, like ebony seeds. You can’t just soak them. There’s something called SCARIFICATION, meaning clipping the business end of the seed, exposing what is the REAL seed inside (without clipping that white part), then soaking them for 24 hours or more, whereupon the inside REAL seed drinks up the water and swells up. Then you put it in potting soil or seed starter soil and lightly water them and wait for eleven days, whereupon the little plant supposedly pokes out. Who knows, will see in eleven days. Anyway, I have 30 pods and hundreds of seeds to try again if needed.

In the bottom right pic, the first seed is intact with its piggly wiggly thing; the middle one is after clipping that end without damaging the inner (real) seed; the 3rd is after soaking.

TOOLS are needed! Some of the seed pods might crack open on their own dropping the seeds on the ground. Mine and all the ones in YouTube were zipped up tight. They used a large knife to separate the woody package. What worked for me was a box cutter. The first info from YouTube said to use toenail clippers to snip the seed. This didn’t work because the blades don’t open wide enough to fit on the seed, which also is sort of slippery so doesn’t allow for gripping it. Another thing they recommended were wire cutters. I had some pressure locking pliers that had a small wire cutter function, with a flat area with the cutting edge coming right where wanted.

Another thing was figuring out which end of the seed was the one to snip. There was only one video that addressed this, and the answer is: The one with the little hair. The other end (if the hair is missing) is shaped like the front end of a jet.

Caveat: I am now into the second day of the absolute worst allergy attack I've ever had. It started the morning BEFORE I was sawing into the woody pods so I can't blame the woody dust. Co-inky-dink?!1

Lounge *ALERT*!1 - a musical blockbuster, PROUST thing-THING-*THING*!1 - Supertramp

Will not TEASE. It's about a song,

So in this place, this couple go there and are high rollers, spenders, and she's 6' and he's 5'9" and they're self-employed - whatEVER!1
The point is they are like the stars of the bar floozy hierarchy. Anyway, she plays like 50 juke box songs, 70s/80s/90s whatever, who knows because *I* certainly don't!1

I never paid attention, but about a month ago this SONG penetrated my skull like a crossbow. As I've said, I like MELODY not LYRICS, and TUNEFUL things, like POP, and TCHAIKOVSKY. *SO* this song was an immediate whaddaya callit a buzz thing you can't get rid of. And when that happens I usually run to the jukebox to see what it is, and I did, and thought I had noted it into the phone list, but I didn't, and for the next two days it was buzzing (what is the word?) but then it disappeared.

So then for the past three weeks I've been nuts trying to find that song, by playing '70s/'80s music and NOTHING.

So tonight the couple were in there and she played her usual HUNDRED songs, and after an hour THIS SONG played, and it was *IT*!1


Supertramp Mark II. L-R: Roger Hodgson, Frank Farrell, Rick Davies, Kevin Currie, and Dave Winthrop


[font size=5]Goodbye Stranger (1979)[/font]
by Rick DAVIES/Supertramp

It was an early morning yesterday
I was up before the dawn
And I really have enjoyed my stay
But I must be moving on

->Like a king without a castle
->Like a queen without a throne
->I'm an early morning lover
->And I must be moving on

Now I believe in what you say
Is the undisputed truth
But I have to have things my own way
To keep me in my youth

->Like a ship without an anchor
->Like a slave without a chain
->Just the thought of those sweet ladies
->Sends a shiver through my veins

->And I will go on shining
->Shining like brand new
->I'll never look behind me
->My troubles will be few

CHORUS: (1/once; 2/two & one half times)
Goodbye stranger it's been nice
Hope you find your paradise
Tried to see your point of view
Hope your dreams will all come true

2 Goodbye Mary, goodbye Jane
Will we ever meet again
feel no sorrow, feel no shame
Come tomorrow, feel no pain

Now some they do and some they don't
And some you just can't tell
And some they will and some they won't
With some it's just as well

->You can laugh at my behavior
->That'll never bother me
->Say the devil is my savior
->But I don't pay no heed

->And I will go on shining
->Shining like brand new
->I'll never look behind me
->My troubles will be few

CHORUS: (1/once; 2/three & one half times)
Goodbye stranger it's been nice etc...

DRUMPF exposed "a pre-existing rot" - brilliant essay by Rob GOODMAN (long read)


ROB GOODMAN has worked as the speechwriter for House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and Senator Chris Dodd. His work has appeared on the floors of both houses of Congress, national television and radio, and the op-ed pages of The New York Times, Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal. He is the author of Rome's Last Citizen.

[font size=5]What the King of Hawaii Can Teach Us About Trump[/font]

A political fable from 1819.

By Rob Goodman

.... I can’t be the only one who has lost count of the democratic [FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow"]norms—the unwritten, informal, but hugely important rules that help us govern ourselves—that now seem to be gone with as little consequence[/FONT] as the taboos in the story. If you’re running for president, you don’t even raise the possibility that the election won’t count if you don’t win. You don’t threaten to throw your opponent in jail if you do win. If you change your mind about throwing your opponent in jail, you don’t explain it as an act of mercy, because that’s not how the rule of law works. If you’re running for president, and especially if you get elected, you release your tax returns, so voters can know that you’re not financially compromised by foreign governments, or by corporations seeking to do business with the United States. You put your assets in a blind trust, so you never confuse your self-interest with the public interest. You don’t accuse millions of Americans of voter fraud without evidence. You don’t compromise civilian control of the armed forces. You don’t let your team threaten to lock up journalists who investigate you.

[FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow"]You don’t do those things, until, one day, you do.[/FONT] The only thing holding you back in most cases is the force of custom, and there are times and places—Hawaii in 1819, or America in 2016—[FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow"]when custom is so weak that it’s no force at all.[/FONT]

Of course, Donald Trump didn’t need to be a political genius to realize that norms like these were historically weak. He only needed to watch the news. In just the last eight years, [FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow"]we’ve watched the unthinkable become the debatable and then the unexceptionable.[/FONT] We’ve seen President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee denied even a hearing for nearly a year, and we’ve seen his other nominees blockaded at an historic rate. We’ve seen real, live U.S. senators promise that no justice nominated by a Democratic president would ever be confirmed. We’ve seen credible threats to default on the national debt. We’ve seen the president’s budget director denied even the right to propose a budget to Congress. We’ve seen the president expand executive power in response to all of this, in a way that’s troubling even to some liberals. We’ve seen the Senate filibuster go from rare to routine—and watched Senate Democrats retaliate by partially nuking the filibuster. It was laughable when a member of Congress interrupted the State of the Union to call the president a liar—until a movement calling the president a liar about his birthplace launched his successor to power. ....

Instead, we have to come to terms with living in a time of [FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow"]post-norm politics[/FONT]—by which I don’t mean that all of our political norms are suddenly defunct, but rather that [FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow"]the continued rolling back of norms we’ve taken for granted has to stop surprising us[/FONT]. Rather than thinking [FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow"]reactively[/FONT], and [FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow"]feeding the Trump outrage cycle[/FONT], we ought to understand him as exposing a [FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow"]pre-existing rot[/FONT]. We need to think about why norms fail in general, and how to act when we can’t rely on them. Only then will we stop underestimating the sheer difficulty of one day rebuilding them. ....


My latest broadside to the local radio talk show wingnut

It only takes a random few minutes of hearing the local radio wingnut to pick up on whatever his false interpretations are for that day, or most days or years since he frequently repeats. Yesterday he was totally brain-locked, with long dead air between words and his young co-host was holding back from saying, “This is PAINFUL to (observe),” the way the previous young co-host would say of OBAMA’s sometimes long pauses.

Yesterday, he was going on about how “some Hillary people” have not accepted the election outcome, that winning and losing in elections happens and either one is not that big a deal, but that “some Hillary people” are totally off the deep end about this because they see it as apocalyptic and “something catastrophic” going to happen.

First, about “some Hillary people” I’ve said that I am not a personality-cult driven type. The wingnut also refers to “OBAMA (followers).” These two individuals are, and whomever others happen to be, for the moment of however many years, the current ones being the leaders of my political party, and since I’m driven to support my political party because of my AGENDA of civil rights, social justice, civil liberties, and stewardship of the planet, my support for them is not about the individuals Hillary/OBAMA (or whomever).

This local wingnut blabberer himself over the past years of electioneering has said he was above all “AGAINST HILLARY” rather than being “FOR (DRUMPF)” while nonstop mouthing to clear the road for DRUMPF to succeed.

This local wingnut is a Billy KRISTOL in our local tiny pond – has been WRONG about just about everything for years. He doesn’t want to talk about RAYGUN 30 years ago because that’s OLD NEWS, but he’s willing to compare DRUMPF to Andy JACKSON.

Now that I’ve cleared off the canard about “Hillary’s people,” yes, I *DO* qualify to see this FREAK OUTCOME to be APOCALYPTIC with CATASTROPHIC CONSEQUENCES to come. It’s not about Hillary; it’s about DRUMPF.

It’s about TONS of his words, deeds, and behaviors over 70 of his years that came to light (not to mention what's hidden) that ought to convince just about anybody that this FREAK is COMPLETELY, TOTALLY unfit. I never would have voted for him just because of his “Republican” label, because, yes, I believe that there’s something wrong with anybody of that ideological bent for starters, moreso if somebody chooses the label for his personal expediency.

I’m not interested in “post mortems” blaming whomever. But by the way, the wingnuts’ favorite blame (“She’s a TERRIBLE candidate, nobody likes her,” whatever) skips over her 3 MILLION more votes. Setting aside the FLUKE Constitutional mechanics that we happen to worship, which resulted in his “win,” it is ABSURD for such a way of his winning to result in a WHOLESALE, TOTAL FLIPPING/OVERTURNING of every single apparatus of governing policies. The “Governed” (us) did not express any such desire. There is no “mandate” for him to totally upend everything. And even now, just with the NAMES he has placed (more likely, been TOLD to place), without and before their even taking any action, is enough to strike paralysis in anybody’s heart.

As asked of the local wingnut before, WHY DOESN’T IT STRIKE PARALYSIS IN *YOUR* HEART?! Another one of those questions he will never address.

As for “coming together” under whoever the winner is, that’s reserved for two candidates who are fairly comparable in their good will, not when this one is a FREAK of psychological make-up, judgment, and knowledge. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING he can do that can win me over, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. As arbitrary and erratic as he is, even if he throws ONE CRUMB our way, it is meaningless. He, whether for 4 years or who-knows FOR LIFE, has delivered the entire future of the country AND THE PLANET to a nefarious ideology. NOTHING GOOD CAN COME OF HIM. From the first words he uttered down to his current backing off of most of whatever he said, nobody can guess what he will actually do, besides all the harm he has already done. There are his CHUMP followers, CHUMPS for having believed him for starters, nefarious countries, and his inner circle – all engaged as we speak in scrambling to take him under their control. The political “world” and the natural “planet” are one big tinderbox, and him as a flammable string leading to a pile of dynamite is the last thing (literally) we need.

Am saying it: We LOSE because we *ARE* soft!1 Wingnuts send gutter fighters

They send street fighters, ATWATER, KKKarl, Roger STONE - the SCUM OF THE EARTH.

And we go for the "higher ground." Some of us claim to be "better than that."

NO, all of humans are a mixture of *EVERYTHING* good and bad.

My 69 years is of mostly NOBLE LOSING - Adlai, CARTER, MONDALE, GORE, KERRY, and Hil.

We're always better than they are - smarter, nobler, idealistic

Yet here we are (A- FUCKING- *AGAIN*!1)

I saw the moment when it was over: When DRUMPF growled at Hil and said, "Because you'd be in jail." And she flinched.

(This does NOT cancel out all the Russian crap.)

*******Please, flamers, just don't.

I'm not shocked with all the DRUMPF daily shenanigans. Am NUMB/neuropathy of the spirit, getting used to at least 4 years of COMPLETE DISPIRITEDNESS.

A LttE

I was surprised that they ran it at all for its incendiary attacks, but they barely changed anything, even demoting RAYGUN to "3rd tier actor" where I granted the leeway of "2nd or 3rd tier". But my anger achieved its goal since I told my friend last week I was so angry at the health situation she's enduring that I would channel it through an angry letter to the paper dedicated to her.


[font size=5] ‘Reality TV’ president [/font]

Republicans somehow acquired the image of being strait-laced or moralists or just uptight, and yet they have shocked us time and again by how far they will go to grasp power.

It seemed like we thought Ronald Reagan couldn’t be worse, having a third-tier actor as president. Then came George W. Bush, and we thought it couldn’t be worse, having a wastrel and business-wrecker. And the buzzword was “gravitas,” as in, lack of. And “gravitas” was drumbeat to death but in the end it didn’t do a thing to stop him. This time, it’s a Reality TV freak and the buzzword was “presidential” as in, lack of. And, oh, how everybody looked for him to “grow” and “change” and spout some substance, but not finding any didn’t stop him. We are now entreated to “give him a chance” and ignore the scores of bad behaviors over his lifetime that are a prologue of what is sure to come.

There have been articles by Italians saying that they went through this with Silvio Berlusconi, the billionaire prime minister for nine years, as the autocrat-type and that the way to deal with him is to believe him, his threats, bluster and “jokes.” Ignore little signs of normality. Institutions won’t save you; he doesn’t observe norms.

At my age, I probably won’t see what the Republicans will put forth next, so I’m curious.


New Rules for dealing with The Autocrat type (BERLUSCONI, DRUMPF, PUTIN)


[font size=5]NEW RULES: For dealing with The Autocrat[/font]
by Masha Gessen (as seen on Chris HAYES show), author of “Man Without a Face: The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir PUTIN

* [FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow"]BELIEVE[/FONT] the autocrat (his bluster, threats, “jokes”). Has some consistent beliefs such as, anti-immigrant and “president” as strongman/ruler.

* [FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow"]Do not[/FONT] be taken in by [FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow"]small signs of “normality”[/FONT].

* [FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow"]Institutions will not save[/FONT] you. American institutions are often antiquated (Electoral College) and run on norms the autocrat does not observe/respect.

[font size=5]Clinton's lead in the popular vote surpasses 2 million [/font]

[font size=5]Trump won with lowest minority (Black, Brown, Asian) vote in decades, fueling divisions[/font]



The how-to of dealing with DRUMPF (dealing him OUT), based on the BERLUSCONI experience
Re-post from Don Viejo's thread, for emphasis.


[font size=5]Trump’s Secret Is the Same As Berlusconi’s[/font]
November 19, 2016 By Taegan Goddard

[font size=5]The Right Way to Resist Trump[/font]

.... Mr. Berlusconi was able to govern Italy for as long as he did mostly [FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow"]thanks to the incompetence of his opposition[/FONT]. It was so rabidly [FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow"]obsessed with his personality[/FONT] that any substantive political debate disappeared; it focused only on [FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow"]personal attacks[/FONT], the effect of which was to increase Mr. Berlusconi’s popularity. His secret was an ability to set off a Pavlovian reaction among his leftist opponents, which engendered instantaneous sympathy in most moderate voters. Mr. Trump is no different. ....

Unfortunately, the dynamic has not ended with the election. Shortly after Mr. Trump gave his acceptance speech, protests sprang up all over America. What are these people protesting against? Whether we like it or not, Mr. Trump won legitimately. Denying that only feeds the perception that there are “legitimate” candidates and “illegitimate” ones, and a small elite decides which is which. If that’s true, elections are just a beauty contest among candidates blessed by the Guardian Council of clerics, just like in Iran. The Italian experience provides a blueprint for how to defeat Mr. Trump. [FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow"]Only two[/FONT] men in Italy [FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow"]have won[/FONT] an electoral competition against Mr. Berlusconi: Romano Prodi and the current prime minister, Matteo Renzi (albeit only in a 2014 European election). Both of them [FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow"]treated Mr. Berlusconi as an ordinary opponent[/FONT]. They focused on the [FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow"]issues, not on his character[/FONT]. In different ways, both of them are seen as outsiders, not as members of what in Italy is defined as the political caste. ....

And an [FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow"]opposition focused on personality[/FONT] would [FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow"]crown Mr. Trump as the people’s leader[/FONT] of the fight against the Washington caste. It would also weaken the opposition voice on the issues, where it is important to [FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow"]conduct a battle of principles[/FONT].

Democrats should also offer Mr. Trump [FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow"]help against the Republican establishment[/FONT], an offer that would reveal whether his populism is empty language or a real position. For example, with Mr. Trump’s encouragement, the Republican platform called for reinstating the Glass-Steagall Act, which would separate investment and commercial banking. The Democrats should declare their support of this separation, a policy that many Republicans oppose. The last thing they should want is for Mr. [FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow"]Trump to use the Republican establishment as a fig leaf for his own failure[/FONT], dumping on it the responsibility for blocking the popular reforms that he promised during the campaign and probably never intended to pass. That will only enlarge his image as a hero of the people shackled by the elites.


[FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow"]Luigi Zingales[/FONT], a professor of entrepreneurship and finance at the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago, is the author of “A Capitalism for the People: Recapturing the Lost Genius of American Prosperity.”

Of taco trucks, Aztec sacrifices & faddish creative writing:A cautionary Alert. Paging Xipe Totec!1

Barely starting his Politico article, the writer threw in a reference to Aztec human sacrifice, attempting to show how versed he is in Mexican culture, far beyond the lowly, too easy, and potentially offensive taco truck references. But, *wait* a minnit!1 Wasn't Quezalcoatl a "good" god, not one of the bloodthirsty ones?!1 Wasn't he one of those "Second Coming" ones of the fair hair?!

Well, some Googling and Wiki-ing soon yielded up that dear Quetzy was one among many of the gods and *ALL* of them guzzled blood and scarfed flesh. So it appears the writer made the reference correctly, at least by due diligence in Googling/Wiki-ing or perhaps via Mel GIBSON's brilliant "Apocalypto", while still not being absolved for being "precious" ("precious" in the sense of the literary term).

Another exonerating consideration for the GHOULiani/Aztec reference is that he has been dubbed a ghoul since the Keith days, and has now achieved full physical resemblance of the hideousness of the gods, to wit:

That said, perhaps our estimable DUer Xipe Totec has some insights here.

(from Wiki: ) "Perhaps even worse off was the impersonator of [FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow"]Xipe Totec[/FONT] who, at the climax of the festival of Tlacaxipehualiztli, was skinned to honour the god who was himself known as the ‘Flayed One’. .... Those sacrificed to Xipe Totec were also skinned, most probably in imitation of seeds shedding their husks."


[font size=5]Is Rudy Giuliani Losing His Mind?[/font]
By Kevin Baker
...[FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow"]Giuliani raved and gesticulated about the podium like an Aztec priest offering up fresh beating hearts to Quetzalcoatl.[/FONT]


The Aztecs would perform a series of rituals on nearby tribesman, [FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow"]sacrifice[/FONT] them using an obsidian knife, and then donate their blood [FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow"]to[/FONT] the Aztec god [FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow"]Acolnahuacatl[/FONT].

In the Aztec "Legend of the Five Suns", all the gods sacrificed themselves so that mankind could live.
Human sacrifice was in this sense the highest level of an entire panoply of offerings through which the Aztecs sought to repay their debt to the gods.

In Aztec mythology, after [FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow"]Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca created[/FONT] the world, they put their creation in order and placed Mictlantecuhtli and his wife in the underworld. .... To console the spirit of Cipactli the gods [FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow"]promised[/FONT] her [FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow"]human hearts and blood in appeasement[/FONT].


That said, here:

DRUMPF's Purple Heart: He's a clod. He owns it as a gift, not as a medal. The vet is misguided.

O.K., so that vet decided to "give" DRUMPF his Purple Heart. It's not only DRUMPF who doesn't know shit, but the Washington Post (below) doesn't either, and lots of dear civilians don't "get" military jargon/customs, either. Where the WashPo says it's "legal" for DRUMPF to "accept" it, all this means is that somebody gave him a present: Somebody who owned it decided to give it to him. It didn't have to be the Service member who originally earned it. The EARNING is totally separate from the POSSESSION of it.

So, this military member (now veteran) earned this decoration. Once it's his (or hers or whomever's), the owner can "give" it like any other possession. Who said that a physical piece of fabric ribbon and non-precious medal was imbued with some kind of magical powers? The only meaning of EARNING it is the event of earning it. The physical fabric/non-precious-metal is a knickknack commemoration or acknowledgment of the event which is OVER.

So, our dad, grandad, other relative, buddy who originally EARNED the medal can GIVE it to whomever. This has NO correlation to the recipient's having EARNED it. The "giving" of it is "legal" as the WashPo says (although without understanding what it is saying).

Now. About what is a "real" or "original" medal vs what is a "duplicate". Down below here, is a veterans website (one of thousands) that sells medals, ribbons, and countless other mugs, license plate frames, or whatever.

I think that some dear civilians imagine that the military bestows all of these knickknacks in some Richard WAGNER opera ceremony. Uh, no.

I have seven little, non-heroic decorations. You get one (National Defense Service Medal) just for signing your name on the enlistment contract during a time of "war" (non-declared or Declared). I got my Vietnam Service Medal when one of my feet set foot off the airplane onto Vietnam dirt. Plus, another and another and another (keep going) every 3 or so months when the name of the "Campaign" changed names. The Republic of South Vietnam gave all of us two of their medals for us helping out. The said Republic doesn't exist anymore, so what do these two medals mean now? And I could go on.

I am not denigrating my or anybody else's medals. Plenty of other personnel earned some HEAVY DUTY medals of personal heroism. Mine are not heroic, but they are mine.

As for which ones are "actual" or a "copy," uh, there was no ceremony for me. The only one that was presented to me was the Vietnam service one, and not in a ceremony, just, "Hey, guy, go by the Personnel office to pick up your medal." Otherwise, they told us we were entitled to certain ribbons to wear on our uniforms when we were going on Liberty out in public.

As for being "awarded" what this means is that the first one is FREE (given by the government). It is NOT made of gold or whatever precious metal. After it gets dirty or frayed, it's up to you to BUY replacements (not "duplicates". They're all not-gold or whatever. All of them are exactly the same, all of the replacements BOUGHT are the same as the first one given free by the government.

As for this fellow, Lt Col Louis DORFMAN, he's a veteran. He GAVE the thing to whomever (a.k.a. DRUMPF). It is a meaningless activity. I can say Mr DORFMAN is an idiot for his admiring DRUMPF, but it's up to him.

Now: As for WEARING it (like it's EARNED) is a totally different thing, big BIG no-no. Even at the post office, I went to buy stamps and the clerk (seeing my Navy cap) offered me Purple Heart stamps. I was SHOCKED and said, "I don't have a Purple Heart!1"

[font size=5]"Just gimme a coupla aspirin. I've already got a Purple Heart."[/font]


[font size=5]It’s [FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow"]legal[/FONT] for Donald Trump to accept a Purple Heart. How he handled it is up for debate.[/font]

.... ... Trump drew laughs by saying he asked the veteran whether it was the “[FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow"]real one or a copy[/FONT],” and added that Dorfman told him it was his [FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow"]actual[/FONT] medal. ....

Added retired Army Gen. Barry McCaffrey in the same MSNBC segment: “Look, a Purple Heart isn’t like an Emmy or Oscar, for God’s sakes. … There’s just been a series of babbles out of Mr. Trump that tells me he has no conception about the armed forces or what it means to serve. That certainly includes the notion of sacrifice.” ....


Following Trump's statement, NBC reporter Katy Tur tweeted that she had spoken with (Lt Col Louis) Dorfman and that he said the medal he gave to Trump was [FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow"]a copy[/FONT] of the one awarded to him.


[font size=5]Hey, DRUMPF, a Purple Heart costs $42.95, anybody can buy one here or thousands of other websites:[/font]

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